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Daughter of the criminal group ‘The Reds’, missing

The Morelos attorney, Mario Vázquez Rojas, confirmed that so far the search continues for Sonia Maldonado Nava, daughter of the chief of the criminal group ‘The Reds’


sketch of murderer of the speaker

CUERNAVACA,. – The prosecutor of Morelos, Mario Vázquez Rojas, confirmed that the search continues for Sonia Maldonado Nava, daughter of the chief of the criminal group Los Rojos, Crisóforo Rogelio Jiménez Maldonado, to testify about the attack and murder of his father in a private clinic in Mexico City.

Mario Vazquez Rojas, Morelos attorney stated that “as we hope and I am in contact with the Federal District Attorney, constantly, in that sense we have meetings.”

On 4 January, the Federal District Attorney, issued an order of presentation and location for Sonia Maldonado, however, has not so far been located in Morelos.

In a statement, the Attorney confirmed that criminal proceedings were linked to three elements of the Municipal Police of Cuernavaca, as suspects in the crime against the administration of justice, in the hypothesis divert and hinder the investigation, on the escape of Antonio Román Miranda alias Mona.

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Seven policemen accused of joining the criminal organisation “Chalco”

He arrested the officials with a sniper rifle 308 mm, a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols, not allowed for police

308 Sniper Rifle with scope

The Department of Public Safety (SSC) reported that the investigation continues around linking public safety officials and Chalco Chalco Valley with organized crime gangs, since they found high power weapons not authorized to municipal corporations.

The weapon [308 mm sniper rifle] was found in a vehicle the five officials of the municipal police in Valle de Chalco were traveling in, without registration and have the military could not verify the source.

Secretary of Public Safety, Salvador Neme Sastré news conference said that so far only seven of the 23 detainees elements of both corporations have criminal entry, the rest have been accused by the Attorney General that mexiquense conducted investigations to locate the source of the weapons found.

“The day the operation was implemented Olympus, was found unmarked private car they were traveling near the cluster near the parking lot, five members of the municipal police there is located a 308 mm sniper rifle, I would like to know what the police with a sniper rifle, but did not establish the property at the time the license or any item that could be given with respect to that gun and a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols and 38 special caliber 3.57 that most do not corporations are accustomed to police. ”

Given the alleged complaint of the municipality of Valle de Chalco for theft of weapons and destruction, caused by the elements of the SSC, the official denied that he had registered a theft, but agreed they could register destruction and argued “goes, we were chasing murderers, kidnappers and we are pursuing even more hiding in plaque and in police uniform gives courage, but not a single shot, “he added.

Regarding weapons issued instructions said to keep track of these weapons have municipalities, as all should be welcomed to the same type of weapons.

In addition to reviewing the municipalities of Valle de Chalco Chalco and to determine if there are any missing or stolen weapons.

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PUEBLA two accused of raping a child are Lynched

This happened in the town of San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, where they were beaten with pipes and sticks

Fernando Perez Corona


PUEBLA two accused of raping a child are Lynched Mexican Style Justice

One is dead in a lynching committed by a family, against two men who allegedly raped a minor in the town of San Martin Texmelucan.

This happened in the El Arenal, where two pensioners of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and operators of school transport unit, allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old on her way home.

Relatives of Cristian N did not report the incident to the authorities and took the law into their own hands this morning when the transport unit waited in private Albino Labastida, where beaten with pipes and sticks to the couple.

Elements of the Municipal Police and paramedics and 066 Red Cross arrived at the home, where they arrested five people, while a more managed to flee.

The injured were identified as: Marco Martinez and Ruben Diaz Caballero Guerrero, 55 and 54 years old respectively, were taken to a private hospital, where hours later, Ruben, San Cristóbal Tepatlaxco neighbor, lost his life while , his partner has severe head trauma and fractures to the face.

Detainees are Óscar Téllez Garrido, Mayra Duran Martinez, Vicente Tellez Diaz, Andres Garrido Rosa María Téllez Téllez and Sanchez, who were available to the prosecutor, also began searching for another person who managed to flee.

On this matter, the attorney general of Justice (PGJ), Victor Antonio Carrancá Bourget, said the Attorney General Metropolitan, through the Directorate of Public Prosecutions Agency Northern Metropolitan, relevant investigation has begun under the preliminary act 1956/2012 / SMT.

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Student 16, kills his PE Instructor, because he could not stand him

According to the investigation, on August 20 relatives of the deceased went to report him missing in the town of La Junta

The state Attorney reported the arrest of two students, one of them just 16 years old, who killed his P.E. Instructor.

The state government issued a statement reported the arrest of Hazael Ever Bustillos Tello, 22, and the youngest Daniel, 16, for being allegedly responsible for killing his physical education teacher, Manuel Camacho Delgado, 40, who was also a councilor in the municipality of Guerrero.

According to the investigation, on August 20 relatives of the deceased went to report him missing in the town of La Junta, Guerrero Township.

Later on August 21, in an interview with the sisters of the victim, the Police Investigating narrated his brother Manuel Camacho Delgado was a professor of physical education at various schools, “lived much with his students, as their house was always full of young students.”

However, they stressed that the teacher hosted a young man named Hazael Ever Bustillos for almost two years which held him financially, bought him clothes and “other needs covered, until last June when he left home because he had problems and hit Mr. Young, which was repeated on 17 August.”

That’s when the investigating officers came to the home of Bustillos Tello, same as was provided by the sisters of the deceased.

Moments later the young man stood up to 74 and Eagle streets, where police identified him and began asking him questions regarding the whereabouts of Manuel Camacho.

In the interview the young said that on Saturday August 18 Manuel came for him to board his vehicle around 9 pm to the street, to walk a while in the center, then went to dinner and walked with the cousin , Daniel 16.

Spontaneously Young told police that he and his cousin Manuel Camacho had killed him “because they no longer could stand him, he was murdered, and placed in the trunk of the car and then threw his body near the museum and Mennonite left the car on Seventh Street. “

Investigating officers rushed to the scene where they found a corpse at kilometer 10 of the Commercial Corridor Cuauhtémoc Alvaro Obregon, through a gap near the museum, while at 7 and Reform was located the car belonging to the victim parked and properly closed.

Once the autopsy by the medical examiner, it was established that the cause of death was severe head trauma caused by blows, also had 48 to 72 hours without life, and the location of the find was not lost his life where the victim.

Both suspects were turned over to prosecutors, who integrates research folder to put detainees before the Judge of Guarantees, both adult and juvenile offenders, where they settled their legal status.

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Law to Combat Crimes against Women require mandatory 40-60 year jail term

Law to Combat Crimes against Women require mandatory 40-60 year jail term

The amendment requires the Attorney General’s Office to train nationwide to prosecutors and specialize them so they know to distinguish the cases

From now on anyone who commits the crime of femicide will receive a jail term of 40-60 years, which is already incorporated in the Federal Criminal Code and was announced by President Felipe Calderon in enacting the amendments to the Law to Combat Crimes against Women.

During the event held in Los Pinos, the President announced that the reform law requires the Attorney General’s Office to train nationwide to prosecutors and specialize them so they know to distinguish the cases of femicide.

He noted that another major reform of this law is that in addition to punishing the perpetrators of sexual harassment and abuse, an offense which a subordinate away his head to avoid being accused of sexually abusing her.

Also issued in Los Pinos, the General Law on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Trafficking and from this day all government ministries in the country are required by law to act on its own after being informed that a woman, man or child a victim of trafficking.

In announcing the new law, the president announced that in Mexico there are thousands of women against their will are forced into prostitution, begging or working without pay, by their traffickers, who deprived them of freedom.

The new law, he said, requires three levels of government, federal, state and municipalities to work together to rescue those who are victims of this crime. He said that behind many nightclubs “there is this which is one of the worst forms of slavery … the Mexican state cannot remain silent about this, the decrees promulgated today respond to that.”

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CUERNAVACA Safe house dismantle and a narco grave found

Español: Localización de Temixco en el estado ...
Español: Localización de Temixco en el estado de Morelos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inside the house there were instruments for torture, the evidence collected in the area was a wooden stick about three feet long


CUERNAVACA  Safe house dismantle and a narco grave found
CUERNAVACA Safe house dismantle and a narco grave found


The Mexican Army was able to locate and dismantle a safe house used by a criminal group that operated in the town of Temixco, where they found a narco grave with two bodies, two rifles, a short and a kilo of marijuana, but took no prisoners.

Efrain Vega Giles prosecutors’ spokesman confirmed, “it seems that there are two bodies at the time, they also found an R-15, a 38 caliber revolver and a bulletproof vest, is all that has been located so far, staff is still there.”

In this same house three bulletproof vests, were found buried in the yard and the clothes of the victims who apparently had been kidnapped, including an ID in the name of Jesus Adrian Rogel Arizmendi.

Inside the house there were instruments used for torture, the evidence collected in the area was a wooden stick about three feet long and weighing about five kilos, which is characteristic of criminal groups to torture their victims.

At the location no one was arrested, nor has it been determined which criminal group owns or uses this house, it is understtod that the soldiers searched the house after an anonymous tip by the presence of a corpse half buried in the courtyard of the house being investigated.

Experts went to the scene of the state attorney and Civil Protection personnel of the Municipality, who broke the wall of the house and conducted a general inspection of the entire garden with a backhoe to rule out that there were other bodies in place.

The safe house was in the private Watermelon Colonia Lomas del Carril, where criminal organizations operate, but so far it is determined how many people lived in this place, nor responsible for these acts.

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Royal police attacked in Monterrey

Monterrey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the attack, it emerged that municipal public servants managed to repel aggression.

Monterrey, NL, in an attack by criminals, two officers of the Ministry of Security and Preventive Police of the Municipality of Monterrey (Police regia), were injured yesterday while traveling aboard his patrol streets of the colony Child Gunner in Monterrey .

Learned that the municipal police in Monterrey were shot by several offenders who were traveling aboard a vehicle who intercepted them when the soldiers descended from his unit who have left parked outside a warehouse.

After the attack, it emerged that municipal public servants amounted to repel the armed attack against it and immediately through the radio requested the support of his colleagues, who rushed to the area to support them.

The attack on municipal police officers occurred yesterday afternoon just after 19:10 pm at the intersection of Joseph Timothy Rosales and Peter Lascurain, in the colony aforesaid, in Monterrey.

The officers were assisted by Red Cross paramedics of the Monterrey metropolitan Green, who after providing the pre hospitalrios aid firsthand, the condujeos immediately to the local hospital for medical attention, although it transpired that the wounds had were not serious.

The site arrived elements of various corporations, including the State Investigation Agency to initiate appropriate investigations and obtain information related to the attack to help them identify and also try to stop the attackers.

Also staff of Expert Services of the Attorney General came to the site to carry out the collection of evidence, including the collection of shell casings from weapons used in the attack, came from rifles.

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