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Terrell Horne, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard murdered by Mexican drug traffickers

Terrell Horne, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard murdered by drug traffickers

Terrell Horne, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard murdered by drug traffickers

Two alleged drug traffickers of Mexican origin were accused of murdering Terrell Horne, a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, federal officials said.

José Mejía Leyva, who identified himself as captain of a panga killing Guard and Manuel Beltran Higuera, were presented yesterday in federal court in Los Angeles.

Horne, a Coast Guard officer, died Sunday after a boat traveling without lights and was manned by suspected drug traffickers crashed into his boat in the Channel Islands area, near Malibu.

Horne, 34, a resident of Redondo Beach, and another agent in a small boat of persecution, were thrown into the water after apparently deliberate impact of the boat that was carrying marijuana, the Coast Guard reported.

Another Coast Guard officer was also injured in the impact, although his injuries are not serious, according to police reports.

The incident happened early Sunday when the Coast Guard investigated the panga, the Coast Guard reported that the boat said they chased and arrested two people who were presented in court.

The drug trafficking by sea and has rebounded in recent years. The number of immigrants and drug traffickers arrested at sea or along the coast doubled between 2009 and 2010 by passing 867.

Horne was a veteran agent with 14 years old and died from a severe blow to the skull in the incident that occurred about two kilometers from the island of Santa Cruz.

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Most wanted Joe Luis Saenz, arrested by FBI in Mexico!

English: Photo of Jose Luis Saenz, who is an F...

English: Photo of Jose Luis Saenz, who is an FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitive. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mexico extradites one of the 10 most wanted by the FBI

Joe Luis Saenz, 37, a known gang member was arrested in Los Angeles Guadalajara

One of the fugitives from U.S. justice, including in the list of “Ten Most Wanted” was arrested by the FBI on Thursday in Mexico and extradited to Los Angeles on Friday.

The charges are for murder, rape, kidnapping, car theft, drug possession, vandalism and violation of probation. Authorities in the USA have been searching for him since 1998 and placed him among its top ten priorities.

Joe Luis Saenz, 37, a known gang member from Los Angeles was arrested in the western city of Guadalajara in a joint operation with the Mexican government, said Bill Lewis, acting deputy director of the FBI office in Los Angeles. Mexican authorities said that the suspect was given the same U.S. police Thursday he was transferred by plane to Los Angeles.

The FBI said Saenz accused of fatally shooting two rival gang members in July 1998, in retaliation for the murder of his companions.

Saenz suspected his girlfriend, Sigrieta Hernandez, who is mother of his daughter, was to accuse the authorities for the killings, investigators said. He is also accused of kidnapping, rape and murder of his girlfriend two weeks.

Saenz also believed to have killed Oscar Torres at his home in a suburb of Whittier in October 2008 because he refused to return $ 600,000 from selling drugs after police seized him money in a traffic stop. Authorities said they have video footage of a house up the towers we see when Sáenz murders him and injures another person.

Saenz was on the list of most wanted by the FBI since 2009, at the same height of Osama Bin Laden, the leader of the Mafia in Boston James “Whitey” Bulger and other known criminals. They offered a reward of up to $ 100,000 for information to achieve their arrest.

According to the FBI, Joe Luis Saenz, about 37, is considered extremely dangerous, as it also is accused of being a member of a Mexican drug cartel, but do not specify which. Originally from Los Angeles, California.

Another alias of Joe Luis Saenz are Gabriel Saenz, Luis Saenz and Peanut Louie Saenz , and his 37 years and was considered one of the most wanted by the authorities of the United States.

According to the FBI, Saenz is accused of fatally shooting two rival gang members in Los Angeles in July 1998 of kidnapping, raping and murdering his girlfriend less than two weeks.

He is also accused of fourth murder in the city of California in October 2008. There was a reward of up to $ 100,000 for information leading to his capture.

FBI investigations indicate that Saenz belongs to a Mexican drug cartel, and has a history of constantly traveling to Mexico and the United States.

Search photos indicate that Saenz had multiple plastic surgery operations performed on his body to remove and change tattoos in order to prevent his being captured, said the FBI’s Internet portal.

Because international treaties Mexico has with the northern neighbor, and while defining his legal status, the Federal Police will hold this subject, as appropriate arrangements are made to make it available to the U.S. authorities.

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200 pedophile priests names will be announced in the U.S.

Names will be announced in the U.S. 200 pedophile priests

The names will be known by the public agreement reached by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in 2007, which provided $ 660 million in compensation

the U.S. will name the 200 pedophile priests for the public!

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21. – The Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the largest Catholic representation in the United States, announced that it will reveal the files of 200 priests accused of pedophilia.

Tamber Tod, spokesman for the archdiocese, said the records give a judge the next December 10, five years after court settlements with victims.

Speaking to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, said that the names will be known by the public agreement reached by the Archdiocese in 2007 and awarded $ 660 million in compensation.

The personnel files of 13 priests were delivered last Friday to attorney Anthony De Marco, who represents a victim abused by Father Nicolás Rivera Eagles.

That case is pending and the records remain confidential under a court order and can’t be made public.

De Marco said the archdiocese, with about five million members, is supposed to provide documents of 12 other priests in the next two weeks.

Joelle Casteix, director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP for its acronym in English), said that the release of documents to the public in December is vital for public safety.

“Some of those priests roam streets without supervision,” he said.

Those individuals have been accused of abusing children and are living in neighborhoods and could be looking younger or volunteer in schools, these documents will be helpful, he said.

De Marco expressed concern at reports that could protect the names of Cardinal Roger Mahony, former archbishop of Los Angeles, and other high officials.

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Seventeen people, all Hispanic, were arrested today accused of Drug Trafficking

Map of some major area codes in Greater Los An...

Map of some major area codes in Greater Los Angeles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Captured 17 people in Los Angeles to introduce drugs in Mexico

As reported by the prosecution, the federal authorities rushed a dozen raids in different parts of Southern California

Seventeen people, all Hispanic, were arrested today accused of involvement in a drug trafficking ring in the country to introduce large quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine from Mexico.

As reported by the prosecution, the federal authorities rushed a dozen raids in different parts of Southern California in an operation against a network that illegally imported drugs into Los Angeles.

Those mentioned as network leaders were arrested today as a result of research over the past three weeks achieved the seizure of 60 kilos of methamphetamine, cocaine and 15 $ 100,000 cash.

“This research has dealt a blow to a trafficking network that we have introduced significant quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine high quality to the Los Angeles area,” he said in a statement Claude Arnold, special agent in charge of Safety Research National (HSI, in English).

The indictment points to the existence of four drug distribution cells, one of which was directed by Gerardo Gaytan Celis, 41, who operated the service Campos Auto Repair in North Hollywood.

Investigators intercepted and recorded telephone calls that discussed on shipments of heroin and other drugs, brought illegally from Mexico in vehicles that had been fitted with secret compartments in this workshop.

In another conversation, according to the prosecution, agreed with Jose Gaytan Celis Daniel López-36 U.S. citizen living in Mexico-a shipment of heroin hidden in silicone tubes.

Lopez, who operates a business in Chula Vista masonry is accused of being one of the suppliers of Celis Gaytan and help launder money from the drug sales operations.

Another place where raids were conducted today was The House of Tacos, in Van Nuys, a restaurant operated by Gregorio Martinez Rios, 42, who is accused of drug use as a reservoir to supply cocaine and Gaytan.

Murillo was also detained Roberto Sanchez, 50, who is accused of producing methamphetamine at his home in Palmdale and supplying drugs to various members of the network.

Of the 43 defendants in this operation (including the 17 arrested today), four are being held in San Diego and authorities continue to search for 22, it is believed that most are in Mexico.

The operation was the result of a 10-month investigation that also participated in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Torrance Police Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

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anti-drug operation in California nets 40 suspects

English: View of the San Fernando Valley from ...

The mobilization was performed in a workshop in which adjustments were made to the cars to be used by drug traffickers

About 40 people were arrested in Los Angeles in a raid on a workshop where air-conditioned Vans were being made ready to smuggle drugs in secret compartments, authorities said.

In the operation, performed after several months of research, involving federal and local agents raided Wednesday in a paint and body shop located in the San Fernando Valley, about 50 miles north of Los Angeles.

The spokeswoman for Citizenship and Immigration Service (ICE), Virginia Kice, confirmed the operation and said that the workshop was made adjustments to the cars, which were used by drug traffickers.

He noted that vehicles were adapted to place them secret compartments to smuggle drugs between Mexico and the United States.

Authorities did not spread further details or the names of those arrested, saying that the investigation is continuing and further arrests could be made more.

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TIJUANA, Suspected links uncovered between customs administrator and El Chapo

Repeatedly, the Sinaloa cartel transported large amounts of U.S. dollars to Mexico without being detected by Customs in Tijuana that alerted federal authorities

The King of Drug Trafficking and his Money

The recent seizure of more than a million dollars of property trafficker, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, casts suspicion on the administrator of the office of Tijuana, Luis Torres Torres, who said at the time that crossings smuggling were inhibited.

The money, from Los Angeles and its destination was the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, where they would “wash it”, was carried in two plastic boxes, containing thousands of notes of 20, 10 and five dollar bills, there were at least an estimated fifty crossings by this gang of organized crime associates with half a million dollars without having been arrested or suspected.

Specifically, according to the part of the State Preventive Police, inside the vehicle they “found two plastic boxes hidden, with 40,400 $ 20 bills, while the other was found in 11400 packets 6000 $ 10 and $ 5 bills, giving a total sum of $952,000.”

Elias Lopez Lopez, alias “El Pantera” and who confessed to being at the service of the Sinaloa cartel who commands Joaquin Guzman Loera, revealed to have “washed” by this criminal organization, more than $ 24 million previously, all of which had to be passed through customs in Tijuana.

The suspect, who was driving a pickup truck where they were seized banknotes totaling almost a million dollars, is originally from Los Angeles and according to the Ministry of Public Security of Baja California, was responsible for introducing almost weekly $ 500,000 to country.

The criminal confessed that “washed” approximately $ 24 million,-crossing around 50 times in nearly a year of operations, but it had stopped only once in Tijuana Customs and mocking Random Vehicle System ( Siave), and which is designed to report the excessive weight of the vehicles, the crossover frequency, plates and other data.

The same Secretary of Public Security of Baja California, stated in a press release issued after the capture of “El Pantera” which contacts arranged to send the money from Los Angeles to the border, where it crossed through customs in Tijuana, unit in charge Luis Torres Torres.

Precisely in June 2011, when Elias Lopez Lopez crossed with his first large amount of dollars from drug trafficking, the agency administrator said that while there were crossings of weapons and other goods, was referred as “ant smuggling” as huge quantities of illegal goods, would be easily detectable.

The Administrator of the Customs even defended the Random Vehicle System, which allows more control over merchandise entering the country illegally.

“The main thing is covering-up merchandise they want to smuggle into the country: electronics, food, shoes, everything. I understand that the economic situation is difficult and people looking for ways to have an added benefit, unfortunately we have to do our part and we are making seizures of 3.5 to 4 million in the month of goods seeking entry illegally into Mexico. On average between 20 and 22 cars a month, “explained Torres Torres.

But among those 20 to 22 cars a month, not the A8 pickup truck, model 2002, or any other car that Elias Lopez has used to cross the various amounts of money through Tijuana Customs, which cast doubt on how clean management Luis Torres in front of the Customs, who believes that “the Siave is starting to inhibit people”.

Torres Torres’s ancestors have not come clean on its way through customs Tijuana. For example, Antonio Martínez Luna, was indicted by a carrier-entrepreneur dedicated to organizing tours-of having robbed two passenger buses.

And another is his predecessor, Jose Guzman Montalvo, who was investigated for alleged involvement in smuggling activities. While the federal government continues to investigate the case of “El Pantera”.


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La Familia Cartel gang members accused in the U.S. of drug trafficking

Members of La Familia cartel accused in the U.S. for drug trafficking

More than two dozen people were indicted for sending methamphetamine from Mexico to southern California

La Familia cartel is charged with drug trafficking in the USA

More than two dozen people were indicted for being part of an organization that shipped methamphetamine from Mexico to Southern California, authorities said Thursday.

Sixteen of the 27 people facing conspiracy charges related to drugs were arrested Thursday as part of an investigation that began 16 months ago. In case of being convicted, face a minimum sentence of ten years in prison, while those who are charged with other drug-related charges could receive up to life imprisonment.

The organization involving members of La Familia cartel, which operates primarily in the Mexican state of Michoacán, and members of two criminal organizations Latinas in Southern California, authorities said.

Methamphetamine was imported in liquid or unfinished and then was crystallized, a step called “frosting”, the researchers said.

Jose Juan Garcia Barron, 33, of Ontario, controlled shipments by air, sea and land through the border between Mexico and the United States, said the feds.

The drug sold in the county of Los Angeles gang members or their associates, who gave a portion of the proceeds to the Mexican Mafia gang in exchange for protection, authorities said.

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