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Rojo Sanchez is a dangerous important Mazatleco operator: Los Mochis!


Rojo Sanchez arrested!

Rojo Sanchez arrested!

The Sinaloa state criminal prosecuter’s office in Los Mochis was bombed earlier this week after the arrest of 26 year old Óscar Alexander Rojo Sánchez, “El Rojo”, a resident of Los Mochis.

Authorities state that Rojo Sanchez is a dangerous important Mazatleco operator and was responsible for retail drug sales in Northern Sinaloa and for providing funds for corrupt municipal police in Ahome and Los Mochis that allow Los Mazatlecos to operate with impunity in the area. “El Rojo” was arrested with 78 kilograms of Marijuana, 78 boxes of 7.62x39mm ammunition, with approximately 1,700 rounds for AK-47 type weapons, scales used to measure cocaine and crystal meth for street sales and assorted other gear.  La Limpia Mazatleca is believed to have formed alliances with Los Zetas and the Juarez cartel in their attempt to fight off attempts by the Sinaloa cartel to expropriate all of northern Sinaloa and it is believed the warfare between both rival gangs has spread throughout the state.

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Ahome Municipal Police Force arrested 32 officers links with Los Zetas;It dont matter!


Ahome police dept personell arrested

Ahome police dept personell arrested

Sinaloa State Ministerial Police and Mexican army personnel arrested 32 officers and commanders of the Ahome Municipal Police Force, including the Municipal Director of Public Safety, Major Horacio Reyes, during a surprise operation Monday in the city of Los Mochis.

The police officials from Ahome had been summoned to a conference to discuss operations in Northern Sinaloa by Jesus Antonio “Chuytoño” Aguilar Iniguez, director of state police and General Moises Garcia Melo, commander of the Ninth Military Zone.

Once the meeting was convened the Ahome police were disarmed and arrested.

During the afternoon, those arrested were taken by bus to Culiacan, guarded by a large military and ministerial police convey, for interrogations and to determine their legal status.

The Ahome police were arrested for their alleged links to Los Zetas and local Beltran Leyva cells that operate in northern Sinaloa.

After his arrest in May of this year Geovanny Lizárraga Ontiveros, a northern Sinaloa Beltran Leyva leader, confessed that he and Isidro Meza “el Chapo Isidro” had the Ahome police force on their payroll.In a news conference to announce the arrests, Gov. Mario Lopez Valdez explained that “In Ahome there are signs that the police are committing crimes, so the 32 officers and commanders were arrested with the assistance of federal authorities.”

This municipality and the municipalities of Culiacan, Mazatlan and Navolato are where most of the more than 1,800 homicides in the state in 2011, including more than 80 police officers, are concentrated.

It should also be mentioned that the Sinaloa cartel is widely believed to have deeply infiltrated the command structure of the state police forces in Sinaloa. “Chuytoño” Aguilar Iniguez, the state police chief, was at one time one of Mexico’s Attorney General’s most wanted men.


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Mexico City-Nogales U.S. citizens, arrested two tons of marijuana

caught with two tons of Marijuana

caught with two tons of Marijuana

Mexico‘s federal police arrested a pair of U.S. citizens after finding more than two tons of marijuana in their vehicle in the northwestern state of Sinaloa, officials said.

The suspects were riding on the Mexico City-Nogales highway when they got into an accident between the town of Los Mochis and the border with the neighboring state of Sonora.

The federal police requested the assistance of medical personnel and then discovered a secret compartment in the roof where 962 packets containing more than two tons of marijuana had been stashed.

The driver of the white Ford motorhome was identified as 38-year-old Eric Michael Kubek while the other passenger was 46-year-old Rhonda Marie Glick.

Both identified themselves as U.S. citizens who live in San Diego, California.

After they received medical treatment, the two were taken into custody and the U.S. consulate in the Sonoran city of Hermosillo was notified of the arrests.

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