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Nicaragua rules out the presence of the Zetas in the country

Nicaragua rules out the presence of the Zetas in the country

The National Police spokesman denies that the drug cartel attempts or has attempted to settle in the country

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MANAGUA, March 10. – Nicaragua denied that the drug cartel “Los Zetas” try or have tried to settle in the country, although the threat is always latent in the opening of narcotics trafficking routes, it was reported here today.

In remarks published Saturday in El Nuevo Diario, the head of public relations for the National Police (PN), Commissioner Fernando Borge said “we have not learned that a structure of ‘Los Zetas’, organized crime, is trying or attempted to settle in our territory.”

“We have said that there is always the threat and (cartels) will be trying to settle,” said Borge.

Police have dismantled 63 drug traffickers operating cells in 255 operations over the past five years.

During this period, were arrested more than 21 thousand 800 people including 435 foreigners, and seized more than $ 27 million in cash, foreign and domestic currency.

Borge warned that the PN is “always working to prevent” drug gangs create social bases in Nicaragua.

According to press reports, a group of 21 farmers in northern Nicaragua was allegedly recruited by this group of drug trafficking and would have forced, under threat, working with a band of international organized crime.

Borge said the peasants were deceived because “we are confident that if these people had told them that they would work for a criminal organization, they would have said no.”

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Mexico City- “The Phantom” is alive, after further investigation!

Moreover, the attorney general of the state of Sinaloa, confirmed today that none of the two subjects who died was “The Phantom”

"The Phantom" is alive and well works for El Chapo

"The Phantom" is alive and well works for El Chapo

MEXICO CITY, March 4. – The Mexican Army announced today that on March 1st in a clash with soldiers Gerardo Valdez War, aka “theWarChief died, who acted as head of the Nuevo Laredo plaza of Los Zetas , the state of Tamaulipas.

In a statement, the agency added that the operation by members of the Navy of Mexico in Quila, with thirteen assassins who were killed, among them was the local leader known as The Kid.

Valdez War had been captured by Mexican authorities in June 2009, but escaped from prison in an action that “killed three inmates and a person who was visiting,” says the bulletin.

“From the August 2, 2011 was appointed head of the Nuevo Laredo plaza from Los Zetas , after the death of Jorge Luis de la Peña Brisuelas, alias Pompin , adds.

Nuevo Laredo, a town bordering Laredo (Texas, USA), has been a bastion of Los Zetas in their struggle with the Gulf cartel to control the flow of arms and drugs in that area of Mexico.

“War was actively involved in the violence that his criminal group developed at the border” and was “one of the (gunmen) closest and most trusted” by Michelangelo Trevillo Morales, alias, Z40 , is indicated.

Moreover, in Sinaloa, the state attorney general, Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, confirmed today that none of the two subjects who died was the Phantom, as known to be the security chief of Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin El Chapo Guzman.

“This person was identified but with the nickname of The Ghost , and was duly recognized and accredited (other than the lieutenant of El Chapo), as reported in a report card on 2 March, the Attorney General’s Office (PGR , Attorney).

The prosecutor explained that the deceased Sinaloa was identified as Jonathan Salas, and is fully recognized by their families. Another body still not identified.

Finally, the prosecutor said that following the recent violence that has occurred in Culiacan, Sinaloa’s capital, security was tightened in the city with over one hundred police officers at the express order of Governor Mario Lopez Valdez.

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PACHUCA – cousin of the leader of Los Zetas, Heriberto Lazcano captured

The arrest of the prime operator and 13 other people came after a series of operations in three colonies of Pachuca

Humberto Lazcano, cousin of the leader of Los Zetas captured
Humberto Lazcano, cousin of the leader of Los Zetas captured

PACHUCA, February 23. – The Ministry of Public Security (SSPH) this afternoon presented to state mediachannels, Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, The Lazca , who was arrested last night in Pachuca.

Along with this suspect 12 others were presented who are linked to the alleged criminal organization responsible for killings, abductions and extortion in various municipalities of Hidalgo.

According to the SSPH, Channels – Lazcano, “The Goat Major” was responsible for the collection of fuel bribes at the base of Mezquital Valley and the highlands of Hidalgo.

Damian Canales Mena, state police chief, said in conference that the arrest of these 13 people came after a series of operations in three colonies of Pachuca, involving only the state police.

In the operations about 200 security and Research Coordination Task Force officers, raided three safe houses.

These apprehensions were made in San Antonio homes, Remove, Perisur Square and near a seafood restaurant on the Mexico-Pachuca border line, where firearms were also confiscated.

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Police arrest 13 suspected Zetas cartel members in Guadalajara

Vasquez Zetas Member
Vasquez Zetas Member

Police arrest 13 suspected Zetas in Guadalajara

One of the detainees received between 100 and 150 thousand dollars to be paid to the services of other members of the cell

GUADALAJARA, Feb. 20. – Mexican authorities today seized 13 people, including two women, who allegedly made up a cell of the group “Los Zetas” in the western state of Jalisco, officials said.

The suspects were arrested this morning in the town of Tlajomulco, about 15 kilometers from Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco, following some traders complained that sought to extort money, reported the Ministry of State Security.

According to the first statements of the group leader, Alfredo Vazquez, detainees were recruited by a “chief zeta”, identified as “Don Jose”, which led to the town earlier this year in order to “execute some criminal actions “.

In addition, Vasquez said he received between 100 thousand and 150 thousand pesos (between 7 thousand and 11 thousand U.S. dollars) every two weeks, which was distributed to members of the cell as payment for his services.

The Security Ministry announced that seven of those arrested are from the state of Guanajuato (central Mexico), four of Durango, (north) and two of Jalisco, and some of them have criminal records.

In the operation state police seized a AR-15 rifle, five handguns and two trucks with plates of Durango.

Military personnel have dismantled, in the same municipality, various laboratories for the manufacture of synthetic drugs, including an industrial type with more than 18 hectares in which were found about 20 tons of chemicals, and seized 15 tons of methamphetamine.

In this region the Zetas operate a group that until 2010 was the armed wing of the Gulf cartel, and Jalisco band New Generation, created following the divisions between drug trafficking organizations after the death of Ignacio Coronel, aka “Nacho Coronel“, a leader of the powerful Sinaloa cartel.

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MEXICO CITY – PGR official arrested linked to Los Zetas Cartel

Claudia Gonzalez was apprehended, a sub-delegate in Coahuila, Marisela Morales reiterated that they continue Operation Clean Sweep

As part of Operation Clean Sweep , the PGR arrested Claudia Gonzalez Lopez, Coahuila sub-delegated in this federal agency, to be working for the crime of Los Zetas , confirmed Attorney General Marisela Morales .


PGR Official who was working for Los Zetas Cartel arrested

PGR Official who was working for Los Zetas Cartel arrested

“Yesterday morning just before dawn, Claudia Gonzalez Lopez was arrested, she was in charge of a sub-delegation of Saltillo, Coahuila, the PGR and we are taking a combative step against all the corruption that affects at all levels in our own agency, “said the head of the PGR.

The federal agency Interviewed in the hangar said: “We are the first to set an example and we record the fight we are taking on the federal agents and prosecutors.”

Interviewed before boarding a plane that would take her to Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, indicated that they have solid evidence that the former employee of the PGR worked for the crime, plus they have yet to be completed at least eight other arrest warrants against the cell to which belonged the former official.

She “(Worked) for the Zetas, we strongly believe in punishing those inside the Government who betrayed the trust, and whoever, will be punished and we will continue to seek out those persons, “reiterated Morales Ibáñez.

The attorney said the former official of the PGR and is imprisoned, since early on Thursday complimented the arrest warrant on charges of organized crime and corruption.

“What crime was organized together with other people, other than those I can not tell because some of them are about to be arrested, the others are not of the institution, Gonzalez was the only group that was recorded, it itself was a people who were protecting, “revealed the head of the PGR.

Marisela Morales said that to carry out the arrest warrant of the federal official conducted a full investigation and obtained a judge’s warrant, no arrest: “It was a very important research conducted by the holder of the Deputy Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime, Cuitlahuac Salinas as more people are detained and we make it known publicly, will be talking to you to give the details, “he said.

Confirmed that they were also removed from their posts 20 regional commanders of the Federal Investigation Agency for failing to pass the examinations of trust and some are looking for links to the crime.


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Mexican Army seeks to restore security in the regions of the Republic!


Soldiers being sent to secure all parts of Mexico, which are under control of Los Zetas

Soldiers being sent to secure all parts of Mexico, which are under control of Los Zetas

MEXICO CITY, – The Mexican Army seeks to restore security in the institutions of the Republic where criminal groups, mainly Los Zetas – operate with impunity.

Seven barracks and two cavalry regiments are part of the strategy of the armed forces to recover the places where organized crime has overtaken local authorities. Five of the barracks will be installed in municipalities of Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, where they operate Los Zetas.

Excelsior had access to the project of the National Defense Secretariat explaining the action to catch the narco areas is considered “extremely dangerous”.

This newspaper yesterday published a Stratfor analysis that puts Los Zetas cartel as Mexico’s largest.

The Army-risk areas underpins

The Mexican army seeks to recover the regions listed as “extremely dangerous” and to be considered as areas where organized crime has become entrenched with impunity and generating places where criminal groups, have established their operational areas, primarily Los Zetas.

Seven regiments in total, including two so-called light, and two cavalry regiments are part of the strategy of the armed to recover the places where criminal groups have outpaced local authorities.

San Fernando, Reynosa and Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, municipalities will install three of the seven regiments which the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) has allocated as urgent to restore calm to the inhabitants.

In Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, is in operation the 105th Infantry Battalion, which the military seeks to use to inhibit the actions of criminal groups, and those that have criminal conflicts and to seize the routes used in traffic of drugs causing social instability and families to leave their properties under pressure from criminal groups Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel.

The Department of Defense is planning to begin operating light barracks for troops to support in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, and one in Tiquicheo, Michoacán.

The federal agency believes that the military presence in those “places where local authorities were overwhelmed by organized crime and drug trafficking” will create new opportunities that will restore the rule of law.

As part of the actions undertaken by the Department of Defense to provide greater security to the citizens, seven battalions strengthen security tasks where organized crime has been perpetrated actions against the civilian population and the authorities.

In Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, built another military base for special forces personnel.

In the case of San Fernando Tamaulipas, the Mexican army is sending a battalion in advance to be installed at the new headquarters from the second half of February.

In this county, atrocities by the criminal group Los Zetas in which they killed some 72 migrants in August 2010,

In February 2011, discovered several clandestine graves where 193 bodies were found, of citizens who were kidnapped by the same criminal group.

The PGR found that most of those found in clandestine graves belonged to citizens who traveled across the country and were not related to organized crime, but had been victimized to death.

According to figures from the Department of Defense, during 2011 was achieved through various operations in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, the seizure of 932 guns, 189 handguns, 30 grenades, 117 vehicles and arrested 30 people.

Tamaulipas Beneficain

This area is one of the worst affected by organized crime, specifically the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas .

On January 18 Tamaulipas began receiving the elements of the Department of Defense to integrate the 106th Infantry Battalion will be installed in the municipality of San Fernando.

Dozens of military vehicles with hundreds of military troops on the roads bound state of Tamaulipas border to settle in the new barracks, which will be the second in recent months to join the organization to counter the wave of insecurity we live in that region.

In December, in Ciudad Mier, Tamaulipas, the president, Felipe Calderon accompanied the governor of Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre Cantú, opened the first military base, the projected installed on this 2012.

The proposed military base in the town of Mante will be ready next week according to the federal authorities.

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Ramon Luis Jesus Sarabia alias ‘Pepito’ drug dealer and hitman arrested


Ramon Luis Jesus Sarabia alias 'Pepito' drug dealer and hitman arrested
Ramon Luis Jesus Sarabia alias ‘Pepito’ drug dealer and hitman arrested

Drug dealer and hitman arrested in Nuevo Leon and Coahuila

The arrest was made by staff of an integrated joint operations base by military personnel and the reaction force of the municipality of Garcia

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that within the limits of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila were arrested Ramon Luis Jesus Sarabia alias ‘Pepito’, considered one of the leading members of the criminal group ‘The Zetas‘.

He said the arrest was made ​​by staff of a mixed base of operations consisting of military personnel and the reaction force of the municipality of Garcia. He said that the detainee was identified as Jesus Sarabia Luis Ramon alias ‘Pepito’, who is considered one of the main leaders in charge of the criminal activities of the group ‘The Zetas’ in various states.

He noted that organized crime leader was arrested on Jan. 11 at the limits of the states of Nuevo Leon and Coahuila in the framework of the Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in the “Operation Northeast.”

Sarabia said that Ramon will be transferred to Mexico City, where he is expected to be presented.

In initial form had emerged that the detainee was a subject name Guillermo Gonzalez Barrios, making a statement through the Department of Defense noted that it was Jesus Sarabia Luis Ramon.

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