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Man Murders three in Miami

Murdered women in Miami

Murdered women in Miami

A Miami man murdered his former girlfriend and her mother and then during his escape caused a violent car accident, which killed a third woman, after which he committed suicide.

 According to police reports, it all started in a domestic violence incident.  The man apparently shot dead Viviana Gallego, 51, and her daughter Anabel Benitez, 28.

After the accident the gunman, who was surrounded by police, committed suicide

After ending the life of the two women, the gunman took flight at full speed aboard a jeep chased by police.

Finally, after several kilometers of being chased, the alleged murderer’s vehicle violently crashed into another car where a third woman, who was thrown from the vehicle and died almost instantly, stated in the online edition of El Nuevo Herald The police helicopter was able to record images that you see how the terrain of the alleged perpetrator swiftly flowing along a highway, and just crashing at an intersection at the vehicle of the third died.

After the accident the gunman, was surrounded by police, committed suicide, according too local media reports.

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Dolly Cifuentes linked with Joaquin El Chapo Guzman arraigned

An alleged Colombian drug trafficker accused of having ties to the Mexican organization Joaquin ” El Chapo “Guzman, the leader of the Sinaloa cartel, appeared before a federal judge in Miami on Monday , but the hearing was held behind closed doors by order of the judge.

Colombian Drug trafficker associated with Joaquin " El Chapo "Guzman,

Colombian Drug trafficker associated with Joaquin ” El Chapo “Guzman,

Immediately after the hearing started with Dolly Cifuentes , Judge Joan Lenard ordered the audience leave the room. Only a few people were present, including the defendant, her attorney Bonnie Klapper, prosecutor Andrea Hoffman, one interpreter and several policemen.

According to court records contained in the online system of the federal courts, Cifuentes Villa was due to Lenard to change the declaration of innocence that had been made in August 2012.

In 2010, the U.S. government accused Cifuentes, dubbed the “minor” with conspiracy to import and manufacture cocaine knowing that it would be imported into the United States, and to manufacture and distribute cocaine in Guatemala and Colombia and to import these drugs into this country .

In total, the authorities made five charges that carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

 However, due to an agreement between Colombia and the United States, Cifuentes cannot face a life sentence or death. At the hearings where the accused changed her initial statement of innocence to guilty, also typically announced a plea deal. Through these agreements undertake to cooperate with the authorities in ongoing investigations, in exchange for a lighter sentence and avoid a trial, a process that is usually longer.

Cifuentes, recently extradited more than a year from her country, would have been a brother’s girlfriend of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe. After the hearing of nearly an hour, Klapper  the defense attorney refused to comment outside the courtroom to. Lenard said the judge had ordered court documents remain secret. Cifuentes entered the courtroom minutes before Lenard request removal of those present.

She was dressed in a short sleeveless camisole and beige pants. Her face was pale. A woman who also left the room said it was the lawyer of Cifuentes in Colombia, who said that the defense of the accused had asked that the hearing be reserved. The woman, who spoke Spanish, was not to be identified by name.

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Triple Murder of Mother and two daughters Miami

Police officers made a gruesome discovery in a closet to find the bodies of a mother and her two daughters

Mother and two daughters found dead locked in a closet in Miami by Police!

Police officers made a gruesome discovery at a house in Miami, Florida, in a closet to find the bodies of a mother and her two young daughters.

A neighbor who smelled the odor proveviente housing located northwest of the city, was responsible for giving notice to the police on Wednesday removed the bodies of the Cuban Gladys Machado of 29 years and their daughters aged 4 and 8 years of age.

Detective Roy Rutland, police spokesman Miami-Dade County, told the local channel CBS that the case is being investigated as a triple homicide in which the victim’s current partner, is one of the persons of interest . The boyfriend had just left prison.

Police said Machado other son six years of age was safe with her grandmother.

The children’s father Michael Godfather cooperated with the investigation and authorities have not so far given details or the motive.

Relatives and friends of the victim gathered outside the house northwest of the city, an area that was still cordoned off by investigators.

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The Queen of the Pacific appears before federal court in United States

Sandra Avila Beltran, wearing khaki prison uniform, she heard the two charges against her for cocaine trafficking from 1999 to 2004

The Queen of the Pacific appears before federal court in United States
The Queen of the Pacific appears before federal court in United States


Sandra Avila Beltran, known as the “Queen of the Pacific”, appeared in federal court today in Miami after her extradition from Mexico and listened to the two charges against her for cocaine trafficking from 1999 to 2004.

Dressed in khaki prison uniform and loose hair, Avila Beltran confirmed her identity and age, 51 years, with the support of a court translator.

“I do not know,” Avila Beltran replied in Spanish when Judge John O’Sullivan asked if she knew the reasons why she was before a U.S. court.

Avila Beltran faces two counts of drug trafficking from a criminal indictment issued by a grand jury in Miami-Dade County, a Court for the Southern District of Florida in 2004.

The indictment included as co-defendants Leyner, Victor and Dario Valencia Espinosa Villegas Gadeer Cifuentes, Ramon Alberto Mejia Orozco and Sandra Avila Beltran and Julio Beltran.

Avila Beltran is accused of conspiring to import into the United States up to five kilograms of a controlled substance with detectable amounts of cocaine between 1999 and 2004.

The second claim is similar, but the group is charged with attempting to distribute five kilograms of cocaine during the same period.

In the document, the federal prosecutor for southern Florida argues that the charges are made for the purpose of confiscating any property of the accused.

The Mexican government announced the delivery and extradition to the U.S. authorities of Ávila Beltrán after a two and half years, in which the alleged drug dealer tried to prevent his transfer to U.S. soil.

Judge Sullivan scheduled the hearing arraignment on Tuesday 14 August, then set a bond hearing. Although Avila Beltran is entitled to a public defender, she was reported to have her own lawyer.

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Miami Florida -cannibalism in America- case 3

Charles Baker, 27, took off his clothes and when another man tried to stop him, bit him and tore a piece of arm

Case 3' Charles Baker 27 Cannibal

Case 3′ Charles Baker 27 Cannibal

U.S. Another man was arrested after biting a person and resisting law enforcement while under the influence of “some kind of unknown drug,” authorities said Monday.

The incident occurred when Charles Baker, 27, appeared at the house of his bride to visit his children and when she opened the door he began to curse, shout and remove all clothing, according to a report from the sheriff’s office Manatee County, on the west coast of Florida.

Baker continued to cry, started throwing furniture around the house and when another man, identified as Jeffrey Blake, who was in the house, tried to stop him, bit him and tore a piece of meat from an arm.

The victim, 48, managed to resist him until police showed up at the home at the time of the incident, which occurred on Wednesday night.

“When officers arrived, freed Blake Baker, who got up and did not obey the orders of the police, faced, his body tensed, clenched his fists and shouted,” the statement from the Sheriff’s office.

After applying several times the stun gun, authorities arrested him and took him to a medical facility to be submitted for assessment before being taken to jail.

The case of this man, who faces one count of aggravated assault, joins two other recent developments in South Florida and whose protagonists have also been identified as “cannibals” by local media.

Last May, Rudy Eugene devoured 75 percent of the face of Ronald indigent Poppo on the side of a ramp on a busy highway in the city, earning him the nickname “the cannibal of Miami.”

Authorities are investigating whether he acted under the influence of the synthetic drug “bath salts” sold as “Cloud 9” or “Ivory Wave,” among other names.


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New act of Cannibalism Woman tries to eat her son in New York

Woman tries to eat her son in New York

Federal District in New York:

Woman tries to eat his son in New York

Woman tries to eat his son in New York

A woman assaulted her son and tried to eat him whilst under the influence of drugs now known as “bath salts“.

Pamela McCarthy attacked the boy, and tried to strangle him and tried to eat in an act of cannibalism, the aggression was prevented by her boyfriend who saw her naked and outside of the house, he ran to grab the child and she fled.

Neighbors alerted police. As reported by the Daily Mail, a witness says a dog also attacked and tried to bite him on his legs. Also, when officers arrived they found the woman was very aggressive and tried to bite several of them so they had to resort to the laser gun to reassure her.

Later she was taken to hospital where she died of cardiac arrest. Her son also was treated at the hospital with minor injuries.

This drug was first known about when a black man completely naked attacked the indigent Ronald abanlanzó Poppo, 65, and began to bite and devour his face.

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Reconstructed face devoured by cannibal indigent Miami

The Director of Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Miami, Seth Thaller, said the possibility of plastic surgery

The Cannibal left was shot to death
The Cannibal left was shot to death

The homeless man whose face was bitten by another man under the influence of a powerful drug, in a case of cannibalism that shocked public opinion, could recover the face, doctors reported today.

Last week, a naked black man was on the homeless man, abanlanzó Poppo Ronald, 65, and began to bite and devour his face. The police were forced to take the life of the perpetrator by shooting him several times.

The Director of Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Miami, Seth Thaller, said the possibility of surgery, but said he will first have to stabilize his vital signs such as breathing and blood circulation to control infections.

The private specialist cosmetic surgery, Leonard Tachmes warned that in many cases there is always the possibility of skin grafts and bone that can be taken from other parts of the body, but it all depends on the evolution wounds.

It is estimated that such an operation could cost up to $ 350,000. To help the indigent, the Jackson Memorial Hospital Foundation where he is interned, opened an endowment fund for your assistance.

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