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Captured three suspects with 40 kilos of marijuana in Santa Fe

The detainees were in a taxi with Michoacan, plates  with the inspectors found four packages with drug

identified as smugglers of Marijuana in Santa Fe

identified as smugglers of Marijuana in Santa Fe

Bogota Police assigned to the sector Yaqui, stopped at the Santa Fe border, number 449, near the corner of Francisco J. Serrano Cruz Manca colony, Cuajimalpa a group of men identified as Tzin Tzun Tobias Neftali Garcia, 22 years old, Fernando Murillo Cruz, 44, and Jose Alfredo Lopez Perez, 21, with about 40 kilos, of what might be marijuana.

The officers noticed suspicious behavior and a nervous taxi driver of Michoacan Nissan Almera 2001 model, license plates 20-76-LCZ, later identified as Garcia Tzintzun and immediately proceeded to conduct the review routine both the vehicle and its occupants and discovered in the back seat two boxes containing four brick-shaped packages wrapped with tape and four round bags wrapped with black tape.

In his first statement to the police, the detainees said they were from Patzcuaro, Michoacan and were to contact a subject in the Tepito neighborhood, close to Chapultepec subway station, where they deliver the goods on payment 30 thousand pesos.

Finally the suspected traffickers were turned over to the Federal Public Ministry based Aztcapotzalco delegation, together with the alleged drug and the vehicle where they begin the preliminary investigation.

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10 arrested after shooting in Ocampo, Michoacan

three suspects and two civilians Killed

Among those captured are the commander and deputy director of the municipal police

Ten people, including the commander and deputy director of the Municipal Police of the municipality of Ocampo, Michoacan, were arrested following a shooting that occurred Sunday at the center of this city east of the state, which killed three suspects and two civilians passing by the injured place.

According to sources of the 21st Military Zone in the state, the detainees were held by the National Defense Secretariat, for their alleged involvement in the confrontation which occurred in the center of the municipality of Ocampo, between rival criminal gangs.

The meeting took place around 11:00 hours on Sunday in the main square of the town, where people traditionally do their shopping in the day, go home around noon and seek entertainment.

The suspects have already been transferred to the city of Morelia to be presented to the federal prosecutors, who will determine their legal status.

According to reports from the villagers, a group of armed men arrived aboard several vehicles chasing other subjects, who started a gunfight that lasted several minutes.

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Morelia Mexico- Female suicide bomber explodes at the gates of the Ministerial Police

Female suicide bomber explodes at the gates of the Ministerial Police

An exploding grenade killed the subject who triggered it, her three accomplices were injured and a police officer was also injured said the ministerial officer

MORELIA, A man was arrested for his alleged involvement in the murder of another man, committed suicide by blowing up a grenade at the doors of the state police in Tacambaro, Michoacan.

According to police sources, elements of the Michoacán Attorney’s Office arrested four subjects, for allegedly participated in a crime that occurred on September 22.

In the community of La Parota, also belonging to the municipality of Tacambaro.

The detainees were transported from La Parota, to the premises of the Centre for Civil Protection, which would be made available to the public prosecutor, but no officer realized that the suspect had an explosive in his clothes.

According to the same source, when exploding grenade that killed the subject triggered, his three accomplices were injured and a police officer was also injured with ministerial shrapnel.

The crime scene was cordoned off by state and municipal police, and the wounded are taken to the Civil Hospital Tacámbaro and fear for the lives of at least two of them are in critical state, who were very close to suicide, in the bed of a truck officer Michoacan state police.

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Zetas Kingpin El Mencho was not captured! False alarm!

The kingpin, whose alleged detention sparked an avalanche of narco-attacks in Jalisco, was the successor of El Nacho Coronel in the Sinaloa cartel

Zetas Kingpin El Mencho was not captured!

Rubén Oseguera Cervantes, alias El Mencho originally from Michoacan was born almost 50 years ago in the community of Chila, Aguililla Township, in the heart of the Tierra Caliente of Michoacán.

Local authorities place him as one of the most influential lords of Michoacan, Jalisco, Colima and recent one in Veracruz, where they fought to Los Zetas, commissioned by Joaquin Guzman Loera, El Chapo Guzman.

In Michoacán, Rubén Oseguera Cervantes, who also calls himself Ramos-Oseguera Nemesio is considered one of the primary dealers of methamphetamine and / or synthetic drugs, with influence in the municipalities of Tepalcatepec Coalcomán Coahuayana and Aquila.

A Rubén Oseguera, who is also known as The Gallero, is considered the successor of Ignacio Coronel Villarreal, died in Zapopan, Jalisco, on July 29, 2010, during a clash with the Mexican Army.

The Mencho was part of the Millennium cartel, Michoacan original criminal group, always in command of Armed Valencia Cornelio and in partnership with his brothers and José González Valencia Abigail, aka The Cuinis recognized organized crime bosses.

Rubén Oseguera fought in Michoacán to La Familia Michoacana , particularly Jesus Mendez Vargas, alias El Chango , Michoacan cartel founder, also had disputes with Nazario Moreno, alias El Chayo , capo allegedly spoiled, inspiration cartel calling itself the Knights Templar .

A The Mencho, sources with the Federal Police and the Ministry of National Defense, corresponded to rebuild part of the Sinaloa cartel after the death of Ignacio Coronel and founded the New Generation Jalisco cartel, to combat the presence of Los Zetas in Jalisco and Veracruz invade stronghold criminal group led by Heriberto Lazcano, alias El Lazca .

Inhabitants of Tierra Caliente defined as a type Rubén Oseguera menudito, good deal, but extremely dangerous.

Finco their actual Jalisco, mainly in the Guadalajara metropolitan area and areas adjacent to Tepalcatepec, Michoacan.

After an operation to capture members of the New Generation Jalisco cartel, held Saturday in Jalisco, Michoacan increased security in the areas adjacent to such entity.

In Tierra Caliente of Guerrero also reinforced surveillance after yesterday there were 11 dead and an unknown number of deaths in Luvianos, State of Mexico, in the Triangle of the Gap.

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La Familia Cartel gang members accused in the U.S. of drug trafficking

Members of La Familia cartel accused in the U.S. for drug trafficking

More than two dozen people were indicted for sending methamphetamine from Mexico to southern California

La Familia cartel is charged with drug trafficking in the USA

More than two dozen people were indicted for being part of an organization that shipped methamphetamine from Mexico to Southern California, authorities said Thursday.

Sixteen of the 27 people facing conspiracy charges related to drugs were arrested Thursday as part of an investigation that began 16 months ago. In case of being convicted, face a minimum sentence of ten years in prison, while those who are charged with other drug-related charges could receive up to life imprisonment.

The organization involving members of La Familia cartel, which operates primarily in the Mexican state of Michoacán, and members of two criminal organizations Latinas in Southern California, authorities said.

Methamphetamine was imported in liquid or unfinished and then was crystallized, a step called “frosting”, the researchers said.

Jose Juan Garcia Barron, 33, of Ontario, controlled shipments by air, sea and land through the border between Mexico and the United States, said the feds.

The drug sold in the county of Los Angeles gang members or their associates, who gave a portion of the proceeds to the Mexican Mafia gang in exchange for protection, authorities said.

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more information-Michoacán children died of “asphyxia by strangulation ‘

Michoacán children died of “asphyxia by strangulation

Michoacán children died of "asphyxia by strangulation '

Michoacán children died of “asphyxia by strangulation ‘

As reported by the State Attorney General is at least three lines of research followed in the abduction and murder of minors Morelos Tenure

Children of Morelia Morelos Tenure “died of asphyxia caused by strangulation and present no violence of any other kind,” the attorney said Monday the state of Michoacan, Placido Torres Pineda.

The holder of the dependence on Monday announced also that there are at least three lines of research followed in the abduction and murder of children Yamilet Heredia Calderon and Jose Luis Rosales Arroyo 4 and 5 years old. In the order not to hinder the investigations the former judge declined to talk more in depth of the assumptions and noted that “investigations are advanced and will soon have results.”

But the attorney general said the medical examiner who heard the case determined that “the child may have been killed within hours of the kidnapping and the girl said, maybe she was killed a day or two later.” For his part, the governor of the state, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, had to go out to clarify the rumors that have been unleashed in the city caused by the collective psychosis that caused the event, and said the tragic episode of the children was not due to an alleged case of organ trafficking nor a wave of abductions of children in the state.

“There is no evidence of such a thing in Michoacan, nor there is a band of stolen or missing children, “he said and asserted that the case of children clearly Tenure Morelos were homicides. The president called on the society “to stick together and go to the police authorities in case of risk to his person or property.”

Meanwhile, the family of Jose Luis Rosales retail, announced that next Wednesday will again take to the streets to demand the clarification total infanticide that shocked this community of Morelia. The child’s paternal grandfather, John Hall, said that so far both families of the children received only sketchy police information which indicates the conditions under which children were found and the cause of death.

Despite the call of the families of the victims and settlers Tenure Morelos political parties and organizations for purposes not involved in this case “out of respect and sensitivity”, Section XVIII of SNTE, announced it will add to the mobilization of family and neighbors Tenure Morelos, “in solidarity.”

Meanwhile, in the Possession Morelos which includes about five marginalized neighborhoods north of the city following the unfortunate event have called for more civil protection and the permanent presence of police surveillance.

In the month of May The Ministry of Public Security in the State (SSP) has recorded that in the Possession Morelos there were three burglaries, one attempted robbery, theft of a vehicle, the report of a person who powered a shot of fire and 12 reports of scandals in the street by intoxicated subjects, although this is not considered a crime in accordance with their own dependence.

The report also offered and awarded by the SSP determines that “the data may vary with formal complaints are presented to the prosecutor.

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farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

Fausto Vallejo discarded the idea of organ trafficking of the murdered children of Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan. – The murder of his children Arroyo and Jose Luis Rosales Yamileth Heredia is not related to organ trafficking. Here we don’t have ‘the organ trade, said the governor, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa.

This afternoon, the governor presided over the ceremony commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding of boarding Spain-Mexico, once completed, he spoke about the case to the Attorney General of the State and the Department of Public Safety share three hypotheses, which failed to reveal any results.

That is what citizens are demanding results, I have three reasons I have expressed both to the Public Security Office, but we have an obligation to be discreet so as not to hinder it.”

farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

farewell to the two children of Morelos Tenure

The streets where they used to play are now occupied with coffins, hundreds of people are going to fire them, they leave flowers, candles or pray that their souls rest in peace in the afterlife with God, they are Jose Luis Gonzalez Arroyo are, Chepe and Yamilet Daniela Heredia Calderon, Yami, are children of Tenure Morelos, whose bodies were found Saturday in a water pipe.

The un-consolable parents with downcast eyes go from side to side in this sad funeral, they watch as people come and collecting his feeling that all this is like living a nightmare.

According to Scheme Agency, the people of tenure sympathize with the loss of Chepe and Yami, go to the wake and give the condolences to the bereaved, in a brotherly hug, a handshake that is translated as a gesture of encouragement. Chepe’s mother cries, no room for words, there is no way how to describe their suffering while sitting in a chair near the door of his house, with a bottom shelf where a photograph of his son now dead, surrounded by flowers and religious images, just laughs, Chepe’s voice when he played in that place has been supplied by silence for the pain. Yamilet’s parents, talk with their other family members are serious, they can not believe what happened while justice requires clarification of the case.

In irony, Farewell Street became precisely a farewell, a goodbye to the angels of the Morelos Holding, whose loss will always marked this population.

Daniel Heredia, Yamilet father, said of the prosecutors’ investigations: “Since my daughter was taken by a Group of kidnappers, Anti-Kidnapping was supporting us a lot, and it was very good work, the operation where they located my daughter was well orchestrated, there were plenty of staff, police, paramedics and dogs, now we just want to continue to investigate and clarify the case.”

Also, Leticia Solorio Garcia, Chepe’s aunt, said: “We lost children and came to find them as well, already dead, we want justice. You do not run this with impunity, what we want is that the police come to the end and discover the truth.” Today Tenure Morelos mourns for the loss of two of his children, whom their deaths surprised them in the prime of his childhood, Jose Luis, was four he disappeared from his home on May 11th of this month, while Daniela Yamilet was lost on the 30th of that month, she was five years old.

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