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Child takes cartridges to school in HERMOSILLO, arsenal found at his home

Elements of the Investigative Police found several cartridges known as “cop killers” and at home, guns and armored cars

In addition to a student notebook and pencil the fourth grader took a loaded gun with bullets called ‘cop killer’ to the classroom, why the military raided his home and found an arsenal, armored vehicles, tactical gear and radio.

Yesterday at 19:45 pm a call to the emergency number 066 alerted state authorities in a public elementary school in the colony Jesus Garcia, located north of the capital of Sonora, a student of nine years old had a gun with bullets’ cop killer ‘in 5.27 X 28 caliber, the school attended local and state police.

According to a press release from the State Public Security Secretariat, once the agents secured the weapon and the minor, they requested the presence of members of the Ministry of National Defense (Department of Defense) to search the house of the student.

“Elements went to a housing complex, located in the 59th Avenue Bachoco, in the colony and meters before reaching the house the officers noticed a man with a gun tucked in his waist running toward the inside, so they gave chase.

“At the scene, state police squad secured a 9-mm pistol from the man and knocked him down and interviewed Brenda Arellano Marisela Rojas, who allowed access to the property for search”, and makes the statement.

At home he joined the Federal Public Prosecutor and military at the dining table located an AR15 rifle while in the rooms found in a closet a total of 13,000 cartridges of different calibers, 96 magazines, 13 handguns, 7 rifles, 76 radios, 3 bases and 56 radio radio chargers.

In addition, there were four bulletproof vests, 6 plates for vests, 10 Findings, 7 seat, 18 Slings, 3 retractable chargers, binoculars, a power source, a radio frequency scanner and two money counting machines.

They also secured various military uniforms, with 5 jackets, 14 pants, 5 hats, 3 pads, 4 shirts and 23 pairs of boots.

In the garage of the home a pickup Silverado, was parked apparently with Arizona plates, inside was a AR15 rifle, a Commander armored truck with Sonora plates and inside another AR15 rifle, and a unmarked black Lincoln Navigator, which was located a 5.7×28 caliber gun squad.

“Inside the house the elements could not locate the suspect, so they arrested Brenda Arellano Marisela Rojas, who was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office, as well as the weapons secured,” says the newsletter.

In an interview to the media, Defense Attorney Juvenile Sonora DIF, Javier Gomez Izaguirre, reported that the institution is in charge and take care of the integrity of the child that they report well and will be tested to determine its state psychological emotional.

“We are giving proper care to look after the interests of the child, so that the child is protected in their rights,” said the prosecutor.

While the primary student showed a greater than 50% absenteeism after the incident, as reported by parents and teachers in the public school.

Weapons recovered!

13,000 rounds of ammunition, including 5.7×28 1.267 caliber, known as “cop killer”

Radio equipment

Military uniforms, boots and trimmings

Two money counting machines

One .50 caliber Desert Eagle pistol gold-plated in the grip has carved a map of Sonora

One .22 caliber pistol

Two 9mm pistols

Two .25 caliber pistols

March 38 caliber pistols

5 5.7×28 pistols

1 .45

1 MP5 9mm rifle

1 9-mm submachine Uzzi

2 rifles 5.7×28

3 Rifles AR15

Two AK47 rifles

1 Shotgun


“This situation worries me a lot, it would be nice to have implemented operational review of the backpacks of children, but as a preventive, not reactive,” Is the child dead plugging the well ‘, there is no reason to wait for things to happen to act “a mother.

“These children are already up to normal use of weapons and body armor, it is natural for them because they grow in this environment, it is important that authorities, teachers and parents work together to avoid a disgrace,” a parent.

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