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Childrens day in Acapulco 299 people food poisoned in Guerrero

Children and adults were poisoned by eating Food last Friday during the celebration of Children’s Day at school

food poisoned 299 people in Guerrero

food poisoned 299 people in Guerrero

ACAPULCO, April 30. – On Monday, after taking stock of people who were infected with their stomachs after eating food at the child’s day celebration at a school John R Escudero in the community of the organs, health officials announced there were 285 children and 14 adults who had symptoms of fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

The health sector pointed out that most of them have already been discharged and only 83 children remain hospitalized for observation, most patients were treated at the hospital Renaissance City, General Hospital Ruiz Cortines, ISSSTE, the health center the bodies, and others in clinics and private practices.

Children and adults were poisoned by eating last Friday during the celebration of Children’s Day at school John R Escudero community for the bodies, first poisoned children began to appear from Friday night, then Saturday and Sunday there were more cases to be the figure on Monday afternoon in 299 people affected.

The health secretary Guerrero reiterated that all families pay medical expenses generated by this contingency. It also asked people who were discharged in the event of new symptoms come immediately to public health hospitals.

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imminent surrender of the murderer of Toulouse; Mohamed Merah,

PARIS, March 21. – France awaits the imminent surrender of the murderer of Toulouse, who is cornered by police at his home in southern France, in the region where he committed seven deadly crimes in recent days, by killing three children and one adult in a Jewish school and three soldiers of North African origin.

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Mohamed Merah, Algerian-born French, 23, watched for more than a year by the secret service for media contacts with radical Islamists, gunshots were exchanged when police came to arrest him at 3.05 am (2.05 GMT). Two officers of the elite RAID-were seriously injured.

The man was defined as a member of Al Qaeda Mujahideen and confessed to the three killings for which he is charged, that of a soldier in Toulouse on June 11, two more Montauban four days later and the four of Ozar Hatorah Jewish school, located three kilometers from his home on Monday.

Interior Minister, Claude Guéant, said Merah remained for much of the morning in negotiations with the agents around him, who promised to be delivered during the afternoon. Heavily armed, the young man handed a gun in exchange for a phone for further contact with the negotiators, but said to keep other weapons, including a Kalashnikov and Uzi also other guns.

In any case, said Guéant Merah is no longer willing to hurt and felt that the danger had passed. Merah is entrenched on the first floor of a building of five of the street Sergent Vigne residential neighborhood Côte Pavée, around which the police have established a security perimeter.

The inhabitants of the building, during the early morning were forced to stay in their homes, and were evacuated at noon. To assist in the negotiations, Police summoned to the scene to the suspect’s mother, who lives in the trendy Le Mirail, but it indicated that her cooperation would not be useful because she has no influence on her son.

The Interior Minister said that during the morning the brother of the suspect was arrested, and booked by the police for being too Islamist media contact. Guéant recalled that all the crimes appeared as single murderer, but did not rule that would act in cooperation with a group, an issue that will be investigated.

By midmorning, the negotiations broke down with the young, to be restored later. The authorities hope to keep his word to be delivered during the afternoon.

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Mexico- Police arrest man accused of raping his stepdaughter

A case of child molestation being reported, and a complacent Attorney General looking for the complaint to go away!

 father arrested for raping Step Daughter

father arrested for raping Step Daughter

A man identified as the stepfather of a 14-year-old was arrested yesterday on a warrant, two years three months after he allegedly raped and violated his step daughter.

The detainee was identified as Fernando Cruz Rios Cruz, 31 years of age, who is identified as the suspect that molested his stepdaughter. According to the report of the Attorney General, the man allegedly twice raped the teen-aged girl in 2009.

The public prosecutor said the defendant loved the girl and she consented to their relationship. But, once the mother learned about the molestation she filed a complaint in December 2009, but it was not until Feb. 3 of this year that the arrest was ordered by the Attorney General. On Monday, agents from the Attorney General’s Office arrested him at his home with an arrest warrant.

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Mexicos’ Diplomat kidnapped in Venezuela then freed!

Mexican diplomat and wife kidnapped overnight in Venezula
Mexican diplomat and wife kidnapped overnight in Venezula

Mexico’s envoy to Caracas was seized overnight then freed in the latest high-profile kidnapping in Venezuela, where violent crime is routinely listed as citizens’ top worry. In the style of “express” kidnappings that are rife in Venezuela, four armed men seized ambassador Carlos Pujalte and his wife in their car after a reception in the upscale Country Club zone of Caracas, diplomats and officials said.

The kidnappers then released the couple in a slum before dawn on Monday.

“We’re so happy he is safe, I’ve been up following the case all night,” said a senior European diplomat, whose own security has been increased in recent months.

Kidnappings, armed robberies and murders are common in the South American OPEC member nation that has enormous oil wealth alongside widespread poverty.

The Venezuelan attorney general’s office said a full investigation was underway.

Mexican embassy spokesman Fernando Godinez said his boss was recovering well after his release.

“His health is okay. He and his wife are giving statements [to the police] right now,” Godinez told a local radio station. “We regret this situation deeply.”

Senior diplomats from Chile and Belarus were also seized in similar incidents last year, according to diplomatic sources.

The Chilean consul, Juan Carlos Fernandez, was injured by a bullet, and beaten during his November kidnapping.

Robbery was the assumed motive of those incidents.

High crime statistics

“We don’t know yet what happened last night, if they robbed the Mexican ambassador or asked for a ransom or what,” said a foreign security expert at one of the embassies in Caracas, who was tracking the case closely. “It’s a worrying trend though.”

Late last year, Major League Baseball player Wilson Ramos, a catcher for the Washington Nationals, also was kidnapped for two days during a visit home, before being released during a raid by security forces on a mountain hideout.

Crime is arguably the top issue for voters in the run-up to an October presidential election.

Police are often involved, and murder rates make Caracas one of the most dangerous cities in the world, ranking with some war-zones.

Though rich and poor alike complain constantly about crime in Venezuela, the issue has traditionally not weighed heavily on President Hugo Chavez‘s approval ratings.

The latest poll released on Monday by the local Hinterlaces company gave him a 64 per cent approval rating, with 50 per cent of those surveyed saying they would vote for him in October.

“Chavez supporters have a strong emotional attachment to him and this has led some of them to fail to assess the situation objectively despite the statistics and the growing evidence of the government’s responsibility [for the crime problem],” said Venezuelan analyst Diego Moya-Ocampos of the IHS Global Insight think tank. Interior Minister Tareck El Aissami says Venezuela’s official annual murder rate is around 48 per 100,000 residents, but non-governmental organizations put the figure higher.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory, for example, said murders had doubled in the last decade to reach a record of more than 19,000 – or about 60 per 100,000 people – in 2011.

“But in Venezuela we have not had a war. How can this be explained?” the NGO asked in its latest publication, saying political polarisation underpinned the problem.

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Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan over the weekend!


Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan .- In the course of Monday, January 9, three children decided to take their own life in Michoacan, two of them choosing to hang himself and the third by swallowing pills and cure corn herbicides.

To tell the parents of the two first cases, who were unaware of the causes for young people to choose suicide, however in the case of Maria Isabel Rocha Lopez, 14 years old, the parents said that lately the child had had several discussions with the parents, so it was possible that it was the cause of his decision.

Juan Carlos Sanchez Garcia, 14, who lived on Fourth Street Apple, the Tenure Francisco Serrato, in the municipality of Zitacuaro, took his own life without any apparent reason,

Said his parents to the investigating authorities, the boy was found with a yellow rope tied around his neck while hanging from a wooden beam roof of her home, her parents said the representative of society who for days had been seriously, but when asked why he had not answered.

Yepez Maria del Rosario Gonzalez, also 14 years decided to take his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to a beam at their ranch house on September 1, in the municipality of Parácuaro, at which time took her desperate family to receive medical care, but doctors were only confirmed his death.

 Maria Isabel Rocha Lopez, age 14, died at Civil Hospital Doctor Miguel Silva, of this city, as a result of poisoning by ingesting pills to cure corn herbicides.

 According to her parents, she took the chemical while at his home in the town of Caracuaro, in the municipality of the same name, where she was taken to hospital where finally perished.

Interviewed by the representative of society, parents Mary Elizabeth said they had recently had several discussions with her ​​rebellious behavior, and she came to her house late at night, without telling them where she had gone, so they think that might influence the child is suicide.

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eight people, including one minor, were shot in the city of Torreon, Coahuila!

MIni-UZI made of Gold!
MIni-UZI made of Gold!

Translated to English!

In less than 24 hours a total of eight people, including one minor, were shot in the city of Torreon, Coahuila, in different parts of the city.

The Attorney General’s Office reported that the about 15:30 hours on Tuesday, “Code Red” was activated after the shooting that some residents amounted to listen to the height of Nezahualcoyotl and First streets of Montezuma, in the aforementioned sectors.

Upon arrival of the State Attorney Experts found two bodies on the asphalt and the other within a business.

Among the victims were two brothers and a male person who accompanied them, the deceased were aged 20 and 24 years of age.

After the Attorney General found evidence, the bodies of the unfortunate subjects were transported to the Medical Examiner for autopsy as required by law.

Tuesday morning at the colony Luis Echeverria Alvarez, they found the body of a man, who remains unidentified, and left on Comonfort street .

The male person had called the coup de grace and was tied hand and foot, had also been stripped of their clothes.

His body showed blows to various parts of the body.

While in the colony Magdalenas three adults and a small ten years were attacked by gunmen who fired against him, no matter which group you will find the child.

The attack was recorded on Monday at 16: 30 hours on the streets of Rio Salado River Seine and the said sector.

In all cases, the Attorney General’s Office investigates murders.

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