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CUERNAVACA, 10 people have been executed in Morelos

In the last 72 hours at least 10 people have been executed in Morelos , in an escalation of violence by criminal groups operating in the state, who have been shootings and executed people, despite the announcement of single command.

10 people have been executed in Morelos in the last 72 hours

10 people have been executed in Morelos in the last 72 hours

The last action of criminal groups took place in the town of Acatlipa, in the town of Temixco, where an armed group entered a house of Narciso Mendoza Street, located between the streets September 15th and Constitution, and opened fire .

According to information at the scene, one of the bodies was in the entrance to the house, while three others were found inside, but until now have not been identified nor the motive establish in this multiple homicide.

The Army and the Federal Police had to cordon off the area, due to the aggressiveness of relatives who repeatedly violated the perimeter guarding the crime scene and assaulted the experts who conducted the initial investigations.

The first two bodies were found in the town of encajuelados Tepoztlan, a narcomensaje and blow. In addition, victims were gagged.

That same Friday afternoon there had been a shooting practically outside the Municipal Police Command.

Another person appeared at the boundary between the suburbs of Yautepec and Cuautla, with wounds on his body, but because of their advanced state of decomposition has not been identified and is investigating the causes of his death.

Two more bodies appeared Sunday in a cane field planting called Las Iguanas, in the community of Santa Rosa 30, Tlaltizapán Township. Both bodies have not been identified, but one was male, while the other had mutilated his lower extremities from the pelvis.

Both showed burns one hundred percent of the body surface, due to the burning of the crop and subsequent findings. The first surveys had indicated that an estimated time of death of three to five days.

Finally, a woman with signs of strangulation appeared in a hotel located in Jojutla, Galileo, her body leaning against a bed.

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Daughter of the criminal group ‘The Reds’, missing

The Morelos attorney, Mario Vázquez Rojas, confirmed that so far the search continues for Sonia Maldonado Nava, daughter of the chief of the criminal group ‘The Reds’


sketch of murderer of the speaker

CUERNAVACA,. – The prosecutor of Morelos, Mario Vázquez Rojas, confirmed that the search continues for Sonia Maldonado Nava, daughter of the chief of the criminal group Los Rojos, Crisóforo Rogelio Jiménez Maldonado, to testify about the attack and murder of his father in a private clinic in Mexico City.

Mario Vazquez Rojas, Morelos attorney stated that “as we hope and I am in contact with the Federal District Attorney, constantly, in that sense we have meetings.”

On 4 January, the Federal District Attorney, issued an order of presentation and location for Sonia Maldonado, however, has not so far been located in Morelos.

In a statement, the Attorney confirmed that criminal proceedings were linked to three elements of the Municipal Police of Cuernavaca, as suspects in the crime against the administration of justice, in the hypothesis divert and hinder the investigation, on the escape of Antonio Román Miranda alias Mona.

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Cuernavaca- 11 policemen arrested for allowing traffickers escape

They were arrested for the escape of Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn”, leader of The Reds

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

Cuernavaca, Mor. – At least 11 judicial police and municipal police Cuernavaca were arrested by the escape of a suspected drug trafficker, identified as Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn” leader Reds Guerrero.

According to a statement released by the state attorney establishes a folder that was initiated research, at par, the General Inspectorate VG/SV/296/2012 one affidavit, prepared by the national control and internal discipline of the institution.

The constitutional arrest of 36 hours against five elements of the Ministerial Police, also must appear before the Inspector General, including his statement surrendered all investigation documents initiated by the prosecution SC01/13659/2012.

It was determined from these facts, that five policemen and six municipal police ministry officials have given their statement to determine responsibilities for evasion and drug lord lieutenant of The Reds, criminal group controlling the town of Temixco, Emiliano Zapata and Jiutepec.

In the statement, the Office of Morelos, “reiterates that investigations into the case continue to determine responsibilities, since not tolerate breach of the duties and obligations of public servants of this institution, much less protection links or crime members organized “.

On Monday, Rogelio Maldonado criminal group leader Reds in Guerrero and Morelos Cuernavaca was arrested after he was shot and wounded in the Colonia Flores Magon, while walking down the street Durango.

Yesterday, the government secretary Messeguer Jorge Guillén confirmed the start of a research folder, plus the search for alleged drug trafficker who managed to evade the authorities, due to collusion of municipal and ministerial policemen, who released him after his capture.

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Mexico City; 14 federal agents issued arrest warrants

Attorney General of Mexico Français : Procureu...

They are accused by the PGR of attempted murder and property damage, the attack on van in the Tres Marias event

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) explained that the Federal Public Ministry assigned to the Deputy Regional Control, Criminal Proceedings and Amparo obtained arrest warrants for 14 members of the Federal Police, assigned to the station Tlalpan of that corporation, related incidents on August 24, 2012, at kilometer 50 of the Federal Highway +500 Mexico-Cuernavaca Huitzilac nearby, Morelos.

According to the PGR, the arrest warrants were issued and complied against 14 elements of the Federal Police Station Tlalpan that were under the injunction of rootedness, for his alleged criminal responsibility for the crimes of aggravated homicide and attempted damage to property.

Entered the police officers attempted to take the life of two officials from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico and a member of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico traveling in a Toyota, Land Cruiser type, color black.

The shield prevented vehicle occupants lost their lives, and 152 received gunshot fire.

In its entirety, the weapons used correspond to those of the officers entered, who during the events were transported in private vehicles and property were dressed as civilians, however, to be presented to the prosecutor of the Federation did uniformed patrols and on board they had under their charge, thereby encouraging the concealment of vehicles and simulating a circumstance had turned out to be false.

Among those consigned to the Federal Criminal Court is an administrative clerk assigned to the station Tlalpan Federal Police, who had no permit to carry a firearm admitted having gone to the scene carrying the rifle of one of its companions. This person is probably responsible for the crime of Possession of a Firearm for use by the Army, Navy and Air Force.

He was also an officer of the Federal Police for his alleged responsibility in the commission of the criminal offense of false statement before the Judicial authority. At first this person was not available to the Attorney General of the Federation and to be presented to testify, under oath, denied on several occasions his participation in the events, it was demonstrated during official proceedings.

In addition, five items were entered Federal Police for his alleged responsibility in the commission of the crime of concealment, to be allowed to withdraw the alleged perpetrators of the crime scene.

Lawyers do not know the whereabouts of the 14 police officers; PGR avoids giving reports

Lawyers of the 14 federal police were recorded by the attack on the U.S. embassy truck at Tres Marias, Morelos, arrived early yesterday morning during Friday Atlacholoaya criminal to find the whereabouts of their clients.

Rustic Mondragón Enrique Huerta, one of the lawyers, said that the PGR refused to inform them what would be transferred the federal prison, so that families and lawyers have been given the task of his whereabouts.

The lawyer said: “We are finding that we have no official information on where they were transferred”, however, said that would request an injunction, because the action by the PGR that affects the right to due process and protection of his customers.

Relatives and lawyers of the agents were notified of the transfer and appropriation before a judge, decided to look at all the prisons where they could be sent, but have not been successful.

According to the testimonies of the defense, at eight o’clock in the evening of Thursday the feds were taken from the center of the PGR rootedness to be taken to the same corporation hangar at the airport in Mexico City, where presumably were transferred to a federal prison.

The lawyer said that one of the main concerns is that you take an initial statement to arrive at the jail without a lawyer to assist the alleged perpetrators.

The judicial process is filed in federal court Morelos quarter, so it warned that it is likely that the same is brought on to reject the measure under the PGR and lawyers and relatives are informed of the whereabouts of the 14 feds.

During the 80 days lawyers are requested to address several steps as the confrontation with the Americans, but they were not allowed to defend against charges of attempted murder, damage to property, aggravated assault, and excessive use of force among other crimes imputed to them by the prosecution.


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CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!

Her naked body was left on the side of the road in the community of Tres Marias Huitzilac

Ruthless violence against women is taking place in this town and the police are mute about what they are doing to located and apprehend the murderers.

CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!

A woman was killed and her body left on the side of the road from the community of Huitzilac with Tres Marias. So far the body has not been identified and her face was so battered from the beatings that she is unrecognisable. 

The month of October has been one of the most violent in the numbers of murdered women in Morelos. So far, 10 women have lost their lives in circumstances of violence, however, the local authorities have been stonewalling on gender alerts despite the trend of violence in its entity is against women.

The woman’s body was found about 7 AM in the morning, in one of the ditches that are on the shoulder of the country road, amidst the bushes, also was topless and in lingerie.

A few meters from the lifeless body a patch of blood was found on the ground, while several pieces of her clothes were on one side of the body.

By the time the state authorities released a version of events, they have not provided any information on this finding. Local residents came to the place, but did not identify the clothes or the person lying dead on the ground.

The Office of Morelos took evidence and the body to determine the cause of death and the identity of the person, which will be difficult to identify as the face was battered and disfigured due to the severity of injuries.

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CUERNAVACA, in less than 12 hours there was a total of 10 murders,

English: View of Jardin Juarez in downtown Cue...

CUERNAVACA, Following the upsurge in violence in the state in less than 12 hours were a total of 10 murders, which is presumed involvement of criminal organizations, which bars attacked, kidnapped people and raided homes.

All killings occurred in the town of Cuernavaca, where the most important deployment called Operation Morelos, which operates since last May in the state, with no managed abate crime rates.

In the first case, two people were killed after being kidnapped in his own home, located in Colonia Rancho Tetela, to demand payment of 2 million, proceeds from the sale of the property in which they were killed.

Meanwhile, in the Lomas de Cortés a man was shot outside a grocery store, while another person was executed inside his room, located in the Colonia Ocotepec Wonders.

Near midnight, a command entered the bar “The Office 2″, located in the suburbs of Acapatzingo, the gunmen opened fire on the patrons, killing two people whose bodies were in the parking lot.

Around 4 am, simultaneously, it was reported a man running in the street Juan N. Alvarez Employee of the Colony, while outside a dance in the village of Ahuatepec two men were killed.

Immediately after, Colonia Villa de Santiago, a young man appeared on the street side of Poppies and next to his body there were more than 19 shell casings from a firearm.

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more than 40 people died in the country over the Week-end

MEXICO CITY, So far this weekend, more than 40 people died in the country victims of various acts of violence in several states of the Republic.


More than 44 people killed over the week-end in violence in resorts in Mexico

One of the towns hardest hit was the resort city of Acapulco, Guerrero, where at least 12 people have died in the last hours in different parts of the coast.

Local authorities reported that last night 10 men and two women were killed in several colonies on the periphery of the port.

A couple was killed  but so far the reasons are unknown and four men died in two other events also unclear.

Three other bodies that have not been identified, were found last night in a taxi, while this morning there was a shooting at a taco stand where two men and one woman died.

The local and federal authorities conducted a joint operation of security in tourist areas of Acapulco, while the municipal charge of the periphery that is where bands occasionally face of organized crime.

In the state of Coahuila, six people were killed in three separate events in the city of Torreon, reported the Attorney General of the State.

Four individuals died from wounds caused by firearms: one inside a home, two on the outside and another appeared lying on a nearby street.

In another development, the body of a woman appeared with a gunshot wound in the neck inside a home while in the third event in a cemetery was found beaten body of another man.

In the state of Morelos were found the bodies of two men inside a car with several gunshot wounds, according to the Attorney General’s Office said in a statement.

Furthermore, the capital of the northern state of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, yesterday afternoon a man and a woman died when they were shot after a chase, according to the State Investigation Agency (IEA).

These 22 people are added to the other 22 reported yesterday so this weekend now total at least 44 patients died from the violence being experienced by the country, which has already caused more than 50 000 deaths in the last six years.

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