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Cuernavaca- 11 policemen arrested for allowing traffickers escape

They were arrested for the escape of Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn”, leader of The Reds

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

11 policemen arrested for letting traffickers escape

Cuernavaca, Mor. – At least 11 judicial police and municipal police Cuernavaca were arrested by the escape of a suspected drug trafficker, identified as Antonio Román Miranda alias “La Mona”, who accompanied Rogelio Maldonado Crisóforo alias “The Horn” leader Reds Guerrero.

According to a statement released by the state attorney establishes a folder that was initiated research, at par, the General Inspectorate VG/SV/296/2012 one affidavit, prepared by the national control and internal discipline of the institution.

The constitutional arrest of 36 hours against five elements of the Ministerial Police, also must appear before the Inspector General, including his statement surrendered all investigation documents initiated by the prosecution SC01/13659/2012.

It was determined from these facts, that five policemen and six municipal police ministry officials have given their statement to determine responsibilities for evasion and drug lord lieutenant of The Reds, criminal group controlling the town of Temixco, Emiliano Zapata and Jiutepec.

In the statement, the Office of Morelos, “reiterates that investigations into the case continue to determine responsibilities, since not tolerate breach of the duties and obligations of public servants of this institution, much less protection links or crime members organized “.

On Monday, Rogelio Maldonado criminal group leader Reds in Guerrero and Morelos Cuernavaca was arrested after he was shot and wounded in the Colonia Flores Magon, while walking down the street Durango.

Yesterday, the government secretary Messeguer Jorge Guillén confirmed the start of a research folder, plus the search for alleged drug trafficker who managed to evade the authorities, due to collusion of municipal and ministerial policemen, who released him after his capture.

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10 arrested after shooting in Ocampo, Michoacan

three suspects and two civilians Killed

Among those captured are the commander and deputy director of the municipal police

Ten people, including the commander and deputy director of the Municipal Police of the municipality of Ocampo, Michoacan, were arrested following a shooting that occurred Sunday at the center of this city east of the state, which killed three suspects and two civilians passing by the injured place.

According to sources of the 21st Military Zone in the state, the detainees were held by the National Defense Secretariat, for their alleged involvement in the confrontation which occurred in the center of the municipality of Ocampo, between rival criminal gangs.

The meeting took place around 11:00 hours on Sunday in the main square of the town, where people traditionally do their shopping in the day, go home around noon and seek entertainment.

The suspects have already been transferred to the city of Morelia to be presented to the federal prosecutors, who will determine their legal status.

According to reports from the villagers, a group of armed men arrived aboard several vehicles chasing other subjects, who started a gunfight that lasted several minutes.

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Municipal Police Chief in Acuña, Rodolfo Castillo Montes, accused of Murder

The Attorney General of the State of Coahuila reported that police chief was lured to José Eduardo Moreira to where he was killed


Landeros Victor Sifuentes, aka the Iguana

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 8. – The deputy director of the Municipal Police operating in Acuña, Rodolfo Castillo Montes, was identified and accused by the Attorney General of Coahuila, as author of the murder of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, who was executed last October 3.

According to preliminary criminal inquiry A-5/1009/2012 of the state agency quoted, the police chief tricked the victim in the first place where criminals deprived him of his freedom and later ended his life.

Others involved in the kidnapping/Murder are Carrizales Victor Prieto and José Trinidad Landeros Sifuentes, Municipal Police officers Acuña.

The three soldiers are as entrenched under the aggravated murder with premeditation and treachery advantage.

State officials also seek Landeros Victor Sifuentes, aka the “Iguana”, supervisor at the Municipal Police border town.

The authorities involved in solving the case, references have three male persons are presumed perpetrators of the murder of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, indicates the State Attorney.

Of the three people have their sketches and meet the alias of “The Chagui”, “skinny” and “bald”.

The state agency is continuing the investigation of the existence of blankets messages alluding to criminal groups on the spot where he was gunned eldest son of former governor of Coahuila.

So far there is no evidence of any thereof.

The Office of Coahuila collaborative drawing office to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) participated in the ministerial declaration of Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, aka “The Squirrel”, alleged leader of the plaza east of the Zetas criminal organization.

The collaboration focuses on two events the mass escape from the prison of Piedras Negras, on September 17 and the killing of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez.

L The state agency highlights federal agency collaboration with the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), the Attorney General’s Office and the Federal Public Security Secretariat.

For any information about this case, the public has available phone 01 800 841 4110

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PUEBLA two accused of raping a child are Lynched

This happened in the town of San Martin Texmelucan, Puebla, where they were beaten with pipes and sticks

Fernando Perez Corona


PUEBLA two accused of raping a child are Lynched Mexican Style Justice

One is dead in a lynching committed by a family, against two men who allegedly raped a minor in the town of San Martin Texmelucan.

This happened in the El Arenal, where two pensioners of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) and operators of school transport unit, allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old on her way home.

Relatives of Cristian N did not report the incident to the authorities and took the law into their own hands this morning when the transport unit waited in private Albino Labastida, where beaten with pipes and sticks to the couple.

Elements of the Municipal Police and paramedics and 066 Red Cross arrived at the home, where they arrested five people, while a more managed to flee.

The injured were identified as: Marco Martinez and Ruben Diaz Caballero Guerrero, 55 and 54 years old respectively, were taken to a private hospital, where hours later, Ruben, San Cristóbal Tepatlaxco neighbor, lost his life while , his partner has severe head trauma and fractures to the face.

Detainees are Óscar Téllez Garrido, Mayra Duran Martinez, Vicente Tellez Diaz, Andres Garrido Rosa María Téllez Téllez and Sanchez, who were available to the prosecutor, also began searching for another person who managed to flee.

On this matter, the attorney general of Justice (PGJ), Victor Antonio Carrancá Bourget, said the Attorney General Metropolitan, through the Directorate of Public Prosecutions Agency Northern Metropolitan, relevant investigation has begun under the preliminary act 1956/2012 / SMT.

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Royal police attacked in Monterrey

Monterrey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the attack, it emerged that municipal public servants managed to repel aggression.

Monterrey, NL, in an attack by criminals, two officers of the Ministry of Security and Preventive Police of the Municipality of Monterrey (Police regia), were injured yesterday while traveling aboard his patrol streets of the colony Child Gunner in Monterrey .

Learned that the municipal police in Monterrey were shot by several offenders who were traveling aboard a vehicle who intercepted them when the soldiers descended from his unit who have left parked outside a warehouse.

After the attack, it emerged that municipal public servants amounted to repel the armed attack against it and immediately through the radio requested the support of his colleagues, who rushed to the area to support them.

The attack on municipal police officers occurred yesterday afternoon just after 19:10 pm at the intersection of Joseph Timothy Rosales and Peter Lascurain, in the colony aforesaid, in Monterrey.

The officers were assisted by Red Cross paramedics of the Monterrey metropolitan Green, who after providing the pre hospitalrios aid firsthand, the condujeos immediately to the local hospital for medical attention, although it transpired that the wounds had were not serious.

The site arrived elements of various corporations, including the State Investigation Agency to initiate appropriate investigations and obtain information related to the attack to help them identify and also try to stop the attackers.

Also staff of Expert Services of the Attorney General came to the site to carry out the collection of evidence, including the collection of shell casings from weapons used in the attack, came from rifles.

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Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead

One victim was a man who was handcuffed and naked, and driving a car was trying to escape

Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead
Shootout in Tijuana leaves five dead

TIJUANA, March 29. – The Attorney General of the state is investigating the deaths of five people including two security guards and one that was shot by municipal agents to repel aggression.

He said so far, four of the dead have been identified and that is all we would know. The person who was shot by officers, one man’s hands was bound and half-naked nevertheless he drove a car in which they tried to escape.

According to early investigations, the man tried to flee on board a vehicle that had previously been used to rob two security guards in that area, who were by a killed a high-powered weapon.

Earlier this man, who died with his hands tied and bound, would have killed two other people inside the house who were apparently kidnapped.

It is presumed that in his escape attempt, when confronted with the Municipal Police, he shot at them, so the officers returned fire killing the attacker. The deputy Ricardo Salas Bravo, Tijuana area, said the two people were found inside the home were identified as David Edgar Vargas and Javier Paredes Lopez Ortega.

The other two dead, whose bodies were found in the streets, went by the names of Luis Enrique González Cifuentes, 41, retired lieutenant, and Roberto Fernandez Uribe, 45, a former police officer.

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Discovered five bodies at the edge of Oaxaca, Veracruz

División distrital de Oaxaca

Image via Wikipedia

OAXACA, February 12. – This Sunday afternoon the bodies of four men and one woman were found on the edge of Oaxaca and Veracruz, reported the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

He said the bodies were located in the Las Pilas, in the vicinity of State Road leading from the farm population in the state of Veracruz, to San Miguel Soyaltepec in Oaxaca.

The PGJE report indicated that among the victims were identified less than 17 years of age, a municipal inspector trading Tierra Blanca and a former municipal police, also of the town.

After the autopsy and identification of victims, the agency made a tracing of missing persons reports in that jurisdiction, “where a missing child found in Tierra Blanca, Veracruz.”

He added that the boy’s mother identified his son as one of those executed, while the city inspector was identified by his brother.

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