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Man Murders three in Miami

Murdered women in Miami

Murdered women in Miami

A Miami man murdered his former girlfriend and her mother and then during his escape caused a violent car accident, which killed a third woman, after which he committed suicide.

 According to police reports, it all started in a domestic violence incident.  The man apparently shot dead Viviana Gallego, 51, and her daughter Anabel Benitez, 28.

After the accident the gunman, who was surrounded by police, committed suicide

After ending the life of the two women, the gunman took flight at full speed aboard a jeep chased by police.

Finally, after several kilometers of being chased, the alleged murderer’s vehicle violently crashed into another car where a third woman, who was thrown from the vehicle and died almost instantly, stated in the online edition of El Nuevo Herald The police helicopter was able to record images that you see how the terrain of the alleged perpetrator swiftly flowing along a highway, and just crashing at an intersection at the vehicle of the third died.

After the accident the gunman, was surrounded by police, committed suicide, according too local media reports.

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Teen murderer makes obscene gestures towards family of ones he killed

TJ Lane, 18, was wearing a T-shirt on Tuesday saying “Killer” and made obscene gestures and laughed sarcastically at trial against

Chardon, Ohio,  a teenager was sentenced to three life sentences without parole for opening fire last year in the cafeteria of a high school in Ohio, leaving three students dead and three wounded.

TJ Lane , 18, ​​was wearing a T-shirt on Tuesday saying ” Killer “and made ​​obscene gestures and laughed sarcastically. Last month he pleaded guilty to murder in February 2012 to students in high school Chardon , east of Cleveland. Investigators have said they admitted making the shots but said he did not know why he did it.

Before the case was submitted in an adult court last year, a judge of a juvenile court ruled that Lane was mentally competent to stand trial, despite evidence that he suffers from hallucinations, psychosis and fantasies.

Lane was defiant at sentencing, condescending laughing at the hearing, which discussed four relatives of the victims.

Lane calmly unbuttoned his shirt to show the blue shirt that said “murderer,” according to the prosecutor that was similar to the one she wore during the events.

At one point he turned in his chair where his family and those of the deceased. Then he uttered a single sentence.

“The hand that pulled the trigger that killed his children now masturbates in her memory,” he said, then curse and make obscene gestures to the families of the victims.

Parmertor Dina, mother of one victim, Daniel said that Lane was “a pathetic excuse for a human being” and wished him “a very slow and torturous death.” Parmertor said he suffers from nightmares and that his family has been greatly affected by the murders.

“From now on, it will only be a murderer,” said Parmertor, while Lane smiled. “I want to feel my anger towards him.”

Prosecutors say Lane brought a .22 caliber pistol and a knife to school and fired 10 rounds at a group of students in the cafeteria. Hewlin Parmertor and Demetrius Daniel, both 16, and Russell King Jr., 17, died in the attack.

Chardon Lane was waiting for a bus to go to an alternative school for students who do not do well in traditional schools.

Lane had pleaded guilty last month to three counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted aggravated murder and one count of felonious assault.

Lane faced a maximum sentence of life imprisonment without parole. They could not put to death because he was 17 at the time of the incident. Relatives of the murdered students had expressed that they wanted to condemn the death penalty.

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Carlos Arnulfo Flores Flores, alias “El Flaco arrested for murder

The Department of Defense announced that Carlos Arnulfo Flores Flores, alias “El Flaco”, and was ordered by Miguel Angel Trevino Morales in retaliation for the death of his nephew

Carlos Arnulfo Flores Flores, alias “El Flaco accused of murder

The Ministry of National Defense (Department of Defense) announced the arrest of Carlos Arnulfo Flores Flores, alias El Flaco or The Phantom, the alleged perpetrator of the murder of Jose Eduardo Moreira Rodriguez, occurred on 3 October in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila.

The federal agency said in a statement that the murder of the son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, was given by Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, alias The Z-40 , in retaliation for the death of his nephew.

He noted that it was learned that most of the members of the cell of Los Zetas in Acuña, Coahuila, left the scene and took refuge in various places like the city of Monclova, where it was located Flores Flores.

He added that this suspect was with three alleged members of the criminal group, who attacked the military with firearms, so Flores Flores was slightly injured.

Besides the accused, the following persons were arrested, Riojas Cesar Zapata, “the Nejo” Gumaro Jose Flores Esquivel, “Gumaro” Emmanuel Espinoza and Carlos Sifuentes, “Gordo”.

These suspects had four rifles, a short, two vehicles and various communications equipment, which were made available to the appropriate authorities.

He explained that last October 3rd , hours before the murder of the son of the former governor of Coahuila, there was a clash in the town of Piedras Negras with a group of gunmen and security forces of the entity where five suspected criminals were killed, including the nephew of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales.

Sedena also recalled that former Deputy Police operating in Acuña, was lied too by Moreira Rodriguez to Rodolfo Montes Castillo, who delivered three people nicknamed Skinny, Shaggy and Pelon, who allegedly murdered him and then left him for dead.

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CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!

Her naked body was left on the side of the road in the community of Tres Marias Huitzilac

Ruthless violence against women is taking place in this town and the police are mute about what they are doing to located and apprehend the murderers.

CUERNAVACA, 10 women killed this month!

A woman was killed and her body left on the side of the road from the community of Huitzilac with Tres Marias. So far the body has not been identified and her face was so battered from the beatings that she is unrecognisable. 

The month of October has been one of the most violent in the numbers of murdered women in Morelos. So far, 10 women have lost their lives in circumstances of violence, however, the local authorities have been stonewalling on gender alerts despite the trend of violence in its entity is against women.

The woman’s body was found about 7 AM in the morning, in one of the ditches that are on the shoulder of the country road, amidst the bushes, also was topless and in lingerie.

A few meters from the lifeless body a patch of blood was found on the ground, while several pieces of her clothes were on one side of the body.

By the time the state authorities released a version of events, they have not provided any information on this finding. Local residents came to the place, but did not identify the clothes or the person lying dead on the ground.

The Office of Morelos took evidence and the body to determine the cause of death and the identity of the person, which will be difficult to identify as the face was battered and disfigured due to the severity of injuries.

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Los Zetas, behind the death of Marisela Escobedo Social Activist

According to statements presented by evidence material, the murder was because his social activism was followed by the media

Coria Carlos Rivas / correspondent

Los Zetas, behind the death of Marisela Escobedo

CHIHUAHUA, The murder of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz Chihuahua, was ordered by criminal groups from Los Zetas and La line , armed organizations of two powerful drug cartels in Mexico, who wanted to silence their protests echoing in the media.

According to statements by murder material, the murder of Marisela Escobedo was because his social activism was followed very strongly by the media, to whom he revealed that the murderer of his daughter, Sergio Barraza, working for Los Zetas , which bothered this criminal group.

Chihuahua Gov. Cesar Duarte, released a day before the arrest of Jose Enrique Jimenez Zavala, aka The Wicked, who in 2010 had killed the social activist Marisela Escobedo Ortiz.

According to the DPP, the detainee confessed that among the multiple murders he committed in Chihuahua, is that of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, “which was perpetrated in commitment of an agreement between the criminal organization of The Line with the Zetas “.

The same activist Escobedo Ortiz made police investigations, and had heard that the murderer of his daughter was in the state of Zacatecas, therefore requested to state support of state police, which led to the hiding place Barraza but were repelled by gunfire and fled, to Chihuahua.

Human rights groups doubt the arrest

The Center for women’s human rights, questioned the guilt of the alleged perpetrator of Marisela Escobedo Ortiz, since the same Chihuahua State Prosecutor filed last year another alleged perpetrator of the same murder.

In a press release stated that “the arrest of the alleged perpetrator of the murder of human rights defender Marisela Escobedo is two perpetrators belonging to two different criminal organizations.”

The December 15, 2011 just three days before the first anniversary of the activist femnicidio, the Chihuahua State Attorney reported that Hector Miguel Flores Moran, aka Clown , belonging to the criminal organization known as the wrist band, was the perpetrator of the assassination of Marisela, according to “scientific evidence obtained as to point the prosecution alleged murderer was the sketch that drew family and found the murder weapon.”

The defense attorney for the rights of women, Luz Estela Castro, said “it is important to clarify how the prosecution has presented two alleged perpetrators on the same facts, as this creates confusion.”

He added that it is the responsibility of the Attorney transparent processes that allowed scientists to arrive at these conclusions, whether spontaneous statements of offenders.

“It is striking, the language used by the detainee and that is not for the common lexicon, because the expressions suggest induction or briefing in statements such as: deprive of life, did escape, take responsibility for my own actions , repentance for damages to third parties, terminology used in legal parlance “he added.

In response, it was requested for “total transparency in the investigation of the case and the answer to the questions of citizenship, why there are two different perpetrators of criminal gangs?

 Why were two murder weapons used? And who is the new suspect? “.

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John Lennons Assassin seeks parole for 7th time!


Yoko Ono delivers flowers to John Lennon's mem...

Yoko Ono delivers flowers to John Lennon’s memorial, Stawberry Fields, Central Park, NYC. Captured by Rocketboom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mark David Chapman asked to be released for the seventh time and will appear in court next week, U.S. media reported

Mark David Chapman Lennon murderer seeks his freedom

John Lennon’s murderer, Mark David Chapman seeking his release for the seventh time will appear before the judge next week, according to U.S. media today ahead.

Chapman is scheduled to appear this week before the Parole Board, which could make its decision on Thursday or Friday, the Prisons Department spokesman in New York, Linda Foglia said Saturday, and recorded by the Washington Post.

Chapman was sentenced to a term of twenty years to life imprisonment for the crime of second-degree murder for killing John Lennon on December 8, 1980 at the entrance of his residence in the Dakota building, across from Central Park in New York.

The British musician’s widow, Yoko Ono, on previous occasions expressed her opposition to Chapman’s release saying she fears for her own safety and that of her family if Lennon’s murderer is released.

The last time Chapman tried to gain his freedom in August 2010 but the Parole Board rejected his request a month later after re-reviewing the case.

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50 years later a murder is committed- No forgiveness!

The attack was due to a school prank, in which a coach a student put a jockstrap on his head in the locker room student

A joke in the locker room of a high school caused a murder to take place over half a century later, a prosecutor revealed on Friday.

50 years later a murder is committed- No forgiveness!

50 years later a murder is committed- No forgiveness!

Carl Ericsson, 73, a resident of Watertown, who last month pleaded guilty but mentally incompetent without aggravating murder, was sentenced Friday to life imprisonment.

Ericsson was accused of killing the teacher and retired track coach Norman Johnson of the Madison High School, on 31 January who was shot twice in the face when answering a call at his door.

Kenneth Meyer, Lake County State’s Attorney, said Ericsson revealed that the attack was due to the incident, in which Johnson made Ericsson a jockstrap on his head in the locker room student. Johnson was then a star high school athletic trainer and student Ericsson.

Beth Ribstein, daughter of Johnson, said her father cut him off from Ericsson for years and explains why so long he held the grudge.

Ericsson pleaded not guilty to murder with malice in February and requested a jury trial. But Meyer and defense attorney Scott Bratland announced May 1 that it had agreed to a settlement. The charge of treachery was punishable by death if so requested by the prosecution.

Ericsson told the judge Vince Foley, that he rang the door-bell at the home of Johnson and then asked his former colleague to verify his identity before shooting with a .45 caliber pistol.

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