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Drug traffickers and the Nickname Game!

When captured the Wormeater and The Rat, had five grenades and about a million dollars in cash. Garbage grabbed him trying to extort money from bus drivers, police, and The Sow was notorious for the way they killed their enemies. It is said that El Vago “scorched his victims and buried them in unmarked graves.


The SOW notorious for scorching his victims and buried them

The SOW notorious for scorching his victims and buried them

As the violence worsens in the war on drugs in Mexico, the nicknames of the mob bosses have become more somber, reflecting their impersonal and almost industrial attitude toward violence.

There are no nicknames like The King (Jesus Zambada Garcia), The Lord of Heaven (Amado Carrillo Fuentes) or The Boss of Bosses (Arturo Beltran Leyva), who are dead or prisoners. The mid-range hoods now have names like The Mataperros. That was the name of Baltazar Saucedo Estrada, the alleged leader of the cartel Los Zetas.

According to experts, the death or capture of drug lords has left lower-level thugs in charge of criminal business, leaning to most of the brutal acts and killings and dismemberments. Rather than killing the enemy for money or territory, many of today’s drug traffickers, especially Los Zetas, think that killing people is part of the company, which is necessary to impose its will on the population.

“What we’re seeing is a different nickname that reflects a different way in which criminals are identified and new forms of violence,” said Martin Barron, an expert in criminology from the National Institute of Penal Sciences of Mexico.

Mexico had already suffered enough of the drug violence from the government’s offensive against organized crime in 2006. The bloodshed has intensified and has become part of everyday life, especially with crimes that emphasize the number of dead. The latest atrocity occurred in May, when 49 bodies were dumped beside a road in northern Mexico without heads, arms and legs.

“We are seeing more and more brutal violence … in which the person is dehumanized,” said Barron. “It does not matter what you do or not do to another person.”

Saucedo Estrada (The Mateperros), allegedly ordered his followers set fire to a casino in Monterrey last year to punish the owners for refusing to pay extortion. 53 people died, and Saucedo Estrada was arrested in January. We do not know why he’s called like this: drug traffickers often branded as “dogs” enemies or police, and said to the young recruits are forced to dismember dogs and then practice it with humans.

Another mid-level boss of the Zetas, William de Jesus Solorzano Torres, aka (The wormeater), was allegedly in charge of the cartel’s finances. His nickname came from extreme training that criminals are subjected to, like the Guatemalan Kaibil commands, where the recruits have to eat insects to survive in the jungle.

The Sow (Manuel Fernandez Valencia) apparently was close to Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and his nickname is apparently due to the way “pig” that was killing his opponents. It was also known as The Animal.

The new style of nicknames reflects “a certain cynicism, as a joke,” said Pedro de la Cruz, a Professor of safety at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

“These nicknames reflect the fact that they are not taken seriously”, as did previous bosses, who were subject to codes of conduct and belonged to mafia type family clans, with rules of complicity and obedience, said Cross.

The more chilling are the nicknames that no one dares to utter or so dangerous they are, said Barron.

Mauricio Guizar, an alleged capo of the Zetas in southern Mexico, who was arrested in July, was the yellow, apparently for his complexion. But the Mexican navy says many are simply called “The Color” because it was forbidden to pronounce his name.

In regions such as Tamaulipas, which borders with the United States, no one even talks about the Zetas. Obliquely referred to the group calling it “The Letter” or “The Last Letter”.

“In some parts of Tamaulipas, if you buy a newspaper that is worth seven dollars and they charge you ten, they say ‘the other three weights are for’ The Company ‘. Not even mention the sign,” said Barron.

Of course, there are some criminals who use nicknames just weird.

In June he was captured in Chihuahua Jose Guadalupe Rivas, the alleged kingpin of the cartel Line, which dominated the cities of Juarez and Chihuahua. Rivas, who allegedly oversaw drug distribution and communications network that band, had the name of Frosted Flakes.

In May in Texas, were arrested several gunmen cartel La Familia, including one who called himself “The Muffler” (Gerardo Fernandez Covarrubias) and one with the nickname of Yogurt .

Juan Abelardo Hernandez, an expert on cultural issues at the Universidad Panamericana, said the character “The Joker” in Batman movies may inspire a new generation of traffickers eager to have an ironic nickname. In fact one of the suspects in the killing of seven people in Morelos in 2011, Cesar Galindo, called himself The Joker.

Hernandez said that today’s thugs, usually young twenties, possibly be using the names they used when they were kids in internet games, instead of something to indicate his rank or his work in the criminal organization.

The idea is not so farfetched, considering that the cartels have proven to be experts in the electronic media, putting videos of their crimes on blogs, social sites and video sites.

“It’s a different generation,” said Hernandez, “one that seeks alternate personalities, network images, characters, or avatars.”

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We’re Mexican, Join our struggle agaisnt crime!

We’re Mexican, Join our struggle agaisnt crime!

A group of citizens organized to provide a direct struggle against crime, but not with weapons but with the word

MEXICO CITY,, calls on citizens to face violence, but not with weapons but with words. Through pamphlets, Citizens are invited to print flyers with phrases: “If we are together there is no place for crime, We are the majority, That makes us stronger, if you do not know your neighbors, then you do not know where you live,” among others.

The way to do this propaganda must be limited, so indicate on their “We are anonymous because the nature and effectiveness of our actions so require.”

They are convinced that there are only two ways: “keep watching how Mexico is destroyed or do something to organize and fight it without violence but with determination, courage and efficiency, to retrieve our country from crime, impunity and corruption”.

To carry out its actions seek to end the apathy that exists among people, this is the main axis “summon as many people as possible to join this movement and on the other, organize Citizen Defense Committees.” has a master plan divided into three: “our Master Plan for the Recovery of Security consists of three phases. The first is the establishment of Citizen Defense Committees (CDC), the second in the recovery of public spaces, and the third in the implementation of comprehensive security methods that will ensure the restoration of a lasting security environment in our communities”.

And they claim that “the success of this plan depends on the level of commitment and organization of citizens, so it will be very important for the integration of the CDC is done scrupulously.”

Want to know more about this group of people seeking help Mexico out of this spiral of violence and corruption? Visit:

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El Chapo is accused of playing in Politics in Mexico!

el chapo es intelligente
el chapo es intelligente (Photo credit: detritus)

The pamphlets were one-page computer-printed and had not been signed, but rallied for the murder of an individual

A drug cartel, in an unusual fashion launched thousands of leaflets over the city of Culiacan from a plane to accuse the governor of Sinaloa of receiving orders from the chief drug trafficker Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, said on Wednesday.

Several groups of drug traffickers in Mexico have spread videos on YouTube and banners hanging from bridges to publicize their positions, while recently killing many people in ways to intimidate opponents or disseminate threatening messages.

However, if confirmed, the incident on Tuesday in Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa in northwestern Mexico, would be the first in recent history that drug traffickers throw leaflets from an airplane.

It could also represent an intensification of the war as the national and military scale to end the Sinaloa cartel and the group of Los Zetas, which characterizes extreme violence.

“I think those leaflets were thrown from a plane very early, surely they have information that by land it is difficult to do,” said the governor of Sinaloa, Mario López Valdez, who goes by the nickname “Malova”.

Although occasionally the drug cartels have distributed leaflets in some localities a few crude facts of photocopying texts, Raul Benitez, a security expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, said it was the first time he was aware that numerous pamphlets had been distributed, but much less than had been launched from the air.

“I do not remember that one poster has used a plane for that, but they have also distributed papers and making advertising,” said Benitez.

The suspect, who had been identified as a member of the Beltran Leyva cartel, was killed by another inmate in the last three days.

One of the flyers stated that the governor, by orders of El Chapo Guzman asked the Attorney General’s Office to send Javier Araujo Avilez to state prison to be tortured and killed.

In the text, , he urged people not to kill the author or authors attached that they cannot defend themselves, as does El Chapo.

The group said if it had not been for the help of Malova, Chapo would have stayed with his people.

The governor denied having ties with El Chapo Guzman. “I tell you he’s a character who does not even know who has communication with him and I have never received an order (the same),” Lopez said Valdez.

The wording of the text suggests that perhaps the Zetas wrote these leaflets, and have launched retaliatory attacks on strongholds of the Sinaloa cartel gunmen after the entry of this organization and the allies of the same territories of the Zetas in the states of Veracruz and Tamaulipas, the Gulf of Mexico.

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children from the city of Tijuana, during Army Day uninhibited play with a Gun!

MEXICO CITY, April 5. – The image of a group of children from the city of Tijuana, during the Army Day uninhibited play with a long gun as if it were a stick with which to try to break a piñata, it is chilling.

children from the city of Tijuana, during the Army Day uninhibited play with a long gun
children from the city of Tijuana, during the Army Day uninhibited play with a long gun

In the same room of Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City lie also pictures goat horns (AK 47), the weapon that has caused more deaths in the history of mankind, and the Barrett M82, an assault rifle used by the U.S. military in wars, capable of penetrating the armor stronger air and ground vehicles.

These raw images are part of the photo exhibition “A Farewell to Arms. Smuggling at the borders”, a narrative voices raised by claiming the traffic impact of U.S. arms to Latin America, and to hit the United States Congress Washington in August.

Sergio Aguayo, president of the Civic Alliance citizen and promoter of the show, told The Associated Press that the exhibition will come to the U.S. Congress supported by the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA, for its acronym in English) and Global Exchange, both instances of human rights defenders, in order to extend its work to raise awareness about the implications of arms trafficking is in Mexico.

“This exhibition is a long project of raising and training of a sector of Mexican society on the issue of arms trafficking, which is apparently the most superficial of the problem, but whose background is a culture of violence,” said Aguayo in a recent interview.

Comprising some 30 photographs, the exhibition features the work of photojournalists Mexican Guillermo Arias, Octavio Nava, Nicholas Tavira, Octavio Hoyos, Monica Gonzalez, David Jaramillo, Francisco Mata, Gustavo Duran, and includes works of Filipino artist Eduardo Olbes and video and images of the Spanish-French filmmaker Christian Poveda, murdered in El Salvador before the premiere of his documentary “La Vida Loca” in 2009.

The exhibition is the result of an effort by public and private institutions in Mexico and the National Council for Culture and the Arts, through the National Institute of Fine Arts, the Civic Alliance and the Museum of Memory and Tolerance. The latter protects the exhibition forum since last November until 15 April.

The activist said the initiative to bring “A Farewell to Arms. Smuggling at the borders” to Washington is one of the tasks that the Civic Alliance works with WOLA and Global Exchange.

“The exhibition is part of a larger project based on building a culture of peace,” said fellow professor. “The most important thing is to start working on a project that part of the point where we face a long war (the war on drugs) and although one of its key ingredients is the smuggling of arms, not alone” said.

According to a report in 2011 by the Regional Center of the United Nations for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, Latin America and the Caribbean there are 80 million guns, mostly from the United States.

The Mexican newspaper Milenio recently published until 2009, Mexican authorities had seized more than 35 000 weapons, including grenades long and more than 4 million cartridges.

Aguayo said that the issue of arms smuggling unifies much of the Mexican population and the Federal Government, saying it is urgent that the societies of both countries are aware of the origin of the drug war in Mexico that has left more of 50 000 deaths in the country, according to figures released by Mexican officials.

The researcher also said that in addition to the replica that will be the U.S. Congress, the exhibition will feature a traveling version to accompany the Caravan for Peace, headed by Javier Sicilia through the Movement for Peace, which formed the Mexican poet a year ago after the death of his son Juan Francisco hands of organized crime to require the administration of President Barack Obama to halt the illegal crossing of arms to Mexico.

The exhibition has already had a first edition arrived in March roaming the Faculty of Political Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is now looking to bring other cities.

Aguayo said that although the exhibition has a newsworthy, its aim is also to pay tribute to the photographers and recognize their work on the subject, so it was decided to open a national call to enroll their material.

AP Former collaborator Guillermo Arias, whose photograph titled “Body of an alleged drug dealer” is part of the sample and which in 2009 received an honorable mention in the World Press Photo, said he wanted to participate to help raise awareness society on the issue of victims of drug trafficking and organized crime.

“I firmly believe that as photojournalists, our duty is to support and we are working on these stories about the victims of drug trafficking and organized crime. Here (in the sample) there is no money involved, but really wanted to send a Post: while there is money, weapons, drugs, everyone loses, “said Arias.

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Children in Juarez, suffer from stress due to violence in the state

Regions of the brain affected by PTSD and stress.
Image via Wikipedia

CIUDAD JUAREZ, – A study of children aged between five and 12 years old attending the Children’s Hospital, showed that 80 percent suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder by violence.

The head of the Psychology Department at Children’s Hospital, Leila Ruiz Escalona, ​​said the study in question was carried out among children who were inpatients or outpatients attended the Children’s Hospital in the last year.

The problem is compounded because PTSD is not diagnosed properly and confused with anxiety disorders, with headaches, with stomach pains, behavioral problems and even simple tantrums, said the psychologist.

The root of the problem is post-traumatic stress generated by high levels of violence and if the patient is silent and says nothing, symptoms begin to occur, which in turn generate more problems until therapy is essential, he said.

All children perceive violence from the same household, relationship problems, family discord and abuse, as well as in the street are affected by incidents such as foreclosures, or serious traffic accidents, he said.

Escalona Ruiz, who led the study that found that eight of every 10 children suffer from PTSD, said most of the affected children were part of the crowds who watch the violent events in the street.

Post-traumatic stress can occur at any age and usually occurs after a natural disaster such as fire, flood, or events such as rape, imprisonment, or terrorist attacks, he added.

Last week, a researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Georgina Cardenas, said before the violent events recorded in this city, 27 percent of the population suffering from this disorder.

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Morlett Adriana Espinosa; skeletal remains identified!

Morlett Adriana Espinosa

Morlett Adriana Espinosa remains identified!

A team of forensic anthropologists from Argentina confirmed that skeletal remains found on December 19, 2010 in Tlalpan, south of Mexico City, correspond to Morlett Adriana Espinosa, disappeared on September 6 of that years, his family asked for punishment for those responsible.

“The unfortunate and violent circumstances in which were found a portion of her remains and the role of the authorities, we have to ask with more anger and indignation to clarify the facts,” he said in a statement dated in Acapulco, Guerrero, Tuesday November 29, 2011 and distributed by Twitter.

Espinosa Morlet family also asked the Attorney General‘s Office, Marisela Morales, it’s OFDI to continue the investigation into the facts until complete enlightenment.

Remember the months of tireless searching, despair and anguish that passed the family, friends and society in general, to find the whereabouts of the student of Architecture at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).

“For us, your family is difficult at present to overcome this loss, because it harbored the hope of recovering our daughter, but now launched a desperate cry for Adri demands justice,” the statement said.

Now, he adds, the company adds to the struggle to find the murderers “and require the authorities to punish the perpetrators of this horrendous and inexplicable murder, until justice is done to clarify the facts and punish the guilty” .

Also, the family asked the media to understand and respect their grief as well as open research lines, so it will be unable to grant interviews.

At the end of your press thank the solidarity received during these months and ask for a prayer “for the repose of Adri.” JGM

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