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three gangs – known as Air It Out, True Money Gang and Whoade on Facebook?

125th Street in East Harlem, NYC, between Park...

125th Street in East Harlem, NYC, between Park Avenue and Madison Avenue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Street gangs in the midst of turf battles may want to rethink their Facebook privacy settings. New York officials who announced the indictment of 63 members of three rival street gangs say messages posted to social media were critical as evidence.

The three gangs – known as Air It Out, True Money Gang and Whoade – began a tit-for-tat series of violent reprisals in New York’s East Harlem section following the 2009 shooting of three members of True Money Gang, which resulted in one fatality. Over the next three years, the three gangs were linked to at least 10 additional shootings and two additional homicides.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly credited the city’s monitoring of social media channels like Facebook in successfully launching the indictments of what are referred to as three of Manhattan’s most violent gangs.

Social media remains a double-edged sword in our crime-fighting strategies. It is used by crew members to brag about past crimes, taunt rivals and incite violence. On the other hand, we use social media to document past crimes and intercept new ones being talked about openly by crew members on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

According to the documents released by the NYPD and the District Attorney’s office, hundreds of Facebook and Twitter posts, text messages, cell phone videos and calls made from the Rikers Correctional Facility provided evidence of gang members plotting deadly assaults on their rivals.

Surprisingly, members of the gangs were fairly open in communicating with one another over open channels, coordinating firearms trafficking as well as warning one another of potential police action. And though gang members used code when communicating with one another, the language was simple enough for the NYPD to pick apart and decipher.

One gang member, for example, was arrested after using a phone while in prison and saying, “I went over there, you know, and played the flute twice,” meaning he had shot someone twice.

The indictment announcement itself shed light onto an otherwise insular world for these gang members, who codify essentially all of their illegal activities:

A gun is a ‘biscuit,’ ‘blamer,’ ‘clickety,’ ‘drum set,’ ‘flocka,’ ‘girlfriend,’ ‘grip,’ a ‘flamingo’ or a ‘sandwich.’

If a member posted needing “electricity for the 2 and 5 train” this meant he was out of ammunition for his .25-caliber pistol.

Cops are ‘boys.’ A shooting is ‘playing the flute,’ ‘popping a bottle’ or ‘dumping it on.’

And murdering someone is ‘rocking them to sleep early.’

The three street gangs operated in close proximity to one another, managing to turn  a ten-block radius of East Harlem into a veritable war zone. One gang member  managed to compare the turf war to exactly that via a Facebook post.

I’m 2 Glocks strapped, rolling down 112th Madison, 116th this is the New Iraq,” one gang member boasted on Facebook.

The indictments follow a three-and-a-half-year investigation by the New York District Attorney’s Violent Criminal Enterprises Unit, which recently dismantled another three Harlem gangs.

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middle-ranking UN official accused of sexual abuse

Dushyant Joshi worked on the computer to prepare and support emergency human resources department of the UN

Middle ranking UN Official arrested
Middle ranking UN Official arrested

A middle-ranking official of the UN was accused of sexual abuse nine months after a UN contractor filed a complaint against him was reported by the New York Police Department (NYPD) on Wednesday.

Dushyant Joshi, who worked on the computers in the human resources department  to prepare and support emergencies of the UN, was arrested Tuesday, said a police officer.

Joshi did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the fact.

He was charged with third-degree sexual abuse, police said. According to the New York criminal code the maximum penalty for third-degree sexual abuse is three months imprisonment.

Joshi’s arrest came nine months after a woman who worked as a UN contractor filed a complaint against them through the internal justice system of the entity and eight months after it said it had filed a complaint with the police.

In a copy of the complaint made to the UN, accused of kissing and touching Joshi to forcibly employed in a bar near the UN headquarters in Manhattan on June 3, 2011.

On 5 June, the secretary general of UN human resources, Catherine Pollard, said the woman, whose contract ended in December, through a letter that Joshi would be subject to disciplinary action.

Reuters obtained a copy of the letter of Pollard, who said that Joshi denied the allegations of sexual abuse.

The UN spokesman, Martin Nesirky said it could only talk about the UN investigation, not on any actions taken by the NYPD.

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Al Qaeda coming soon to New York , said the terrorist network

Repost from

The security forces are working to determine if it can be considered a credible threat to the city

EFE / Photo courtesy Daily News

Al Qaeda claims to return to New York soon


The computer crimes unit investigates the image that reads Al Qaeda coming soon again in New York  (Photo from Daily News)

NEW YORK, April 2. – The New York Police announced today that it is investigating a photograph placed on a website linked to Al Qaeda terrorist network to determine if a potential terrorist threat to the city.

The New York police spokesman Paul Browne said the computer crimes unit investigates the image, which reads “Al Qaeda back soon to New York” and that has circulated on various Internet forums in Arabic.

Browne, according to NBC, said they are trying to determine if the graph has been placed by a person or group.

In the picture, also played by some U.S. media as the New York Daily News or the website of the television, you see a photo of the Big Apple and that phrase, while a man and a boy walking down the street.

According to that environment, the FBI office in New York and the city police working together “to determine the origin and meaning of the graphic image that appeared Monday on several forums Arabs linked to al Qaeda,” the author of the terrorist network 2001 attacks on the Twin Towers that killed nearly 3 000 people.

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