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When the USA forgot about God, he sent a reminder!

A powerful winter storm system pounded the American heartland Wednesday and headed toward the Northeast, where people braced for the high winds and heavy snow that disrupted holiday travel, knocked out power to thousands of homes and were blamed in at least six deaths.

When USA forgot about God, he sent a reminder!

When USA forgot about God, he sent a reminder!

6 dead, several injured as winter storm system lashes US, heads east

1,000 flights were canceled or delayed, scores of motorists got stuck on icy roads or slid into drifts, and blizzard warnings were issued amid snowy gusts of 30 mph that blanketed roads and windshields, at times causing whiteout conditions.

“The way I’ve been describing it is as a low-end blizzard, but that’s sort of like saying a small Tyrannosaurus rex,” said John Kwiatkowski, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Two passengers in a car on a sleet-slickened Arkansas highway died when the vehicle crossed the center line and struck an sport utility vehicle.

In Oklahoma, the Highway Patrol said a 76-year-old woman died Tuesday when a truck crossed into oncoming traffic and hit the car she was in. The Highway Patrol earlier reported that a 28-year-old woman was killed in another crash.

The storm’s winds were also blamed Tuesday for toppling a tree onto a truck in Texas, killing the driver, and a tree onto a house in Louisiana, killing a man.

About 1,400 flights nationwide had been cancelled by near midday Wednesday, according to flight tracking site More cancelations were likely, with Washington, New York and Philadelphia expected to see the most problems.

The system, which spawned Gulf Coast region tornadoes on Christmas Day and a historic amount of snow in Arkansas, pushed through the Upper Ohio Valley and headed toward the Northeast. Forecasts called for 12 inches to 18 inches of snow inland from western New York to Maine starting late Wednesday and into Thursday and tapering off into a mix of rain and snow closer to the coast, where little accumulation was expected in such cities as New York and Boston.

Thirty-four tornadoes were reported in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama during Tuesday’s outbreak, the National Weather Service said. The storms left more than 100,000 in the region without power for a while, darkening Christmas celebrations.

Camera footage captured the approach of the large funnel cloud in Mobile, Alabama, the biggest city hit by numerous twisters.

A large section of the roof on the city’s Trinity Episcopal Church was missing, said Scott Rye, a senior warden at the church.

On Christmas Eve, the church with about 500 members was crowded for services.

“Thank God this didn’t happen last night,” Rye said.

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FEMA auctions off Emergency trailers before Sandy strikes!

Some-one should demand and answer from the “President”, “WHY did you let this happen, where was your fore site?”

Map of New York highlighting Schoharie County

Map of New York highlighting Schoharie County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

FEMA may have been offering assistance in the days before Sandy, but at a price. Those trailers, the General Services Administration notes, were purchased by the government for around $25,000 a piece, only to be auctioned off at as low as one-fifth of that.

“I don’t know what was the driving force behind auctioning off or selling these units at a significantly reduced rate.But I can tell you temporary housing is going to be a critical issue in New Jersey and New York as they try to recover,” Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Robert Latham tells the Examiner.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect they would be selling them,” Schoharie County, NY Sheriff Tony Desmond adds to the outlet. “If they were serviceable, they might be taken to the next site of a disaster where they would need housing,” Desmond said. “But they were selling them.”

In the immediate aftermath of Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg hailed US President Barack Obama for a job well done in getting aid to the region with the help of FEMA. On his part, the president called the response “aggressive and strong and fast and robust.”

The millions of residents that have been without power, some for as long as two weeks after the storm struck, have critiqued that praise, though. As recently as this week, more than 50,000 customers of the New York State-owned Long Island Power Authority were without electricity, and the company’s chief operating officer said some clients could be left out in the dark — literally — for quite a while until LIPA could get everything up and running, a process complicated by the feds’ lack of assistance in clearing downed trees and providing assistance for citizens trapped from Sandy.

When FEMA first dispatched workers to the New York region to provide aid, emergency centers set up for the sole purpose of hazard recovery closed its doors to victims citing bad weather as a reason for not being able to stay open.

“Really? You’re telling Staten Island people that sorry, we’re closed due to the weather?” Staten Island resident MaryAnne Alessio told Neil Cavuto. “These are people walking the streets that don’t have no homes, no electricity, no life, no place to go. They’re put out of their houses. And then they go to the FEMA center and they’re closed due to the weather. I think it’s a disgrace

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Nor’easter hits! Mother Nature is not cutting us a break!

Mother Nature is not happy with the Presidential Results America!

Much of the US is still in recovery barely a week after Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc up and down the East Coast, but things might not be going back to normal anytime soon: a powerful nor’easter is scheduled to strike that same region on Wednesday.

Only nine days after power lines, roads, businesses and houses were hit hard from North Carolina through New England thanks to Sandy, a nor’easter storm is expected to move through New York and New Jersey and once again bring high winds, heavy rain and serious flooding to the region, perhaps even with a bit of snow in some parts of the country.

Meteorologists say Winter Storm Athena will hit parts of the Atlantic Coast starting Wednesday afternoon and will continue through Thursday morning, targeting specifically the greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, with both Boston and New York expected to be impacted to a degree as well. According to weather expert Tom Niziol, meteorologist Tom Moore and the Weather Channel’s Global Forecast Center scientists, up to six inches of snowfall combined with winds gusting over 35 mph at times can be expected in parts of the country that saw substantial damage during last week’s storm.

By Wednesday morning, more than half-a-million people in the Northeast were still powerless because of Sandy’s job on the electrical grid and infrastructure days earlier. Even if Athena isn’t expected to be as strong as her predecessor, the colossal damage caused only days earlier will make much of the area an easy target, even if the second storm is comparably weaker.

In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered the NY Police Department to advise residents in some trouble areas to be prepared to relocate if the storm picks up.

“Even though it’s not anywhere near as strong as Sandy — nor strong enough, in normal times, for us to evacuate anybody — out of precaution and because of the changing physical circumstances, we are going to go to some small areas and ask those people to go to higher ground,” the mayor said Tuesday.

New York was still being described as disastrous a week after Sandy struck the Big Apple and cut power for a good chunk of the country. The storm also resulted in more than 100 deaths and, by some estimates, upwards of $50 billion in damages. In the Rockaways section of the Queens borough, Mayor Bloomberg asked 600 people residing in four health center to be evacuated because the region simply cannot experience anything like what happened a week earlier.

“These four facilities are in the most heavily-impacted area of the Rockaways and have been successfully operating on generator power. A Nor’easter storm surge could compromise their generators, putting elderly residents at risk,” he said. According to CBS News, none of those facilities were evacuated for Sandy.

In preparation for Athena, Mayor Bloomberg announced that all New York parks would be closed for 24 hours beginning on noon Wednesday.

“We could have some snow on the ground and certainly some snow on the trees. That makes trees who already have their base flooded more likely to fall over, and that’s something that we’re really going to worry about,” he said, according to the network.

Linda Gilmore, a spokesperson for Atlantic County in southern New Jersey, tells the Associated Press that the last thing the region needs right now is a nor’easter.

“We have almost everyone who possibly can be reconnected back on. The idea we could now be facing power outages again does not come at a good time,” she says.

Speaking on behalf of The Weather Channel, expert storm watcher Tom Niziol tells NBC News of Athena that “It’s not a massive nor’easter by winter standards, but at this time of year immediately after Sandy’s wrath and destruction, this isn’t what we want,”

“Mother Nature is not cutting us a break along the East Coast,” he said.

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Obama can cheat the people but not God!

The view of Hurricane Sandy’s damage in New Jersey, on October 31, 2012. (AFP Photo / Doug Mills)

Obama can lie and cheat his way to being the President of the USA, but he will pay the price when he answers to God !

While persisting gas shortages have kept New York and New Jersey running on empty, another coastal storm is approaching, threatening to set back the already-devastated regions when it strikes on Wednesday.

Hurricane Sandy left more than 100 dead, caused $20 billion in damages, and left more than 8.5 million people without power at its peak. With many gas stations out of power or unable to transport fuel to their stations, the few that were in service hosted lines of people that sometimes stretched for miles and took hours to get through.

“We’re a gallon away from turning into a Third World country,” New York employee Scott Sire told the Associated Press. State officials in the hurricane-affected areas, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo, have promised that the gas shortage would soon be resolved. But many are skeptical. Charles Johnson, 67, told the Huffington Post that city officials have been making false promises. The man has so far been unable to fill his tank with the gas he needs to drive and rescue his brother from one of the hardest-hit areas.

“They said don’t worry, tankers are coming,” he said. “I want to believe these jerks who say on TV the gas is on the way.”

NY Sen. Charles Schumer on Thursday promised that the gas shortfall would be eased “in a day or two.” But even as the New York subway reopened, the shortage has not ceased. Lines continued to snake for half a mile from the few gas stations that were open.

While the transportation problem persists, another looming threat is approaching from the coast.

The National Weather Service has predicted that another storm could hit the Northeast on Wednesday and Thursday, causing additional power outages in regions that may get snow. Along the coast, the storm may be accompanied by strong winds, heavy rain, flooding, and temperature drops. A five ft storm surge could hit western Long Island.

Buildings and trees that have already been damaged and weakened by Hurricane Sandy could be further devastated by the second storm.

Weather forecasters are most concerned about the storm hitting areas where sand dunes are now gone, thereby causing flooding in regions that are already suffering.

As temperatures drop and snow falls in Pennsylvania and the Catskills, the 157,000 Con Edison costumers who are still without power would face even harsher conditions. And without gas to drive to safer ground, Hurricane Sandy victims may be forced to stick it out a second time.

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NYC Policer officer arrested on kidnap, rape and torture women charges

NEW YORK, – A police officer from the city of New York was arrested after he made plans to kidnap, rape and torture women, with the intention of cooking later and eating parts of their bodies, reported Thursday authorities.


Gilberto Valle sent emails to an accomplice to discuss plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat many women

Gilberto Valle was arrested Wednesday by the ghoulish case, and was available to the FBI, as well as being suspended from the Police Department of New York. He is expected to appear in federal court in Manhattan onThursday.

According to a criminal complaint, the FBI intercepted emails from Valley to unidentified accomplice, to “discuss plans to kidnap, rape, torture, kill, cook and eat to many women.” The messages indicate that Valle had met at a luncheon to a potential victim, but there was no information that any women have suffered damages in the case.

“The allegations in this complaint does not actually need any description from us,” said Mary E. Galligan, acting director of the FBI office in New York. “They speak for themselves. Would be an understatement to say that we are just shocked by the words and actions of Valle”.

Not yet know the attorney’s name Valle.

The complaint further states that in July, with a message, Valle and the other person spoke of kidnapping a woman and eat her flesh.

“I thought of tying her body to some type of appliance, cooking it over low heat and keep her alive as long as possible,” he wrote Valle.

The documents show that Valle negotiated in February the kidnapping of another woman for someone else. “Give me $ 5,000 and she’s all yours,” he said.

“I really wanted to knock her out, tying her hands and bare feet, and gagging her. Then, I brought a large suitcase and take my truck,” added the posts quoted.

Patrolman Police Department of New York, 28 resides in the borough of Queens. He had been assigned to a district of Manhattan, before it was suspended on Wednesday.

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Forbes says; “only evaluate their fortunes and let justice take care of the rest”

El Chapo continue in Forbes, defended the magazine editor

Ensures that the characters that includes “only evaluate their fortunes and let justice take care of the rest”

One of the richest men in the world!

MORELIA, Forbes magazine will continue to include in its list of billionaires drug trafficker Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, because “only evaluate their fortunes and let justice take care of the rest,” explained the director of the publishing world Miguel Forbes.

During the presentation of the magazine Forbes Mexico, the executive argued that the inclusion of drug traffickers in the billionaires list is not new, for in 1998 the Colombian Pablo Escobar Gaviria was also considered in their rankings.

Asked whether the magazine will include more drug dealers on their list, Forbes said they are constantly being reviewed to assess the inclusion of new members.

“We do this not only with drug traffickers, but with all the characters that we measured,” he said.

He reported on the methodology used to estimate the richness of the characters, and stated that they do based on public information and experience they gained from their own sources.

Forbes Mexico

With an investment of $ 4 million, the magazine in Mexico announced the launch of its third edition in Latin America, which goes into circulation from 15 November.

The Mexican edition of global publication specializing in business and finance will have an initial distribution of 45,000 copies nationwide and its contents will be composed by 70 percent with national data and the rest for international items.

Miguel Forbes Mexico stressed that the issue is part of the solid expansion strategy in Latin America group, and came after a circulation editions of Argentina and Brazil.

For Mariano Melendez, president of Forbes Mexico, this release is a vote of confidence in the Mexican economy; hoped that this magazine is the resource for decision-makers in the country.

He noted that part of the editorial board president of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), Luis Tellez, and Fernando Lerdo de Tejada, among others.

Forbes has over 40 million readers in 10 languages ​​and more than one hundred countries and is expected to go into service soon editions of Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

The magazine, based in New York, was founded nearly a century and is known for its popular lists of the richest men in the world, currently headed by Carlos Slim, with a fortune worth 69 billion dollars , followed by the Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

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American Banks being Investigated for Money Laundering

American Banks being Investigated for Money Laundering

The New York Times reveals that financial institutions have allowed transactions of terrorists and drug traffickers

NEW YORK, – Federal and state authorities are investigating U.S. banks failed in their rules against money laundering, which would have allowed transactions of terrorists and drug traffickers, today unveiled The New York Times.

The move could be “more aggressive campaign against money laundering in decades, with the intention of sending a signal to the nation’s largest banks that weak enforcement of the law is unacceptable,” the newspaper said Saturday in his electronic version.

Officials who expressed an opinion on the condition not to be named said that, under the leadership of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency in New York, the government is to take action against the bank JP Morgan Chase.

Authorities are investigating further into Bank of America.

JP Morgan is under fire from the authorities because he was charged last year to transfer money to Cuba and Iran in violation of U.S. sanctions against these countries.

The money laundering investigations are multiplying because, according to experts, the authorities have already solved many of the problems with the banking system arising from the recession that began in 2008.

Until now, investigations have focused on European banks.

Furthermore, investigations may force lawmakers’ to have concerns that illicit money is part of the U.S. financial system.

Experts suggest, however, that violations of the anti-laundering mechanisms money are largely unintentional errors and often have no consequence because they are exploited by criminals.

Just last July, the Senate HSBC accused of exposing the U.S. financial system to transactions carried out by terrorists and drug traffickers.

Also, according to documents filed in court in Texas, the Mexican drug cartel Los Zetas operated two accounts at Bank of America that allowed them to launder money from the sale of cocaine in the U.S. and investing in horse racing.

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