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Nicaragua rules out the presence of the Zetas in the country

Nicaragua rules out the presence of the Zetas in the country

The National Police spokesman denies that the drug cartel attempts or has attempted to settle in the country

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MANAGUA, March 10. – Nicaragua denied that the drug cartel “Los Zetas” try or have tried to settle in the country, although the threat is always latent in the opening of narcotics trafficking routes, it was reported here today.

In remarks published Saturday in El Nuevo Diario, the head of public relations for the National Police (PN), Commissioner Fernando Borge said “we have not learned that a structure of ‘Los Zetas’, organized crime, is trying or attempted to settle in our territory.”

“We have said that there is always the threat and (cartels) will be trying to settle,” said Borge.

Police have dismantled 63 drug traffickers operating cells in 255 operations over the past five years.

During this period, were arrested more than 21 thousand 800 people including 435 foreigners, and seized more than $ 27 million in cash, foreign and domestic currency.

Borge warned that the PN is “always working to prevent” drug gangs create social bases in Nicaragua.

According to press reports, a group of 21 farmers in northern Nicaragua was allegedly recruited by this group of drug trafficking and would have forced, under threat, working with a band of international organized crime.

Borge said the peasants were deceived because “we are confident that if these people had told them that they would work for a criminal organization, they would have said no.”

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