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Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan over the weekend!


Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan .- In the course of Monday, January 9, three children decided to take their own life in Michoacan, two of them choosing to hang himself and the third by swallowing pills and cure corn herbicides.

To tell the parents of the two first cases, who were unaware of the causes for young people to choose suicide, however in the case of Maria Isabel Rocha Lopez, 14 years old, the parents said that lately the child had had several discussions with the parents, so it was possible that it was the cause of his decision.

Juan Carlos Sanchez Garcia, 14, who lived on Fourth Street Apple, the Tenure Francisco Serrato, in the municipality of Zitacuaro, took his own life without any apparent reason,

Said his parents to the investigating authorities, the boy was found with a yellow rope tied around his neck while hanging from a wooden beam roof of her home, her parents said the representative of society who for days had been seriously, but when asked why he had not answered.

Yepez Maria del Rosario Gonzalez, also 14 years decided to take his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to a beam at their ranch house on September 1, in the municipality of Parácuaro, at which time took her desperate family to receive medical care, but doctors were only confirmed his death.

 Maria Isabel Rocha Lopez, age 14, died at Civil Hospital Doctor Miguel Silva, of this city, as a result of poisoning by ingesting pills to cure corn herbicides.

 According to her parents, she took the chemical while at his home in the town of Caracuaro, in the municipality of the same name, where she was taken to hospital where finally perished.

Interviewed by the representative of society, parents Mary Elizabeth said they had recently had several discussions with her ​​rebellious behavior, and she came to her house late at night, without telling them where she had gone, so they think that might influence the child is suicide.

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