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21 bags located in Jalisco containing human remains

21 bags found containing human body parts

21 bags found containing human body parts

The discovery happened on Saturday afternoon, at the eight kilometer road marker to San Gabriel Sayula. Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains

MEXICO CITY, Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains. The discovery happened this afternoon, gave the eight kilometer road Sayula-San Gabriel, Jalisco

At first it was thought that the remains corresponded to several people, but after investigating the contents of the 21 bags it was concluded that they belonged to a single individual.

The Forensic Medical Service personnel took charge and opened the bags and confirmed that it was the body parts of a single male person.

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Seven people killed in Guerrero

ACAPULCO, The Attorney General of Guerrero is investigating the murder of seven people that happened in the bar of the Hotel Las Vegas, in Ciudad Altamirano, region of Tierra Caliente.

Seven People killed in mass shooting rampage

Seven People killed in mass shooting rampage

The ministry said that among those killed were three elements of the federal police and four civilians, while two other officers were wounded in the attack.

According to the preliminary MIN/SC/03/114/2013, civilians are victimized Ángel Martínez Castillo, Enrique Palacios Duenas, Jesus Alejandro Mariano Galarza Juanche and Anuar Santamaría.

Meanwhile, the federal agents are Ludwin Lopez Casanova, Hector Jose Escribano Escribano and Benito White Velázquez, who were stationed in Coyuca de Catalan.

According to preliminary investigations, a group of gunmen arrived and started setting a shoot straight to the bar where the officers were.

The office was informed of the facts by the Preventive Police , so ministerial elements moved to the place with the aim of carrying out inquiries and found caps for 7.62X3 caliber and AK-47.

Meanwhile in the Clinic of the Americas, located in Ciudad Altamirano two elements of the Federal Police, and Samuel Nieto Moscosa Alcantara Fernando Aparicio, who were wounded by gunfire in the attack are being attended to.

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At least 11 people, were wounded by firearms this morning in the U.S. capital

WASHINGTON, At least 11 people, including some children, were wounded by firearms this morning in the U.S. capital by attackers who were traveling in two vehicles, police said.

The Chief of Police of the District of Columbia said the incident occurred around 2:45 pm local time in a slum known as Tyler House, in the northeast of the capital.

This Obama's Washington D.C. His gun control!

This Obama’s Washington D.C. His gun control!

washubThe youngest of the wounded is 17 years old. Another was shot in the back and taken to a local hospital, but his injuries were not considered life threatening. Most were shot in the legs and arms by attackers.

This is an area that has been the scene of frequent shootings weekend night.

Although the crime rate declined in the past decade to its lowest level in 20 years, the city maintains a level of nearly 22 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, according to official figures, 2010.

The rape rate is 30.6 per 100, 000 citizens, 650 robbery and aggravated assault of 538 per 100 thousand inhabitants. In 2010 there were four thousand 510 crimes against property.

So far there have been no arrests in connection with this it is the most recent shooting.

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Monterrey 137 people killed this year todate!

A group of armed men this afternoon shot and killed five men in two separate attacks in the colony Garza Nieto, west of the city, police sources said.

Monterrey, Mexico 137 people killed so far this year 2013
Monterrey, Mexico 137 people killed so far this year 2013

According to the preliminary report of the authorities, the first case was recorded around 18:00 hours, in which four people were deprived of their lives and another was injured.

The attack was perpetrated at the intersection of November 20 and Juan de Cevallos, arriving there the gunmen in a pickup truck and a taxi to mow down his victims.

Moments after the gunmen fled the scene and went to a garage, located in Lima and Comonfort streets, in the same colony, killing another person.

So far unknown identities now deceased, however it is assumed that one of them was a former police officer, and others engaged in drug sales in the area.

Troops of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) went to those sites and collect the first evidence for the investigations continue.

Besides the Forensic Medical Service personnel arrived to collect the bodies, which showed multiple gunshot wounds, and move to the amphitheater of the University Hospital and the autopsy law.

According to figures from the Attorney General of Texas, in the course of the year, a total of 137 people have died in organized crime-related.


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Captured a serial rapist in the act, aboard a White Van

Javier Mendoza Davila was arrested after sexually abusing a 20 year old woman, who was tied hand and foot

Van used in serial rape
Van used in serial rape

The capital police arrested Javier Mendoza Davila 29-year-old, who is reportedly identified as a dangerous serial rapist, who was arrested by policemen belonging to the UPC Chuchilla modern farms in the colony, Gustavo A. Madero.

According to police reports, Mendoza Davila was arrested after assaulting physically and sexually to a girl on the street, police in Mexico City, these facts originated when the crew of the patrol P07-35 performing his harmonica surveillance by 171 East Street referred colony, then heard the cries for help of a woman, which came from the back of a Ford Ecoline white type license plates 431-XMV.

Preventive agents surprised the occupants of the vehicle and asked them down, when you open a door the officers observed a woman who was half-naked and tied hand and foot, while the guy who opened the door tried to run for escape from the military, no clutch, was captured.

Once safely, the victim of 20 years, said being a girl on the street and explained that her assailant walked up to the vehicle to force subsequently hit and outrage her inside the van.

The police also found inside the vehicle woman’s’ clothes, probably from other victims.

Mendoza Davila was submitted to the Territorial Coordination Public Safety and Law Enforcement GAM-3, specializing in sexual offenses, which confirmed that this man has been involved in several sexual assaults in the area. The suspected serial has the same modus operandi denounced by other victims

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67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua,

Cops uncover psychopaths and Narcos in Chihuahua

The 67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua, infiltrated by organized crime, mainly drug cartels

67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua, infiltrated by Drug Cartels
67 municipal corporations are in deep crisis Chihuahua, infiltrated by Drug Cartels

CHIHUAHUA, – and in some cases psychopaths have been un-covered, as police in Ciudad Juarez, accuse the State Commission of Human Rights (ECHRCH).

In most cases, the main problem is corruption, because it believes that it has been infiltrated by the cartels and, and in some cases, criminal gangs are naming the director of the police and preventive agents.

In other cases, such as Juarez and the state capital, they have created groups that dominate domestic corporations, where they work real psychopaths, who have come to torture and even kill innocent people to death, accused of being hit men.

They call themselves fraternities and meet weekly to share the profits illegally obtained by extortion, bribes, robberies and kidnappings, where leverage to organize and plan criminal acts to be perpetrated in his spare time.

For the ECHR, the case is very serious and critical, because in all municipal companies/corporations are vices that must be addressed immediately.

José Luis Armendáriz González, President of the Commission, explains what, from their point of view, is the root of the problem.

“Why not set-up legislation on electoral matters and eliminate individual contributions to campaigns, especially in small municipalities, where the situation will not change.”

The figures speak for themselves. From the first of January to November 28, 2012 came to this Commission thousand 233 complaints against 67 corporations equal number of municipalities.

The one with the most complaints and the most serious cases of police officers, who have killed innocent citizens to death, is Ciudad Juarez, with 262 cases.

We follow the state capital, with 87 complaints; Cuauhtémoc, with nine; Delicias, with six and striking Parral, much smaller population, but with ten complaints in total.

So, this year in the capital stopped two officers recently graduated from the academy, which settled fake checkpoints and assaulted citizens.

Of the 87 complaints to the ECHR, mostly are for abuse of office, theft, threats, torture and injuries.

Jose Luis Armendariz, ombudsman state, recalls a fact that he lived: in 2007, entering as Mayor Carlos Borruel, during the first month of his tenure there was not a complaint of police abuse, but then returned to normal. “What happened?, Is that the cops were measuring whether there would be a radical change in the new administration, but when he did not change anything, the officers continued with their illegal activities.

A hero murdered

A case in point, although not the only one, is given in Ciudad Juarez, when a man, Ismael Chavira Fierro, 26, saved a woman and her son in a shooting in the downtown area.

It was detailed in the record that Ishmael GR-132/2011 washing a car in the street when there was a chase and shootout between two gangs, a collision, a death and the gunmen fled on foot.

Ismael runs to safety, but he meets a woman and a child he tells the woman to run for help with the child in her arms to get them to safety in a neighbor’s house.

However, local police, thinking it was one of the gunmen, blows him out of the house until he was unconscious, and put him in the patrol.

The Human Rights complaint was laid by the mother of Ishmael, who learned because “I realized through local news that my son was presented to the prosecution and alleged hit man, which flatly refuse, because my son is oblivious to these facts and make it look like it belongs to the group of three gunmen also arrested.

“I could see that he was extremely beaten on his face and body, because he could not stand up,” he said in the document that gave rise to recommendation 11/22 of the 262 there against police municipal city.

Ismael’s story climaxed when submitted by the municipal police, displayed as a hit man and savagely beaten.

A few days later he was released for lack of evidence, but a month later he died from the savage beating.

In documents of the ECHR, with pages 202-252, 2012, can be read complaints against municipal police injury, illegal detention, torture, threats, sexual harassment, forced disappearance, murder, burglary, theft and so on.

The Commission found that, in the case of Ciudad Juarez, the facts are systematic and outlines cases of psychopaths in Preventive Corporation.

“Chiefs impose controls”

In the 21 municipalities of the Sierra Tarahumara and other rural area, corporations are also controlled by drug cartels, state Human Rights reported.

For the Ombudsman, José Luis Armendariz, accuses it is very common that local warlords and drug traffickers to finance the campaigns of candidates for mayor, because in the end they ask in return that the police chief is appointed by them.

In refusing the mayor, criminals kill the first commander appointed without his consent, until such time as his.

Guachochi recently, considered the capital of the Tarahumara, revealed a video where police fired on a civilian city and, in droves, beat him.

Among the agents are civilians armed with AK-47.

For people in the rural and mountainous area, this is a common thing, because “the police can do what they please,” as comments posted to this video posted online.

What certification?

The National System of Public Security revealed that Chihuahua is one of the most backward states in the certification of the police forces.

For the president of the Human Rights Commission is urgent that the government of César Duarte work urgently the situation, it is critical, in Ciudad Juarez, for example, the ECHR receives almost daily complaint against the municipal police. Throughout the added entity thousand 233 complaints against officers.

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South African police massacred a group of striking miners

Lack of training in handling demonstrations, led these policemen to assault the miners with deadly force

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A demonstration of miners was dissolved in a very violent, in the video, just over a minute, is observed as the cops approached with guns in their hands and vehicles apparently launched water.

But at a time, workers race against the police and the officers shot them with impunity!

The international community issued a strong condemnation of this crime.

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