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half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo confiscated

Police say trailer carrying a hidden compartment of 177 packages were extracted in the state of Hidalgo

half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo located in trailer truck

half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo located in trailer truck

Elements of the Federal Police seized a trailer having a hidden compartment with more than half ton of marijuana in the state of Hidalgo.

After stopping a Truck attached to a double trailer, which circulated on the kilometer 24 +500 of Highway 45 MexicoCiudad Juarez, federal police detected in the area designated for the load inside measurements did not match those from outside the unit.

Therefore, a thorough inspection was made into the box, where boards were located with silicone covering a hidden compartment, the drivers name was Jesus Tellez David Barron, 42 and the truck was taken to the facilities of the Attorney General’s Office in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

There in the presence of Ministerial Agent 177 packages were found containing green grass with the characteristics of marijuana, which yielded a total weight of 1,589 lbs .

Therefore, the drugs, vehicle and Barron Téllez was who were read the “Charter of the Rights of Persons Assisting in Detention”, were made available to the Public Prosecutor of the Federation, which hosts the investigations.

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Los Zetas lose another leader in Cardel!

Jesus Ramirez Daniel Vargas, the alleged leader of Los Zetas in the city of Cardel died after a confrontation with law enforcement

Los Zetas in confrontation with the military

Los Zetas in confrontation with the military

VERACRUZ, In a clash between the operating elements and Veracruz sure Jesus died suspects Daniel Ramirez Vargas, the alleged leader of the Zetas criminal group in the city of Cardel, belonging to the municipality of La Antigua.

According to a state government release, the incident occurred shortly after noon during a ground survey on the road Cardel-Tamarindo, where “security forces were attacked by criminals, who fled on the roads”.

“He immediately launched a ground and air operation and achieved witthe location of Vargas Ramirez, who confronted the police and was killed,” he said.

He said that after the confrontation seized several weapons and three vehicles, which were made available to the competent authority.

While elements of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) rushed to the scene to conduct an investigation, of the victim and other proceedings as prescribed by law, and so documented.

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La Familia Cartel gang members accused in the U.S. of drug trafficking

Members of La Familia cartel accused in the U.S. for drug trafficking

More than two dozen people were indicted for sending methamphetamine from Mexico to southern California

La Familia cartel is charged with drug trafficking in the USA

More than two dozen people were indicted for being part of an organization that shipped methamphetamine from Mexico to Southern California, authorities said Thursday.

Sixteen of the 27 people facing conspiracy charges related to drugs were arrested Thursday as part of an investigation that began 16 months ago. In case of being convicted, face a minimum sentence of ten years in prison, while those who are charged with other drug-related charges could receive up to life imprisonment.

The organization involving members of La Familia cartel, which operates primarily in the Mexican state of Michoacán, and members of two criminal organizations Latinas in Southern California, authorities said.

Methamphetamine was imported in liquid or unfinished and then was crystallized, a step called “frosting”, the researchers said.

Jose Juan Garcia Barron, 33, of Ontario, controlled shipments by air, sea and land through the border between Mexico and the United States, said the feds.

The drug sold in the county of Los Angeles gang members or their associates, who gave a portion of the proceeds to the Mexican Mafia gang in exchange for protection, authorities said.

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Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) has faced 2,000 assaults

The Army is not responsible for the deaths that have been generated in the fight against organized crime, said the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA).

The assembly called false statements of individuals or groups who say the military elements are responsible for all deaths that have been generated in the country in the national strategy against criminal organizations related to drug trafficking.

SEDENA faced over 2,000 assaults
SEDENA faced over 2,000 assaults

So far in six years the military are responsible for 2,268 criminal suspects having died after confrontations that have had with members of criminal groups.

The military’s, to give a balance on the actions of the army in operations against organized crime and drug trafficking, said that 948 thousand attacks have so far of six years, two thousand 268 attackers dead, 348 wounded criminal suspects, 126 dead soldiers and 744 wounded military elements.

Brigadier General Ricardo Trejo Trevilla, Coordinator of Social Communication of the Ministry of National Defense, said that human rights were respected in all special operations carried out by the armed forces. Proof of this is that from December 1, 2006 to November 29, 2011, of the five thousand 962 complaints have been lodged with the Human Rights Commission against this secretariat, only 92 cases have resulted in recommendations for federal agency.

The army said that as part of the overall strategy of the Mexican state against drug trafficking and organized crime remains 45 000 troops deployed to achieving the seizure of more than 575 thousand tons of marijuana, an amount that would have been sufficient to provide more than one dose This unnerving to everyone on the planet, this only as samples of many actions that have been held the military in the country.

Military elite crime-fighting risks and leads

The Mexican army has about five thousand members of the elite group called Special Forces Airmobile Group who are currently leading the fight against organized crime and drug trafficking.

In Temamatla, State of Mexico, they are trained at the risk of losing their lives in any of its interventions are listed for all professional in combat tactics.

Mentally and physically strong men, who remain permanently to train for five years in barracks.

These soldiers are able to perform high precision operations to achieve the rescue of victims or even to practice their skills on land, water and air to safeguard the internal security of the country in case of a threat as terrorist acts.

One of the instructors of the elite group said: “We received requests from the staff just want to volunteer, but mostly they want to be subjected to risk. Enter and the first thing that is submitted is a basic course, then comes the expertise we have courses of intervention, terrorism against snipers, among others. “

The elements that belong to the elite group are selected precisely because they have to be strong men not only physical but also psychological and mental health, as they are subjected to extreme training that involves successfully carry out actions in urban areas semi-urban, jungle, desert, water and inhospitable places where you have to grapple.

According to the Ministry of National Defense, the group of elite Mexican army is trained with a protocol which created the institute reinforced according to the needs and problems of Mexican territory.

Given the effort and constant training of the military, the National Defense Secretariat stated that it is a myth that criminals are better equipped than the military element, because although drug traffickers have been armed with sophisticated equipment do not have the discipline or the professionalism with which they are trained military elements to carry out high-impact operations.

The institute said that no armed military desertion of elite groups and the general level has been reduced by 45 per cent drop of elements in the military ranks


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American hostages (21) in Nuevo Laredo,Tamaulipas- rescued!

Downtown Nuevo Laredo

Image by J. Stephen Conn via Flickr


The army arrested three suspects involved in a house in Colonia Solidaridad, of Nuevo Laredo

Military personnel freed 21 American citizens who were abducted during an operation in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, according to the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA).

The incident occurred in the colony Solidarity, where the soldiers found a building in front of three subjects, one of whom was armed, who when they realized their presence tried to flee.

However, they were captured and secured them a vehicle is also 21 people managed to free a Guatemalan and Honduran, 17 men and four women, who were inside the property, allegedly kidnapped.

In a statement the Department of Defense indicated that this action was taken in the context of the Mexican State‘s Comprehensive Strategy against Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime, as part of Operation Northwest.

The detainees, weapon, vehicle and property were turned over to prosecutors, while American citizens were brought before the same authority.

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four tons of marijuana, firearms and $50,000; confiscated in Reynosa, Tamaulipas


Marijuana in Tamaulipas 4.5 tons

Marijuana in Tamaulipas 4.5 tons

Reynosa, Tamaulipas., December 9 .- Soldiers of the Mexican Army seized more than four tons of marijuana, firearms and $50,000 in several raids in the city and the municipality of Michael German.

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the actions were carried out within the framework of the Comprehensive Strategy of the Mexican state against drug trafficking and organized crime operation in the Northeast.

He noted that as a result of these actions, one arrest and seized 47 thousand packages of marijuana weighing four tonnes of 314 grams.

Also seized $50,000, four rifles, 69 magazines, two thousand 38 cartridges of different calibers, a vehicle, three antennas, two voltage regulated sources, three relays and two duplexers.

He said that the prisoners were secured and made available to the relevant authorities.


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Monterrey, NL,- Police kill civilians and disrupt the crime scene, says NHRC

police destroy crime scene?
police destroy crime scene?

Agents shoot at him 29 times while riding in his car in Monterrey, NL, and state that was in the midst of persecution, says

The National Commission on Human Rights of Mexico (CNDH ombudsman) today accused a group of policemen in the northern state of Nuevo Leon of killing a civilian and alter the scene of the murder to criminalize it.

The agency, which did not provide the identities of the suspects or the victim, said in a statement that investigated the case of a young professional who was killed “by members of the Public Security Secretariat of Nuevo Leon” last April 18, in Valle Las Brisas neighborhood of the city of Monterrey.

“In addition to fire on multiple occasions (29 in total), the officers allegedly responsible falsified the facts to ensure that the victim’s vehicle was in the midst of a pursuit,” said the unit.

The young man was driving his truck to work when the incident occurred, and some security cameras in the area revealed that the police lied in saying that they were in the midst of persecution, according to the CNDH.

Additionally, the police “do not preserve the scene and altered the facts to be placed inside of the truck a gun and shell casings that were lying on the sidewalk (pavement) and belonged to the deceased,” said the NHRC.

According to the advocacy, the officers violated human rights to life, honor, legality, legal certainty and access to justice for the victim.

In this sense, the agents found guilty of kidnapping, arbitrary use of public force, altering the crime scene and preservation “irregular” evidence.

The commission, whose decisions are not binding, issued a recommendation to the government of Nuevo Leon, in which he calls “repair the damage to the family of the victim and collaborate fully in the administrative investigation.”

He also requested to publish and distribute a standard governing the proportionate use of public force, and design a training program in human rights for middle managers and operatives.

Finally, the Executive asked the Mexican state spreading “in the newspapers of national circulation clarification of the incident”, which should recognize “the moral quality of the deceased.”

Several NGOs and international organizations have repeatedly denounced that as a result of the fight against organized crime that leads the federal government in Mexico have increased cases of human rights violations committed by security forces.

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