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Our USA under seige! Failed Foreign Policy Obamas’ legacy!

Principle of a sonar or radar distance measure...

Principle of a sonar or radar distance measurement Svenska: Princip för avståndsmätning med sonar eller radar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Obamas Foreign Policy at work!

Under seige media detects the submarines, not Sonar!!!

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USA flushed down the toilet! by Obama!

united states currency seal - IMG_7366_web

united states currency seal – IMG_7366_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

The USA is being flushed down the toilet. They have lost all sense of morality! Gays and same-sex marriages are winning the war and America is letting it happen. Whatever happened to our country? America has changed from a country believing in God, into a country that worships MONEY, and no man can worship two Gods!

Obama will ultimately destroy the USA, and lead it further into being a bankrupt economy. Democrats are the true bureaucrats of the times, they hunger for our destruction and they believe that they know what is best for the USA! Only the founding fathers knew what was best and they created the basis of our way of life. Obama in four years has caused the USA to become a second-rate country headed downward even further. Our credit ratings are the worst in history.

Obama Care, does that mean that we become a Socialist country which is next to communism. Is that what you the American Citizens wants? Well I don’t! Democrats you brought this President on-board, and you will have to live with-it.

REVELATIONS 22 VERSE 12-16- Behold, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, I will give to everyone according to what he has done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, The First and the Last, “The Beginning and the End” Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life and may go through the gates into the city. Outside are the dogs, those who practice magic arts, the sexually immoral, the murderers, the idolators and everyone who practices falsehood.

Even the Bible speaks about those who practice falsehoods, and following is a list of OBAMA”S lies!

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Tamaulipas, authorities found 23 dead killed in Nuevo Laredo

Tamaulipas, authorities found 23 dead

Nine bodies found hanging from a bridge and 14 beheaded in Nuevo Laredo. Violence in the entity does not cease the Regional Coordination Group surveillance to extremes

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MEXICO CITY, May 5. – The Attorney General and the Secretariat of Public Security of Tamaulipas reported yesterday the discovery of 23 people killed in Nuevo Laredo.

The resurgence of violence in Tamaulipas territory joins that of Sinaloa, where at week 26 people were reported killed during clashes between the army and drug traffickers, and Veracruz, where in five days, four journalists have been killed and a civilian.

About Nuevo Laredo, state police reported that at 1:30 pm yesterday were found hanging from a bridge nine bodies, including the four women, whose ages are estimated between 25 and 30.

Later, at 8:57 pm, state authorities located a truck inside which there were 14 decapitated bodies. All were men between 25 and 30. Three hours later they found the heads in ice chests, near the City Hall.

On these facts the federal government pledged to strengthen the presence of the armed forces in the state, given the ineffectiveness of the local authority.

The head of the Ministry of the Interior, Alejandro Poire Romero, contacted the president Tamaulipas Egidio Torre Cantu to announce the new federal support organized crime.

Crime leaves 23 dead in Tamaulipas

The Attorney General and the Secretariat of Public Security of Tamaulipas confirmed the death of 23 people, as a result of violent day that lived in the town of Nuevo Laredo.

Yesterday afternoon became known events that are alarming to the people of the town and its surroundings.

The state ministerial police registered a first report at 01:30 pm on Friday, where it was reported that the bridge located on Boulevard Luis Donaldo Colosio with National Road, they found the bodies of nine people dead.

The investigating prosecutor on duty at the scene reported that testified said nine bodies suspended from the bridge, five males and four females, whose ages are estimated between 25 and 30 years, without identification documents required.

According to charts released in various local media, it appears that the five men wore jeans, three of them with white shirt, another blue shirt and cream plus.

Two of the women wore jeans and a plaid pants, the bodies had their hands tied behind their backs and seven of them blindfolded.

The scene was laid a tarp, in which the deceased was accused of being responsible for having placed a car bomb last April 24 against the public safety facilities in the locality, and indicated that some others had escaped, but soon to be captured.

According to reports from local newspapers, the mastermind of that car bomb was the criminal group led by Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, who allegedly seeks to beat Los Zetas Plaza Nuevo Laredo.

New finding

A second report was received at 08:57 pm yesterday when the state police reported that Candela Street, between Avenues Cesar Lopez de Lara and Donato Guerra in the Garden colony, was found parked a truck General Motors brand gray with cherry, model 1993.

Inside were plastic bags containing 14 decapitated bodies were males, whose ages are estimated between 25 and 30.

Later, at about 11:05 pm and confirmed the presence of three coolers abandoned near the town hall, containing the heads of the victims found in the van mentioned.

Given these facts, the Regional Coordination Group Operational Nuevo Laredo to extremes measures to strengthen surveillance in that city. This group includes the bodies of federal Public Safety, state and municipal levels.

The governor of Tamaulipas, Egidio Torre confirmed that renewed the agreement with the federal government to the permanence of the 2 000 790 soldiers currently serving preventive police functions in 22 municipalities of the state.

“We will stay here, we will renew, this is an issue that we have fully reviewed and agreed, including last week I talked with Secretary of the Interior, Alejandro Poire, the matter and the issue is on the agenda, or the agreement is ready, the endorsement is ready, the only thing missing is the agenda of Secretary of the Interior that allows for the firm, “he said.

With regard to violence in the state, state leaders have said the PRD policies of public security in Tamaulipas have been insufficient.

Endless violence

The violence in the state governed by Egidio Torre Cantu is out of control. On April 17 were also found 14 bodies dismembered in a vehicle parked on the side of the hall with a message allegedly signed by El Chapo Guzman, leader of the Sinaloa cartel, which announced its arrival in the city to clean out the Zetas.

The Army took over public security in the city due to corruption of the police in the area a year ago. The upsurge in violence in Nuevo Laredo is associated with increased pressure from the authorities against leaders of Los Zetas, led by Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, and clashes between rival cartels.

The Army has beaten in recent weeks to Los Zetas, and one of its operatives killed Francisco Medina Mejia, alias El Quemado, April 4.

On March 14, soldiers captured Carlos Martinez Escobedo, The Fabiruchis, who had taken the lead in the area.


The Interior Ministry and state overall plan activated

The federal government through the Ministry of the Interior (Interior Ministry), launched together with the government of Tamaulipas mechanisms for monitoring and co-ordination on security, to address the violence perpetrated in the state that left a balance until at least 23 people.

This was announced by the federal agency, after its owner, Alejandro Poire, contacted the governor Egidio Torre Cantu to assess the situation in Nuevo Laredo, where were found the decapitated bodies of 14 people in a van, and nine more bodies hanging from the bridge Colosio, located at the intersection of Boulevard Colosio and National Highway.

“Both men reaffirmed their commitment to the Federation and the state government to continue to fight in close collaboration and coordination, the criminals responsible for the violence that has occurred in Nuevo Laredo.”

For this, the Secretary reiterated the state governor Poiré backed by the federal forces to assist in security in the state and the support of federal authorities to assist if necessary in the research being conducted, detailed the Interior Ministry.

It was also reported that the head of the Interior Ministry and the state governor agreed to maintain constant communication to follow up on this matter.

Just this Thursday, in charge of domestic politics, he had communicated by telephone with the leaders of Veracruz and Sinaloa where there were also acts of violence that included the execution of three photojournalists and shootouts between security forces and federal state against criminal cells.

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Is the noose closing on El Chapo, and El Lazca?

which is trying to stop Joaquin El Chapo Guzman , others say it was a clash between people of Chapo and Beltran Leyva

Thomas Gisby, a Canadian killed last Friday night in Nuevo Vallarta, was not just a tourist. In fact, he was the head of one of the two major bands (cartels call them here) that control drug trafficking in Canada, the Dhak, faced with the Hells Angels, who is headed by David McDonald . This news is important not only for the fact itself, but because it serves, once again, to show how great the drug trade transcends borders, but also because it allows you to locate two forms of violence that respond to two distinct phenomena: a hand, the struggle and clashes between the large cartels and, on the other, the local gang fight not a stretch of the border and territory, but a corner, a street, a neighborhood or a school, not engaged in large drug trafficking but the drug dealing, kidnapping, extortion, theft.

Gisby was killed because he was a partner in a major drug cartel in Mexico. His death was addressed with a clear objective. It is also interesting in another context: the fighting in Choix, Sinaloa in the north, and the party in Monclova, Coahuila, which stood in the musical group Banda Jerez, and the party allegedly escaped Heriberto Lazcano , The Lazca , head of Los Zetas .


It has been said, without being able to confirm the information, which is trying to stop Joaquin El Chapo Guzman , others say it was a clash between people of Chapo and Beltran Leyva and, speaking with the Army, widespread fighting. The truth is that it appears that, for the deployment of force and violence, if it was not Shorty, it had to be one of the top leaders of that organization, both because of where the events occurred, in the Golden Triangle, the land that Guzman Loera controls, and the magnitude of the fighting. The fact is that until yesterday and after nearly four days of fighting, the dead totaling at least 27 people.

In the case of Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of Los Zetas, was about to be arrested in a way that reminds us what happened to his partner, Arturo Beltran Leyva , who in December 2010 ran away from an inn which was organizing La Barbie , Edgar Valdez Villarreal , in Cuernavaca, where even the musician was arrested Ramon Ayala , but following the trail left by then, allowed the security forces swoop in a few days later in the same city, in an apartment building.

Murders like Gisby, given hits like Choix or in Monclova, which confirm something that looks like the U.S. government: the big cartels have suffered very severe blows in recent months and intelligence work, involving also other countries, is rounding up its leaders have had to replace its main operators, lower-level people, under pressure and dismantle their networks.

You may wonder then why it has not affected the reduction of violence in certain regions. And the answer is not the case because, first, these criminal groups are active, have stocked drugs for the drug dealing business and high-powered weapons, and gangs who live and operate in many cities, and there are those that could not be controlled by local police. Second, the difficulties of the operations have turned also to other businesses, feeding themselves with gangs, such as theft of gold and silver yesterday.

The reduction rates of violence and insecurity may not have very significant reductions, but the siege against the major drug lords, who remain at large, as we have said many times in this space, is closing.

Refineries and businesses

When Lopez Obrador or some of his followers speak of building new refineries and investing billions in them, they would have to remember that just made the U.S. airline Delta: Delta bought a Conoco refinery to produce all the fuel oil that they need for their aircraft and the surplus market. The refinery will cost, just a hundred million dollars, which is what they are being worth refineries, many of them unused in the United States.

The oil business is refining, but in the extraction and marketing of crude oil. It offers no refineries worldwide: what Delta did Pemex could do by paying a sum of infinitely small that it would cost to design and build new refineries, with very high profits for the company and the country. But here we are politically correct and that choice, they have already made several very important business, it is always discarded.

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Bogota- Police Chief calls on Colombia to decriminalize marijuana

Bogota- Police Chief calls on Colombia to decriminalize marijuana

Gen. Oscar Naranjo, with over 30 years of experience, proposes that drug use comes under state control

The director of Colombia‘s National Police, Gen. Oscar Naranjo, who leaves office this summer, decided to make a stopover in the war on drugs to explore alternatives, including consumption of marijuana under state control.

“You have to make a stop on the way,” Naranjo asked in an extensive interview with the Colombian daily El Tiempo, which said that he favors a debate to explore “new policies around prevention and repression “of drugs.

Naranjo, who is stepping down this summer after more than three decades of service in the institution, he argued that “talk of decriminalization or legalization or decriminalization of drugs should be the outcome of the debate and not the gateway to the discussion, because this debate needs more solid and consistent.”

He should tell the truth about drugs, because the information available on them “is vague and inconsistent,” he claimed and stressed that in the streets of the world drugs are consumed “at least 480 different substances.” differentiating between them is necessary because there are “soft, like marijuana, very hard, as the acids that kill and cause irreparable addiction, and drugs like cocaine and heroin that are in that middle world, causing extensive damage to the health of addicts, “said Naranjo.

In this regard, he said “it would be extremely irresponsible” for society to remain undaunted against substances that kill the people, but should also consider the other end, which is marijuana, which is less harmful or addictive lethal, as demonstrated by science. Then we “have to raise regularization on marijuana.” The general, conditions for consumption that are set by the state, which must stop criminalizing the making use of it.

In the case of other drugs, “we must pursue them. That absolute prohibition itself, because it is tested (…) that cause lethal damage and harmful, “he said Naranjo, whose task in the fight against drug trafficking and illegal armed groups left great results that have been recognized internationally.

According to him, roads and consumption of marijuana can be controlled to release state forces that henceforth, it will focus on “the persecution of organizations (of traffickers) and not the consumer.”

The police chief said his country welcomes, which has moral authority on the problem, now promotes the discussion without pressure from drug traffickers and continental leadership of President Juan Manuel Santos.

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Welcolme for Obama- Two bombs explode near U.S. Embassy in Colombia

The outbreak arose hours after the arrival of President Barack Obama to the country to attend the Sixth Summit of the Americas

Two bombs explode near U.S. Embassy in Colombia
Two bombs explode near U.S. Embassy in Colombia

BOGOTA, April 13. – Two medium-intensity explosions occurred this evening near the U.S. Embassy in Colombia, hours after the arrival of President Barack Obama to the country to attend the Sixth Summit of the Americas.

A spokesman for the National Police reported that two bombs blew up in a drain near the embassy and the Attorney General of Colombia, although no damage or casualties reported.

The statements to Radio Caracol, the spokesman Alberto Cantillo said firecrackers were about a kilo and that in place and are explosion-proof units of the National Police.

According to the web site of the newspaper El Tiempo, the explosions were heard several blocks in all directions and close to the building of the Attorney General, adjacent to the embassy.

So far no person or group has claimed responsibility for the blasts, which alerted the security services of the Colombian capital. Authorities are investigating the fact and try to find clues of the authors.

Obama arrived Friday afternoon amid tight security in Cartagena, Colombia in the Caribbean to attend the Sixth Summit of the Americas this weekend.


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Lille, France- Strauss-Kahn Receives Prostitution-Related Charges


Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a political rally he...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a political rally held by the Socialist Party for the 2007 parliamentary elections. Français : Dominique Strauss-Kahn au meeting organisé au Zénith de Paris par le Parti socialiste dans le cadre des élections législatives de 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LILLE, France (AP) — Dominique Strauss-Kahn was handed preliminary charges Monday alleging he was involved in a French prostitution ring, his lawyer said. The former International Monetary Fund chief is denying wrongdoing. It was a stunning blow on the home front for Strauss-Kahn, a onetime French presidential hopeful whose sexual behavior has been in the international spotlight over the past year.

The French charges come two days before a New York court takes up a civil case in which a hotel maid accuses Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her.

In the northern French city of Lille on Monday, investigating judges summoned Strauss-Kahn for questioning and held him for about eight hours. Afterward, Strauss-Kahn left in black sedan without speaking publicly.

Lawyer Richard Malka told reporters afterward that Strauss-Kahn was given preliminary charges of “aggravated procurement in an organized gang.”

Strauss-Kahn was released under judicial supervision after paying €100,000 in bail, and was barred from contacting others charged in the case, a judicial official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still underway.

Malka hotly contested the accusations. “Mr. Strauss-Kahn is finding himself, in large part because of his fame, thrown to the butchers,” Malka said.

“No one can understand the application of the concept of procuring (prostitutes) to his situation,” he said. “It is even less probable to apply the notion of an organized gang or network to describe simple libertine activity.”

Another Strauss-Kahn lawyer has acknowledged that the ex-IMF chief attended orgies but was unaware prostitutes were involved.

Under French law, preliminary charges mean authorities have reason to believe a crime was committed but allow more time for investigation.

The Lille judges’ questioning session had been scheduled for Wednesday — the day of the New York hearing — but was unexpectedly moved up.

Strauss-Kahn’s wife of two decades, renowned TV journalist Anne Sinclair, is now editor of the new French version of the Huffington Post website. The site carried a banner headline Monday night reading “PRELIMINARY CHARGES” over a photo of Strauss-Kahn.

Strauss-Kahn quit the IMF after the New York hotel maid said he sexually assaulted her in May. The criminal charges were later dropped, leading the woman to now pursue the civil case.

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