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Pregnant mother shot and her unborn baby wounded in the arm!

The horror of the Drug wars/gangs in Mexico

Unborn child wounded by a bullet lives

Unborn child wounded by a bullet lives

A small baby still in the womb of his mother, received a bullet wound in his right arm. After the doctors performed an emergency Caesarean section to his mother, the doctors were surprised to find the baby alive. This photo shows where the bullet entered and passed through the child!

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Mexico birthrates 24 percent attributed to mothers aged between 14-19 years old

Mexico birthrates 24 percent attributed to mothers aged between 14-19 years old

Mexico, – Some 480,000 (24%) of the 2 million births each year in Mexico are to mothers aged 14 to 19 years old, informed the Secretariat (Ministry) of Health Mexico.

Besides a pregnancy at such an early age, increases five times the risk of dying during their obstetric care, the deputy director of Sexual and Reproductive Health National Center for Equity, Gender and Reproductive Health of the Health Ministry, Alejandro Solis Roses said in a statement.

“A pregnancy in an adolescent is considered high risk due to the immaturity of their body, so that puts them at risk for preeclampsia or bleeding, conditions that are among the five leading causes of maternal mortality,” said the expert.

He also warned that there are also implications for newborn health, such as low weight, lung immaturity and temperature control problems, situations threatening the baby’s life.

In the long term consequences of early pregnancy is that many young people see their life project frustrated by having to leave school and enter a restricted labor market many times.

The ministry believes that “over 60% of teenage pregnancies were unintended” by couples, many of which do not use condoms or other methods of control.

“The lack of use of a contraceptive method at first intercourse increases the risk of unplanned pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections such as human papillomavirus and HIV / AIDS , “said the agency.

In this situation Roses Solis claimed that enhance information and programs for teenagers.

“We need to talk to our children about sexuality, as it is an essential part of being human. Report a teenager all sexual behavior has an impact is essential to take informed decisions,” the specialist.

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Teens have sex without protection, half of teen pregnancies are not planned!

Teens have sex without protection, warns expert. The situation is a factor in that half of teen pregnancies are not planned

Without the Condom it is unsafe!

Without the Condom it is unsafe!

In Mexico, 35 percent of young people do not use condom at first intercourse, which is a factor in that half of pregnancies in adolescent women are not planned.

Although there is now more widespread use of contraception and the fertility rate has declined, “there are high rates of unprotected sex,” said Catherine Menkes Bancet, researcher at the Regional Center for Multidisciplinary Research of the UNAM.

Overconfidence among young people, he said, influences unplanned pregnancies, as 30 percent of women aged 15 to 24 who belong to the socio-economic strata “very low” had a teenage pregnancy.

The teen pregnancy rate decreases to 23% in the level considered “low”, which owns 43% of Mexican women.

The researcher compared these data with those obtained between the upper and middle classes, where the teen pregnancy rate reduced to 4% and 10% respectively.

The expert said that many phenomena that converge to this situation. Among them, says a new study showing that about 80 percent of pregnant adolescents had left school.

“Most are women who, generally speaking, have few opportunities for personal development or prolonged schooling,” he said.

Menkes concluded that young Mexican women, especially those with low incomes, are in the maternity ward an alternative lifestyle and therefore suggested this segment offer professional development opportunities and gender, not to be valued only by the fact that mothers .

The researcher highlighted the “gender relations” as another conditioning factor and said that in traditional settings, if a woman asks for condom use, men described as easy, liberal and lack of commitment.

Similarly, said biopsychosocial risk exists if the girls have children before 19 years and the lack of safe sex in this segment exposes them to acquire sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS or HPV.

“Although it has become more widespread use of contraceptives, currently more than 35 percent of young non-users in their first intercourse. This means that although there has been a significant decline in overall fertility, there is still a high rate and little safe sex, “said Menkes.

He also referred to health policy and population as an element contributing to this situation “because they are aimed at adult women married or cohabiting.”

In his research, the university found that a part of Mexican youth ignores information regarding the biology of reproduction. “I do not know on which days a woman can get pregnant and still think that the first relationship is no risk of pregnancy,” he said.

As alternatives to overcome this situation, Menkes said that information should be interactive and that we must sensitize teachers and parents about the importance of talking with teens these issues.

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Back to School, What you should Know about; Crack Cocaine!

Main physiological effects of Crack cocaine. S...

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When teens were surveyed to find out why they started using drugs [Crack Cocaine] in the first place, 55% replied that it was due to pressure from their friends. They wanted to be cool and popular. Dealers know this.

They will approach you as a friend and offer to “help you out” with “something to bring you up.” The drug will “help you fit in” or “make you cool.”

Drug dealers, motivated by the profits they make, will say anything to get you to buy their drugs. They will tell you “just try crack once and everything’s gonna be okay; it will make everything go away.”

They don’t care if the drugs ruin your life as long as they are getting paid. All they care about is money. Former dealers have admitted they saw their buyers as “pawns in a chess game.”

Crack Explained

Crack cocaine is the crystal form of cocaine, which normally comes in a powder form. It comes in solid blocks or crystals varying in color from yellow to pale rose or white.

Crack is heated and smoked. It is so named because it makes a cracking or popping sound when heated.

Crack, the most potent form in which cocaine appears, is also the riskiest. It is between 75% and 100% pure, far stronger and more potent than regular cocaine.

Smoking crack allows it to reach the brain more quickly and thus brings an intense and immediate [but very short-lived] high that lasts about fifteen minutes. And because addiction can develop even more rapidly if the substance is smoked rather than snorted [taken in through the nose], an abuser can become addicted after his or her first time trying crack.

Because of cocaine’s high cost, it has long been considered a “rich man’s drug.” Crack, on the other hand, is sold at prices so low that even teens can afford to buy it, at first. The truth is that once a person is addicted, the expense skyrockets in direct ratio to the increasing amount needed to support the habit.

The most innocent victims of crack cocaine are babies born to mothers who use the drug during pregnancy. The March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health, reports that use of cocaine in either powdered or crack form during pregnancy can affect a woman and her unborn baby in many ways. During the early months of pregnancy, it may increase the risk of miscarriage. It also may cause an unborn baby to have a stroke, permanent brain damage or heart attack.

The National Institute for Drug Abuse reports that exposure to crack cocaine during pregnancy may lead to significant later problems in some children.

A direct Quote, taken from a user……………

“I was introduced to smoking crack cocaine, and that is when everything stopped functioning. I was out with some people who at that time I considered real close friends. You know, it is true what they say about crack: when you take that first hit, that high you will never get again….It ruined me completely. It took total control over me. “Crack cocaine has ruined my reputation, my self-worth and my self-respect.”

Is this your excuse to fit in, by being like your druggy friends? Remember, one thing, if nothing more, this is about you and your life, not theirs.

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