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Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, last major Colombian drug trafficker captured in a phone booth

President Juan Manuel Santos announced the capture of Daniel Barrera in Venezuela, was wanted in several countries

Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, last major Colombian drug trafficker captured in a phone booth

BOGOTA, Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, the last of the big drug lords in Colombia, was captured in Venezuela, said the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

In a speech on radio and television, Santos confirmed that the arrest took place in San Cristobal, in an operation that had the support of security agencies of Venezuela, United States and United Kingdom.

“I want to thank the Venezuelan government, President (Hugo) Chavez and his team this great collaboration,” Santos said, noting the role played by the neighboring country to capture the drug lord, the most powerful in the last 10 years in the country , according to intelligence agencies.

Santos, who appeared in the company of the Minister of Defense of Colombia, Juan Carlos Pinzón, emphasized that Barrera had ties to paramilitary groups, guerrillas and other gangs involved in drug trafficking.

“It takes more than 20 years dedicated to doing evil to Colombia and the world. Had perverse alliances with paramilitaries, the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), with drug trafficking.”

He added the governor, “was the head of alias ‘Cuchillo’ (Oliverio Guerrero, died almost two years ago in the east of the country) and was Miguel Arroyave who replaced as head of the crime chain that operated in eastern country, “explained Santos.

“It is perhaps the most important capture of a Drug kingpin in recent times,” the president insisted.

In reiterating the thanks to Chavez, Santos said the Venezuelan leader had “and his team” a “great collaboration”.

He noted also that in the operation, which was not specified when it was made, helped “the British intelligence service, MI6, and also worked very effectively in the intelligence agencies of the United States, including the CIA.”

He noted also that the operation was coordinated from Washington by Colombian Police Director General Jose Roberto Leon Riano. He said the drug dealer said had “extensive criminal record” and that with the Venezuelan authorities confessed his identity and that “even sent us some pictures” and that at this time the Colombian authorities are checking to “confirm his fingerprints”.

The Colombian government offered a reward of $ 2.5 million for information leading to his capture

From Washington, where he is visiting, General Riaño told Caracol Noticias television news that Barrera “was captured in a phone booth.”


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