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Is Mexico the uncomfortable neighbor of the United States?

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Mexico is the United States uncomfortable neighbor,

He said the government’s foreign policy in this country has improved relations with the United States, Central and Latin America

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 29. – The foreign policy of the Government of Mexico has significantly improved relations with Central and Latin America in general, and in no way be considered that our country is a ‘neighbor uncomfortable’ for America , said today the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Gonzalo Gómez Canseco.

The Mexican foreign ministry official said this in the context of the presentation of the book ‘The International Challenges of Mexico: Urgency of Fresh Eyes’.

Gonzalo Gómez Canseco denied that Mexico is the ‘awkward neighbor’ of the United States, as indicated by the book ‘The International Challenges of Mexico: Urgency of Fresh Eyes’, a compilation of 11 essays written by specialists, including Natalia Saltalamacchia, Jorge Tello, Luis Herrera, Marco Antonio Alcazar and coordinated by Olga Pellicer and Guadalupe Gonzalez.

Gómez Canseco spoke at the beginning of the presentation of the book and their expressions were contrary to the criticism issued later by the former Mexican foreign minister and senator for the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Rosario Green.

The Chief of Staff of the Foreign Ministry said that the views displayed do not reflect the actual conditions of the conduct of foreign policy, and the fact it said that our country is ‘uncomfortable neighbor’ of the United States.

‘The vision expressed by the authors is more a review of what is said in the media, that an analysis of official documents or reports, “he said.

Canseco Gomez said that even the current federal administration attended representing the headlights on Mexican possible break some countries in the region, ‘which has increased significantly the level of diplomatic relations’.

In presenting the book also attended Senator PRD, Jose Guadarrama Marquez and Olga Pellicer compiler itself.

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El Chabelo”, was arrested with ten other alleged gang members!

Mexican forces have captured an alleged high-ranking leader of the Zetas drug cartel gang after a shoot-out which had left at least nine people dead.

The suspected leader, known as “El Chabelo”, was arrested with ten other alleged gang members after several days of co-ordinated police and military operations.

El Chabelo is believed to have been in charge of several cities in the northern Nuevo Leon region.
In a separate development, the Mexican military has freed 61 men being held captive and forced to work for a drug gang in a violent northern border city.

The army said on Sunday that the men were found in a safe house in Piedras Negras on Saturday.

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Soldiers made the discovery during a security sweep in the area that also turned up an abandoned truck filled with 6 tons of marijuana.

A statement said one of the captive men is from Honduras, while the others are from various parts of Mexico.
Piedras Negras sits across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, in the Mexican state of Coahuila, which has been the scene of ongoing battles between drug gangs.

Last week the army arrested a major figure from the Zetas drug cartel there.
The rescue mission comes a day after more violence hit Mexican prisons.
Twenty prisoners died and 12 others were injured on Saturday in a prison on the Mexican-US border town of Matamoros, after a dispute between two inmates turned into a melee that lasted almost three hours.

President criticises opposition

Meanwhile, Felipe Calderon, the Mexican president, said on Sunday that politicians in the main opposition party may consider deals with criminals, opening an inflammatory new front in the nation’s presidential election campaign.

Calderon’s blunt remarks about the centrist Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), which is favored to win the July 1, 2012 election, are unusual in a country where the president is expected to stay largely aloof from party politics.

Centering on the policy that has dominated his presidency – an aggressive army-led crackdown on drug cartels – his comments risk polarizing opinion on how to restore stability to Mexico, where the drug war has killed 44,000 in five years.

Leading members of Calderon’s conservative National Action Party (PAN), other PRI opponents and political analysts have accused the once-dominant party of making secret deals with drug cartels in the past to keep the peace in Mexico.

In a weekend New York Times interview published a day after he said a state governed by the PRI had been left in the hands of a drug gang, Calderon was asked whether the opposition party might pursue a corrupt relationship with organized crime.

“There are many in the PRI who think the deals of the past would work now. I don’t see what deal could be done, but that is the mentality many of them have,” Calderon, whom the law prevents from seeking a second six-year term, said.

Analysts say Calderon is bitterly opposed to the PRI, which dominated Mexico for seven decades until the PAN won the presidency in 2000 under its candidate Vicente Fox.

The tide of drug war killings has eroded support for the PAN, and the PRI’s main hopeful, Enrique Pena Nieto, is said to have around twice the support of his nearest rival.

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PAN-Michoacan governor-elect denies links with drug cartels;

“I’ve never even said Fausto (Vallejo) is in collusion or a drug dealer, ever. I know Fausto and he is an honorable person,” says state leader

Morelia, Michoacan., The leader of the National Action Party (PAN) in Michoacan, Germain Tena Fernández, reiterated today that organized crime endorsed the Institutional Revolutionary Party(PRI) in the last elections in the state, “but we have never said that the PRI is collusion.”

PAN Michoacan Govenor elect!
PAN Michoacan Govenor elect!

In the traditional press conference Wednesday, said that criminal groups had supported the tricolor to inhibit PAN vote.

He denied that the PAN believes that the governor-elect, Fausto Vallejo, having links with drug trafficking and, instead, called the PRI as an honorable person.

He explained that what is trying to prove in court is that the involvement of organized crime was decisive in the election results and in this regard, said that the PAN will be subject to the authorities to determine.

“I’ve never even said Fausto (Vallejo) is collusion or drug dealer, ever. I know Fausto and is honorable for me, I think it could have said and argued that organized crime is helped,” he said.

Tena Fernández predicted that the challenge to the election for governor will not be in the Electoral Court of the State of Michoacan, so you’ll have to let off steam in the federal courts.

In this regard, he noted that if the blue and white wins the challenge, surely the PRI call on the federal government (TEPJF) and in case the PAN lost, also resort to a second instance


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