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Eight persons slaughtered in Caycara Orinoco, Venezuela

The Orinoco River, here in Amazonas State, Ven...

The Orinoco River, here in Amazonas State, Venezuela. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say it’s the worst slaughter that is registered in the town of Caycara Orinoco, two of the victims were minors CARACAS, Eight men, including two children aged 16 and 17, were killed with shots to the head after being forced to kneel while celebrating a party at a home in southeastern Venezuela, reported the Office.

The incident took place “in the early morning hours of Saturday during the celebration of a festival in the town of Caycara Orinoco” when “several men carrying firearms appeared and shot multiple times into a group of people celebrating” the Prosecutor said in a statement. He added that he has appointed prosecutors along with police investigate and to establish the causes of the attack, and to identify those killed, in addition to the two teenagers, two aged 18, two 19, one 28 and another 35.

There have been 16,072 homicides committed in Venezuela since 2012 According to the digital version of the local newspaper Correo del Caroni, the “thugs” arrived on a motorcycle and stealthily entered the house where the party was held, apparently for graduation from secondary education of the two children killed. Before forcing them to kneel, “beaten and then executed him mercilessly.’s The worst slaughter that has ever lived in Caycara; want justice, mourn our streets,” said a woman who witnessed the fact that “for fear asked to leave their identity anonymous, “wrote the newspaper. On the causes of crime said neighbors shuffled various scenarios, including “a reckoning” between members of criminal gangs. “Not all those who were killed misconduct, but by one paid everyone,” said another witness daily the fact, which occurred the same day the Venezuelan Minister of Interior, General Miguel Rodriguez said the offense is been reduced in the country.

Crime has fallen by an average of 30% since beginning of year launched the “Plan Secure Homeland” against crime, the minister said in an interview sabatina television. According to the plan for reducing crime and in the first 29 weeks in which the plan was put into action the reduction in homicides was 58%, he added, noting that includes patrolling streets of major cities with more than 12,000 soldiers in operations supporting some 23 000 The latest official figures realized that in 2012 there were 16,072 homicides in Venezuela, 14% more than in 2011, equivalent to a rate of 54 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants, rising to 73 per 100 thousand inhabitants, according NGO Venezuelan Violence Observatory (SVO).

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Nine dead in firefight with armed civilians in Reynosa

Nine dead fighting with military and armed civilians in Reynosa

Nine dead fighting with military and armed civilians in Reynosa

CIUDAD VICTORIA,  June. 26-In the towns of Reynosa and San Fernando, Tamaulipas, in the last 24 hours there were clashes between the military’s personnel and armed civilians, resulting in nine people dead, one of them a military element.

 This Wednesday jointly informed the Attorney General and the Secretariat of Public Security of the State, in the city of Reynosa, was a first confrontation with killing three attackers and one soldier dead and seven others injured.

The confrontation began before 09:00 hours on the streets of Colonia Rodriguez and culminated Extending approximately 10:15 hours on the Boulevard of the Colony Oil Acapulco, meters Pemex facilities and facing an education center upper half.

The scene was a pick-up shielded craft, Chevrolet Silverado 2008 model four-door white and the Texas plates.

Inside were lifeless bodies of three civilians armed and only one was identified as Cardenas Javier Antonio Lopez, 30 years old and originally from Sinaloa.

This information, according to the Public Prosecutor of the Common Jurisdiction that integrated preliminary investigation.

At that site, the National Defense Secretariat seized three rifles, 38 magazines for these guns, six grenades, striking metallic stars for wheels and trimmings.

Also injured three men were taken to the clinic Pemex, two soldiers and an employee of the parastatal.

When receiving medical attention, one of the injured soldiers died, while the second underwent surgery for back injury that pierced one of his lungs, but is reported to be stable.  The Pemex worker had only minor injury and was discharged.

As a result of the confrontation also reported five people beyond the facts with bullet injuries that are treated at the Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute and are out of danger.

In another violent event in San Fernando, was a confrontation between armed civilians and military personnel resulted in five men dead.

Staff of the Attorney General, in support of the National Defense Secretariat, was presented to integrate a preliminary investigation, attesting that the confrontation was recorded at 20:15 am Tuesday in the Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, compared to Rancho La Isla

At that point the undergrowth were the bodies of five attackers, all with multiple gunshot wounds.  Three of them were between 28-40 years of age, while the other two were of 16-20 years.  In their belongings were not found any documents that would identify them.

Staff of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office secured a Hummer H3 without license plates and five assault rifles, a grenade launcher, 28 magazines, grenades and trimmings.

The Common Public Prosecutor ordered the transfer of the bodies to the Medical Examiner for practice tests provided by law.

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Morelia Mexico- Female suicide bomber explodes at the gates of the Ministerial Police

Female suicide bomber explodes at the gates of the Ministerial Police

An exploding grenade killed the subject who triggered it, her three accomplices were injured and a police officer was also injured said the ministerial officer

MORELIA, A man was arrested for his alleged involvement in the murder of another man, committed suicide by blowing up a grenade at the doors of the state police in Tacambaro, Michoacan.

According to police sources, elements of the Michoacán Attorney’s Office arrested four subjects, for allegedly participated in a crime that occurred on September 22.

In the community of La Parota, also belonging to the municipality of Tacambaro.

The detainees were transported from La Parota, to the premises of the Centre for Civil Protection, which would be made available to the public prosecutor, but no officer realized that the suspect had an explosive in his clothes.

According to the same source, when exploding grenade that killed the subject triggered, his three accomplices were injured and a police officer was also injured with ministerial shrapnel.

The crime scene was cordoned off by state and municipal police, and the wounded are taken to the Civil Hospital Tacámbaro and fear for the lives of at least two of them are in critical state, who were very close to suicide, in the bed of a truck officer Michoacan state police.

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Federal prosecutor killed in front of his four year old son in SALTILLO

The Attorney General’s Office reported that the deceased was traveling in an SUV Suburban with its lower

Federal prosecutor killed in front of his four year old son in SALTILLO

Federal prosecutor killed in front of his four year old son in SALTILLO

A federal prosecutor assigned to the delegation of the Attorney General’s Office in Coahuila, was shot early in the hours of Wednesday morning when he was with his little boy of four years.

The Attorney General’s Office reported that the deceased was traveling in an SUV Suburban with his four years old son, when the attack and murder happened at 7:45 pm in a driveway at Vasconcelos in Colonia Residential Finance, at the city of Torreon, Coahuila.

The man was struck by his assailants who started shooting at him several times, thinking that his son was in danger he accelerated his car, and ended up crashing in a farm located on the street Vasconcelos.

The man died instantly while his son turned out with an injured arm, reported the state agency.

The body of the public prosecutor was transferred to Semefo for the autopsy, while the boy was taken to a hospital under tight security.

The area where he was killed is a commercial area surrounded by various educational institutions, so that people passing by the place were in a state of panic and anxiety.

The Code Red was activated and elements of various corporations cordoned off the area, while elements of the State Police, the Mexican Army and Federal Police mounted an operation in search of those responsible for this new violent.

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Monterrey, confrontation between the Support Forces and suspected criminals,

The confrontation was between the Support Forces and suspected criminals,

Paseo de Las Lomas, where one suspect was killed .

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Monterrey, NL-One killed and three arrested, apparently injured, left a confrontation between elements of the Forces to Support Public Safety and criminal suspects, at the Sunday afternoon walk in the neighborhood of Las Lomas in the municipality of Benito Juarez .

The attack happened about 13:30 pm on Avenida Paseo de Las Lomas of that colony, located approximately five kilometers from the highway to Reynosa.

Apparently the elements of the Support Forces were on a routine patrol when they noticed several suspicious men traveling in a vehicle type Jeep Liberty.

The suspects, realizing the presence of police officers, tried to flee, first by accelerating the car they were traveling in down Paseo de Las Lomas, against oncoming traffic.

The van ended up crashing into a wooden post, where one of the suspects managed to run through the woods on land adjacent to the strip, being killed by the troops.

Three other people traveling in the van were injured, apparently by the accident, as the truck after crashing against the post went up on the sidewalk on the west side of Paseo de Las Lomas, and ended with the left side shattered.

The area was guarded by the troops to arrive later elements delas Support Force, Civil Force, Ministry of National Defense and Research Agency.

The Paseo de Las Lomas was closed to traffic and pedestrian traffic for over an hour, until the car of the alleged corpse and completed review by the elements of the Department of Expert Services of the Office of Justice Nuevo Leon.

The now deceased could not be identified nor arrested, but apparently are people aged 25 to 30 years of age, being taken by the staff of the Department of Defense to your corporation.

As the body was taken to University Hospital Amphitheater after the Public Prosecutor testified the body.

At first she was known to the aggression was against the mayor of the municipality, Luis Garcia, but this was not confirmed by any authorities, including in the area of the facts was the secretary of the municipal police, who said there was only one death and three arrested in the assault.

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Killer of two elderly teachers hiding in the U.S. is extradicted!

The alleged killer of two elderly teachers, is being held at the National Centre for Social Reintegration of Atlacholoaya Morelos

CUERNAVACA, March 11. – The Office of Morelos, managed to locate and extradite Carlos Hernandez Garcia who remained hidden in the United States after committing a double homicide in 2008 in Morelos, against two elderly teachers.

Carlos Hernandez Garcia

Carlos Hernandez Garcia, extradicted

Officers of the state police on Friday moved him to the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, to comply with the warrant related to the criminal file 288/2010-3 for the murder of Josefina Galindo Oneria Antunes and Araceli Solis Cordova.

The prisoner was brought before the criminal courts that required, authority to define its legal status, once the prosecution requested the maximum penalty for committing femicide twice last March 20, 2008.

The alleged murdered is being held at the National Centre for Social Reintegration of Atlacholoaya Morelos after his transfer from the northern neighbor to Morelos, where you have to face the charges against him and a likely sentence of 70 years.

Four years ago, Garcia Hernandez broke into the residence of two people, including a woman, and the victim’s home, located in Tulum Street of Merida Granjas Temixco Township, to commit a robbery and then murder them.

However, the murdered women recognized him because he was their employee, so that the accused and his accomplices killed them with a piercing object and then fled.

The Public Prosecutor began corresponding Portfolio Research, as well as the relevant inquiries, from which follows the identification of Carlos Hernandez Garcia as responsible for the double murder, so you sought an arrest warrant, which was granted and filled with the extradition proceedings.

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“The Bride” 18, “The Cuina” 18, “The Bottle” 22. get Jail for extortion!

Four gang members allegedly engaged in an extortion ring were captured by personnel from the Attorney General’s Office in the act of charging “fees” to a bilingual school in this city.

At least one of those arrested was an employee of the school. Those arrested are Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, alias “El Pelon” for 21 years, Graciela Torres Torres, aka “The Bride” 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka “The Cuina” 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias “The Bottle” 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.

"The Bride" 18, Edgar Corral Daniel Escobedo, aka "The Cuina" 18, Gabriel Eduardo Avila Botello, alias "The Bottle" 22.


The atrocities committed by the gang of “La Cuina” as the prosecutor identified, occurred during the month of December 2011 and January 2012. During the first days December 2011, the principal of the school made ​​several threatening messages arrive in the sense that if you did not pay the amount of 30,000 pesos monthly processing fee and / or dues would run against him, would cause havoc on families and on campus; identifying the attackers as members of a criminal group operating in the city.

Therefore, the director informed the telephone number indicated by their abusers and agreed that payments would be made ​​the second week of each month also threatened the victim not to report the facts, otherwise the first death would be a relative.

The investigating officers observed when Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral “The Cuina”, reached the Paseo mall and walked toward the rear of the building and made ​​the delivery of cash to Jesus Adrian Flores Portillo, Graciela Torres Torres and Gabriel Botello Eduardo Avila, who greeted in a suspicious manner.

For this observed behavior Edgar Escobedo Daniel Corral and the people who received the envelope with the money were detained in terms of the flagrancy in the intersection of Del Huizache Montemayor and the colony El Roble, and transferred to the facilities of the Attorney General, Northern Region, to conduct interviews for. Escobedo Corral “The Cuina “said an employee of the victim, who first served as mayor and now as a security guard, also stated that his girlfriend and two friends whom they identified as Graciela Torres Torres, Gabriel Eduardo Avila and Jesús Adrián Botello Flores Portillo, planned to extort money from his employer, and the profits divided equally. Also, Graciela Torres Torres, Eduardo Botello Gabriel Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, said their leader is Edgar Daniel Escobedo Corral (a) “Cuina”, who was the person who planned the extortion and left messages on the door of the school and home of the victim.

Gabriel Eduardo Botello Adrian Avila and Jesus Flores Portillo, were threatened by death was the manager of the phone calls and gave instructions how to make the payment.

Therefore, the prosecution requested the collaboration of employers, traders and the general public should recognize their attackers arrested today come to denounce them.


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