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FBI rescues 79 teens in sex trafficking raids in 57 US cities

FBI rescues 79 teens in sex trafficking raids

Seventy-seven women and two children abducted and forced into prostitution were rescued in hotels and truck stops

FBI rescues 79 teens in sex trafficking raids
FBI rescues 79 teens in sex trafficking raids

Seventy-seven young women and two children held against their will and forced into prostitution were rescued in hotels, truck stops and other locations in a three-day operation against sex trafficking in the United States reported Monday by authorities.

The FBI said it arrested 104 pimps during operations in 57 cities, including Atlanta, Sacramento and Toledo (Ohio). The raids were conducted between Thursday and Saturday, and were attended by local and state authorities as well as the federal.

The teenagers, aged between 13 and 17, were taken into custody until they can be placed in child care organizations. They are all Americans, the FBI said.

One of the children recovered was 11 years old, said they were engaged in prostitution, according to Kevin Perkins told, FBI official.

Perkins said the incident cases were not “isolated”, but no evidence of “criminal organizations” that appeal to children, often through social-media, hold them against their will by threats against them or their families, and then the traffic to different cities.

Child prostitution is “a problem that occurs in cities all U.S. and happens to American children,” said Ernie Allen, president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“People in this country believe it is only a problem that occurs elsewhere,” he added.

Allen estimated that at least 100 000 children are victims of child prostitution and trafficking each year, but said the estimate was difficult because, among other reasons, not all cases are reported.

The operation last week is part of an initiative launched in 2003 to combat child trafficking for sexual purposes. In 2008 there were five raids of this kind.

To date, some 2,200 children have been rescued in the program, the FBI said, adding that its figures do not take into account children recovered by other state and local investigations.

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Teen forced into prostitution, rescued by PGJEM in Santiago

Teen forced into prostitution, rescued by PGJEM
Teen forced into prostitution, rescued by PGJEM

The under aged 14 year old had been hired as a waitress in a bar called “La Gloria” where the Teen was required to charge 200 pesos for each sexual service she provided

Elements of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) rescued a 14-year-old who was forced into prostitution in a building where alcoholic beverages in Zumpango expendían.

According to information from the attorney Mexico State, following the report of the disappearance of the child, got an operation in the brewery known as “La Gloria”, located in the neighborhood of Santiago, where they found the victim ingesting alcoholic beverages and waiting for customers who would provide sexual services.

The inquiries revealed that the minor was hired as a waitress, which meant receiving a commission of 30 pesos for every drink to take with customers. In the house were secured in charge of the premises, Veronica “N” “N”, 35, who was paid 200 pesos as commission for each sexual service effected the victim and Jose Abel “N” “N”, 40 years, both linked to trial for the crime of trafficking .

The detainees were brought before the Public Prosecutor, who began the research folder 503540950044412, which was related to the folder 483310360602512, initiated by the missing person report.

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street prostitution moves to the Internet

street prostitution moves to the Internet

street prostitution moves to the Internet

The following article is worth a good read and is credited too;Luis Chaparro El Diario de El Paso | 03.31.2012 | 23:36

The prostitution business has gone from the streets of El Paso to the monitors of hundreds of Internet users. Given the ease of operating under a pseudonym and the low probability of being arrested, gangs have found a new workplace more profitable.

Local Authorities and the Sheriff’s Office and the Police Department and the El Paso Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recognize that there is a marked increase in activities related to prostitution on the Internet. Sites openly dedicated to bringing together people with sexual interest, and even the social network Facebook are being used for ‘padrotear’ prostitutes in the city.

On Monday 26 March, the Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of eight sex workers offering their services via the Internet in the County of El Paso, and another who worked with them and was in possession of hallucinogenic substances. The operation was carried out by an undercover agent for several months over the Internet sought sexual encounters with women now in custody. “The agent admitted to multiple pages and easily found on Internet prostitutes.

 Appointments are made at different hotels in El Paso, “said Eileen Lopez, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office. The operation took place between Wednesday 21 and Friday 23 March. Were arrested Anne Carter, 31, Kathryn Carson, 33, Matiya Johnson, 19; Quote Griffis, 20; Eboni Richey, 23, and Jennifer Trevizo, 20, all charged with prostitution, with bail of 500 DOLLAR also were arrested on the same charge and bail of $ 300 Claudia Velasco, 20, and Samantha Lutz, 24. Naomi Moreno, 32, was charged with drug possession and bail set at $ 3,000.

According to a search for identity of the accused by this means, at least seven of them could be originating from the state of Arizona, which could involve interstate network of highly organized prostitution.

However, the authorities have only been able to arrest the prostitutes without Regents to achieve with the site. “com” which is advertised and it is unknown whether a larger network. “Probably the site is still open because it is almost impossible to close the pages on the Internet. It is very difficult to know who is operating the sites and find them to end these networks, “said Lopez.

In addition, sites like “” Twirl-placed force who are listed under services “adults only” to include a notice that says that the meetings are not under any economic exchange, which makes the work of the authorities even more complicated. “In we have seen it advertised and requested prostitutes, but we can not intervene as we would like because they do not advertise only that, but cars, clothes and other things “, she said. “This type of prostitution has not replaced the traditional, but it has gained ground.

The fact is that these prostitutes need access to a computer and Internet and there are some who can not pay. Maybe the Internet price of its services even more expensive, “said sheriff’s spokeswoman.

Research this medium was admitted under a false account site to verify the version of the authorities and figure out how to operate prostitution. Only enter the site under the heading of ‘Personals’ are links to different types of offerings like “Man seeking Woman,” “Woman seeking Man”, “Casual Encounters” and others. Once one of these paragraphs, gives notice that you agree to be 18 years, and can be found with adult content, it is understood that prohibits any violation of the terms of use of Craigslist, among which include the prohibition of sexual services for profit-and that Craigslist disclaims any liability that may occur during use of the site.

One of the users, who did not provide the identity for security reasons, was described as an athletic young woman, “prepared oral sex.  “The user asked to be contacted by mail and provided an address as a Craigslist user” I stand on the west side of the city,” he said. When contacted, the alleged user demanded a photograph, which is sent with a false identity to protect the reporter. Over time they agreed to a meeting at a motel on the west side of El Paso and said there would be where you would specify the amount and form of payment per hour.

The reporter did not attend the event for safety reasons and lost contact with the alleged user. Encounters occur in although in previous years the site said to remove the section on adults, precisely for this reason. Harden coordination in an attempt to combat this dark business, Texas police departments have strengthened coordination with other police forces and center child advocates in the state and national level.

Many times the agents of a city have to execute the warrants of arrest in others. They must also be able to share quickly between different instances information about the case and the suspect. “We have invested heavily in new technology to make up with these people.

There is a palpable increase in Internet crimes and we work together, all the agencies here have received training and purchased technology, “said Lopez. The Sheriff, FBI and police, are working to arrest those persons responsible, “he added. Systems for Human Trafficking Report, designed in 2007 under the auspices of the Department of Justice, was 2,515 suspected incidents of human trafficking surveyed nationwide between January 2008 and June 2010-about 80 percent of which were related to commercial sex and forced labor.

Given the difficult situation, Lopez appealed to civil society to end such practices.

 “We need to let you know, people who go online stop to ask for such services. It can be very dangerous you never know who is at the other end. Furthermore, by simply entering a site you have become involved in the broader investigation being conducted by the authorities, “he said.

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Lille, France- Strauss-Kahn Receives Prostitution-Related Charges


Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a political rally he...

Dominique Strauss-Kahn at a political rally held by the Socialist Party for the 2007 parliamentary elections. Français : Dominique Strauss-Kahn au meeting organisé au Zénith de Paris par le Parti socialiste dans le cadre des élections législatives de 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LILLE, France (AP) — Dominique Strauss-Kahn was handed preliminary charges Monday alleging he was involved in a French prostitution ring, his lawyer said. The former International Monetary Fund chief is denying wrongdoing. It was a stunning blow on the home front for Strauss-Kahn, a onetime French presidential hopeful whose sexual behavior has been in the international spotlight over the past year.

The French charges come two days before a New York court takes up a civil case in which a hotel maid accuses Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her.

In the northern French city of Lille on Monday, investigating judges summoned Strauss-Kahn for questioning and held him for about eight hours. Afterward, Strauss-Kahn left in black sedan without speaking publicly.

Lawyer Richard Malka told reporters afterward that Strauss-Kahn was given preliminary charges of “aggravated procurement in an organized gang.”

Strauss-Kahn was released under judicial supervision after paying €100,000 in bail, and was barred from contacting others charged in the case, a judicial official said. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still underway.

Malka hotly contested the accusations. “Mr. Strauss-Kahn is finding himself, in large part because of his fame, thrown to the butchers,” Malka said.

“No one can understand the application of the concept of procuring (prostitutes) to his situation,” he said. “It is even less probable to apply the notion of an organized gang or network to describe simple libertine activity.”

Another Strauss-Kahn lawyer has acknowledged that the ex-IMF chief attended orgies but was unaware prostitutes were involved.

Under French law, preliminary charges mean authorities have reason to believe a crime was committed but allow more time for investigation.

The Lille judges’ questioning session had been scheduled for Wednesday — the day of the New York hearing — but was unexpectedly moved up.

Strauss-Kahn’s wife of two decades, renowned TV journalist Anne Sinclair, is now editor of the new French version of the Huffington Post website. The site carried a banner headline Monday night reading “PRELIMINARY CHARGES” over a photo of Strauss-Kahn.

Strauss-Kahn quit the IMF after the New York hotel maid said he sexually assaulted her in May. The criminal charges were later dropped, leading the woman to now pursue the civil case.

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Madrid police catch the pimp barcode gang, signs of ownership

Tattooed on the hands of women controled by bar codes as a sign of your property

hightech pimping in Madrid tatooed barcodes on the hand
hightech pimping in Madrid tatooed barcodes on the hand

Spanish police arrested 22 alleged pimps who allegedly used violence to force women into prostitution and bar codes tattooed them as a sign of ownership, officials said Sunday.

The police referred to the band as a pimp barcode. Officials released a 19-year-old had been beaten, held against her will and tattooed with a barcode and a number of money-$ -2.650 investigators believe was the amount of the debt for which the band wanted to extort money before releasing her.

The woman also had been beaten, and chained to a radiator and the hair and eyebrows shaved off, according to an Interior Ministry.

All detainees were of Romanian nationality and forced women to give up some of their income.

Women were tattooed on their wrists if they tried to escape, the statement said. Police also seized weapons and ammunition. It was not immediately clear when the raids were conducted.

Police seized $ 185.388 in cash, which were hidden in a false ceiling, a large amount of gold jewelry and five vehicles, three of which were described as luxurious.

The band was formed by two separate groups called “clans” in the statement, each dedicated to control prostitution along fixed sections of a street in central Madrid.

One of the alleged ringleaders, who identified only by the initials “IT”, is wanted by the Romanian authorities for crimes related to prostitution, the statement

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Mexican authorities rescued three women-forced into prostitution, by two men!

These two men-Forced victimes into Prostitution!

These two men-Forced victimes into Prostitution!

The Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF) rescued three women who were forced into prostitution in the areas of Sullivan and La Merced and captured two men who shall be earmarked in the coming hours.

At a press conference the head of the agency, Miguel Angel Mancera, said those arrested are; Jonathan Luciano Valenzuela and Ricardo Juarez Bautista Jimenez, who are likely responsible for the crimes of human trafficking, corruption of minors and procuring.

He noted that one of the minor victims a native of Veracruz, was brought against her will to Mexico City in February, after a brief stay in Puebla, where she was raped by Bautista Valenzuela.

The victim also said that the subject was prostituted for 50 days in a hotel located on Sullivan Street and that three thousand or four thousand dollars was obtained daily and then was locked in a hotel in Colonia Morelos.

The victim said that once she sought to escape the hotel, but was discovered by Luciano Juarez, who over-powered her and forced her into one of the rooms, where Ricardo Bautista hit her and threatened to murder her if she tried to escape again.

The complainant said that in recent days she could escape and return to her home, when they were taken to Puebla to mark the birthday of Baptist Valenzuela, who beat them when he was drunk, with the phone and started to annoy the family and companions of the victim.

Mancera Espinosa said that by arresting the two alleged perpetrators, the elements of the Investigation Police rescued the other two victims, aged 20 and 25 years of age, same as formalized their complaint against Ricardo Bautista for the crime of pandering.

A prostitute who was held for three years in various hotels in La Merced, and Sullivan, paid two thousand dollars daily to Jonathan Bautista.

The other said she met this guy a year ago and since then he forced her into sex-service and at the end of each day she turned over two thousand 500 pesos a day.

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All Children should be Protected!

Children at school in Nigeria

Image via Wikipedia

This matters if you are human! All children should be protected, they are our future, and we let them be taken,used, abused and enslaved into a life of prostitution and slavery. Where are we? Look around you and feel the pain, the hurt, the shame and the disgust that we tolerate as a human society. Have we no shame? No compassion! No love for our neighbors and their children, so how can we call ourselves civilized? And most of all, how can we face ourselves in the morning, knowing what is going on outside our door! But maybe we are like the majority of people in this world, Its’ not happening to me! So I don’t think about it.

Is this Your Child?

If we know that this is just an hour’s drive from Naples, and much of Castel Volturno’s businesses are run by the Neapolitan mafia, the Camorra. When 15,000 legal and illegal immigrants — 40% of today’s population — started flooding into the region to work on mafia-run tomato farms, Nigerian criminals seized the opportunity to start trafficking drugs and people.

Anti-mafia investigators, who explain, that the Nigerian mafia could not operate without paying the Italian mafia their cut. The most visible sign of organized crime are Nigerian prostitutes on the Domitiana road, which straddles Castel Volturno for 28 kilometers. After speaking to Trafficked Nigerian prostitutes and hearing how [prior to their departure from Africa] they are subjected to secret Juju rite to entrap them in a bond of slavery with their mafia traffickers. The women now believe escape from this bond is impossible. If they try to break free they and their families could go mad and die. It is this oath which makes it harder to rescue the Nigerian women than any other nationality.

A 2010 UNICRI report shows the evolving nature of Nigerian women in the sex trade . Once the girls have paid off their debt to the traffickers, averaging around 60,000 Euros, they frequently become ‘Madams’ themselves, making a living of prostitution by importing yet more girls. UNICRI estimates an annual presence of Nigerian street workers in Italy, of 8,000 -10,000 which is a figure that puts the Nigerian group at the top of different groups in forced prostitution. Significantly, the report also states that around 25,000 minor and adult women have left the sexual exploitation circus between 2001 and 2009 throwing light on a rapid turn-over of women in the sex trade.

The Nigerian State of Edo is the primary source area for women and girls who are trafficked into Italy as prostitutes. Figures from Nigeria are far harder to come by, but investigators from Nigeria’s anti-trafficking authority, NAPTIP, estimate that between 20,000 to 40,000 Nigerian girls are stuck in brothels in Mali, many of them en route to Europe, with male customers paying as little as $2.00.

This is maybe where one, should have been more challenging with the Nigerian anti-trafficking officers. The 2011 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report published by the US State Department paints NAPTIP in a less positive light. The report states that Nigeria fully complies with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but highlights that it did not demonstrate an increase in its anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts. “Although the government claimed to have increased its budget allocation to the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons and other Related Matters (NAPTIP) which was forecast to receive an estimated $7 million last year, the government did not disclose actual disbursements to NAPTIP.”

Furthermore, the TIP report points out that NAPTIP initiated 262 new investigations but only achieved 12 convictions and that. In response to NAPTIP’s investigations in Mali it also raises concern “that senior NAPTIP officials’ regular travel abroad during the year did not yield discernible results in terms of arrests.” This comes as a disappointment given how pervasive trafficking still is.

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