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The Jiuvy arrested, head of square Reds in Guerrero

Coat of arms of Chilpancingo.

Coat of arms of Chilpancingo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The federal SSP reported that the arrest of the alleged leader of kidnappers occurred as part of the actions taken in an operation

Federal Police detained in the state of Guerrero Roberto Pedraza Jose Molina, nicknamed “The Jiuvy” was linked to the crimes of illegal kidnapping and extortion in the service of the criminal group “The Reds”.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that federal arrest suspected leader of kidnappers occurred as part of the activities carried out within the operating Guerrero Seguro.

The investigation indicated that Pedraza Molina also served as chief of space “Reds” in the town of Ocotito, in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, where he allegedly headed the drug distribution and coordination of kidnappings and killings against members antagonistic groups.

In this case it was noted that the arrest of the suspect was made to follow up the investigations arising from the arrest of Ronces Mario Perez, on July 8 who served as chief Ocotito plaza, Guerrero.

Through intelligence reports the location of Molina Pedraza was obtained, so a search operation was put into action in Chilpancingo, once he was identified, while riding in a van, he was arrested.

After his arrest “The Jiuvy”, 29, also said he headed the illegal deprivation of freedom of several people whose ransoms demanded in different amounts of money, explained the SSP in a statement.

During the operation, said a Hummer H2, 2006 model, gray MMF3807 license plates, the State of Mexico, an assault rifle AK-47, a charger supplied with 20 rounds of ammunition, a plastic bag with marijuana, plus two telephone equipment.

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The escort El Mayo Zambada’s son captured in Ensenada

The state Public Security Secretariat reported that Santos Lara, 26, escaped last January of a criminal Sinaloa


The escort El Mayo Zambada’s son captured

ENSENADA, The State Preventive Police (PEP) arrested Juan Ángel Santos Lara, who at the time of his arrest was carrying two firearms and rounds of ammunition and allegedly worked as an escort for a son of Ismael El Mayo Zambada.

The state Public Security Secretariat reported that Santos Lara, 26, escaped last January and was a criminal who sought refuge in Sinaloa and Baja California.

He said the capture of Santos Lara was made on Boulevard Lazaro Cardenas Boulevard corner Estancia, fractionation of Acapulco, where the agents ordered him to stop while riding aboard a pick-up truck GMC Sierra.

The escapee was identified with a driver’s license in the name of Pedro Nunez, 26, but then he confirmed his identity and was actually named Juan Angel Santos Lara, 26, a native of Guamuchil, Sinaloa.

During a precaution review he was found to have a concealed weapon tucked in his waist, a nine millimeter firearm, two thousand dollars, $ 40 and two envelopes with white powder which appears to be cocaine was seized.

Also seized in the arrest was a firearm caliber 25 mm supplied with five rounds of ammunition and a magazine with 10 cartridges, 39 shots nine millimeter caliber, 10 caliber ammunition 45, 15 rounds .38 Super and .25 caliber seven shots.

To verify your identity, Juan Ángel Santos proved that Lara was arrested in 2008 in possession of several long firearms, including a .50 caliber barret and fragmentation grenades.

After this arrest he escaped from prison to work as an escort Ismael Zambada alias El Mayito , son of Ismael El Mayo Zambada Garcia, leader of the Sinaloa cartel along with Joaquin El Chapo Guzman Loera.

However, the alleged offender was arrested again in November 2011, but in January 2012 he escaped with four other subjects from a penitentiary in Sinaloa with the help of a custodian of that criminal.

In this custodian allegedly paid the sum of 300 thousand dollars to facilitate the escape, so that also has an arrest warrant for the crime of escape of prisoners.

Currently residing in Lara Santos Juan Diego Residential fractionation Ensenada, municipality where you purchased taxis and went to work on public transport.

It also engaged in planting, harvesting and sale of marijuana for the Sinaloa cartel, said it unnerving to have crops in the village of El Pino, in the state of Sinaloa.

A Lara Santos also been linked as the perpetrator of a murder recorded in the mountains of Sinaloa, in revenge for the murder of his brother.

After his arrest in Baja California port, PEP agents moved to Tijuana, where apparently the subject had houses that presumably concealed firearms.

The detainee was turned over to the Attorney General’s Office.

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Federal Police seize 800 kilograms of Marijuana in Veracruz

Federal Police seize 800 kilograms of Marijuana  in Veracruz

The Ministry of Public Securityreported that in searching the truck they found several packages containing Marijuana.

830 Kilos of Marijuana confiscated Veracruz
830 Kilos of Marijuana confiscated Veracruz

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 19. -Offices of the Federal Police seized 830 kilos 032 grams of marijuana in the municipality of Cosamaloapan, Veracruz, they found hidden in a passenger bus.

In a statement, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that in searching the truck they found several tailored packages wrapped tan tape containing the drug marijuana.

He explained that staff of the Federal Police carried out checks on all vehicles which run on the National Highway (145-D) La Tinaja-Cosoleacaque, section Cosamaloapan-La Tinaja, and the high marks on the bus and processed by the scanner of the Mobile VACIS unit equipped with Gamma-Ray arc, detected various irregular shapes.

At verification, the appreciated images that did not correspond to the original design of the unit, under the second scan with the system of mobile X-ray inspection, Z Backscatter Van (ZBV) of the Federal Police in the country’s road network for the detection narcotics, explosives and firearms in vehicles.

Security explained that Jorge Mata Ortiz, 50, the driver and his companion Eulices Alberto Martinez Diaz, 43, were arrested and taken to the Federal Public Ministry in Cosamaloapan, along with Dina vehicle with license plates 042 -RM3 to determine responsibilities.

In the Public Ministry was altered physical inspection of the truck in the area for luggage, and there he was found hiding compartment several packages.

He noted that after this last raid they found 200 packages containing green grass with the characteristics of marijuana.

The detainees said they were traveling without passengers, from the state of Oaxaca and were bound for the Port of Veracruz.

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Mexico- band of kidnappers The Petriciolet -Arrested

Cuautitlán Izcalli
Image via Wikipedia

Mexico .- The Federal Police captured in the State of Mexico, José Martín Jiménez Martínez, nicknamed “The Porro” member of the band “The Petriciolet” linked to the kidnapping and death of the young Fernando Martí and Antonio Equihua.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) said in a federal statement that the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) offered a reward of up to 15 million pesos to person or persons who could provide information leading to the location of Jimenez Martinez who was arrested in the town of Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio. Intelligence reports indicated that this person provided protection to the criminals at the time so he could intercept the victims and to make the payment of ransoms.

Following information gathering by the Intelligence Center of the Federal Police they confirmed that this individual acted as an agent of the Attorney General’s Office from 1993 to 2008.

The Porro” is accused of the crimes of organized crime and illegal deprivation of liberty in the form of abduction, as the band Los Petriciolet is linked to at least 10 kidnappings in Mexico City and Mexico state.

The detainees were transferred to the Federal Social Rehabilitation Center located in the state of Nayarit, where in the next few hours the trial judge will determine their legal status.

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MEXICO CITY, Caen Zetas extorted money from businessmen in Tabasco

Los Zetas Extortionist arrested

Los Zetas Extortionist arrested


They demanded money in exchange for not harming your body or your business, if you did not provide the requested amount.

MEXICO CITY, Soldiers of the federal police arrested two suspected members of criminal group “Los Zetas“, linked to extortion from traders in the state of Tabasco.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that a federal police officer, Roberto Martinez Martinez is allegedly responsible for calling the family of the victims and collecting the extorted funds, and Gabriel Calderon Martinez threatened to kill the hostages if their demands were not met.

According to investigations, the modus operandi of these people was to make phone calls to merchants, which showed to be the square heads of municipalities and Huimanguillo Cardenas.

Then he demanded money in exchange for not doing bodily harm or damaging the persons place of business, if the requested amount was not provided, and took products from the establishments and then went for more cash.

Federal police implemented an operation near the colony center, municipality of Cardenas, where they located and captured the alleged perpetrators in the process of collecting the proceeds of their extortions.

During the arrest, the suspects said they belong to the criminal organization known as “Los Zetas” and that its area of ​​operation covers the towns of Cardenas and Huimanguillo.

They were also confiscated one thousand 500 pesos payment resulting from extortion, two different cartridges firearm, a knife, a registration certificate, five mobile phones, audio player and a vehicle.

The detainees were taken to the Public Prosecutor of the Federation to initiate appropriate investigations

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Monterrey, NL,- Police kill civilians and disrupt the crime scene, says NHRC

police destroy crime scene?
police destroy crime scene?

Agents shoot at him 29 times while riding in his car in Monterrey, NL, and state that was in the midst of persecution, says

The National Commission on Human Rights of Mexico (CNDH ombudsman) today accused a group of policemen in the northern state of Nuevo Leon of killing a civilian and alter the scene of the murder to criminalize it.

The agency, which did not provide the identities of the suspects or the victim, said in a statement that investigated the case of a young professional who was killed “by members of the Public Security Secretariat of Nuevo Leon” last April 18, in Valle Las Brisas neighborhood of the city of Monterrey.

“In addition to fire on multiple occasions (29 in total), the officers allegedly responsible falsified the facts to ensure that the victim’s vehicle was in the midst of a pursuit,” said the unit.

The young man was driving his truck to work when the incident occurred, and some security cameras in the area revealed that the police lied in saying that they were in the midst of persecution, according to the CNDH.

Additionally, the police “do not preserve the scene and altered the facts to be placed inside of the truck a gun and shell casings that were lying on the sidewalk (pavement) and belonged to the deceased,” said the NHRC.

According to the advocacy, the officers violated human rights to life, honor, legality, legal certainty and access to justice for the victim.

In this sense, the agents found guilty of kidnapping, arbitrary use of public force, altering the crime scene and preservation “irregular” evidence.

The commission, whose decisions are not binding, issued a recommendation to the government of Nuevo Leon, in which he calls “repair the damage to the family of the victim and collaborate fully in the administrative investigation.”

He also requested to publish and distribute a standard governing the proportionate use of public force, and design a training program in human rights for middle managers and operatives.

Finally, the Executive asked the Mexican state spreading “in the newspapers of national circulation clarification of the incident”, which should recognize “the moral quality of the deceased.”

Several NGOs and international organizations have repeatedly denounced that as a result of the fight against organized crime that leads the federal government in Mexico have increased cases of human rights violations committed by security forces.

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Hector Russell Rodríguez Báez, alias “El Toro, arrested in Mexico!

Spread of Greater Mexico City into Mexico and ...

Image via Wikipedia

Federal Police agents arrested in Mexico Hector Russell Rodríguez Báez, alias “El Toro”, the alleged leader of a cell of the drug cartel La Familia, after a confrontation in a municipality of metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City, officials said.

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) said in a statement federal criminal group that his command “El Toro” was one of the “most violent operating in the State of Mexico” at the service of La Familia Michoacana.

The suspect, age 30, was arrested Friday in the town of Chalco after a raid by federal forces in which two criminals were killed.

The authorities accuse the detainee of control “the sale, distribution of drugs and extortion to collect business people” in that area.

According to research, Rodríguez Báez “organized and participated in the killing of people who did not meet the required payments,” the note.

The SSP said that the alleged criminal “was one of the first to join” the family in the State of Mexico, and allegedly participated in the “killing of more than 20 members of opposing groups.”

After a series of arrests of members of The Family in Mexico State, Federal Police located a home in New San Isidro district, in Chalco and spotted two armed persons, “when discovered attacked the troops with weapons fire and grenades. “

In the shooting death of the two assailants, and was arrested “El Toro” Aminadad with Heredia Juarez, alias “Oaxaca”, age 22, and Rosa Maria Villanueva Cano, 20.

Authorities seized a vehicle, and a short rifle, cartridges, a fragmentation grenade detonated, 24 plastic bags with marijuana, 18 cell phones, two mass storage devices and various documents.

The detainees were turned over to federal prosecutors.

The La Familia cartel, severely beaten by security forces, had split after the death in December 2010 by Nazario Moreno Gonzalez, alias “El Chayo” who led the organization with “El Chango Méndez”.

That internal struggle was born the Knights Templar criminal group, which has become the dominant drug trafficking organization in the state of Michoacan, which has forced the family to move to other states.

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