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Seven policemen accused of joining the criminal organisation “Chalco”

He arrested the officials with a sniper rifle 308 mm, a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols, not allowed for police

308 Sniper Rifle with scope

The Department of Public Safety (SSC) reported that the investigation continues around linking public safety officials and Chalco Chalco Valley with organized crime gangs, since they found high power weapons not authorized to municipal corporations.

The weapon [308 mm sniper rifle] was found in a vehicle the five officials of the municipal police in Valle de Chalco were traveling in, without registration and have the military could not verify the source.

Secretary of Public Safety, Salvador Neme Sastré news conference said that so far only seven of the 23 detainees elements of both corporations have criminal entry, the rest have been accused by the Attorney General that mexiquense conducted investigations to locate the source of the weapons found.

“The day the operation was implemented Olympus, was found unmarked private car they were traveling near the cluster near the parking lot, five members of the municipal police there is located a 308 mm sniper rifle, I would like to know what the police with a sniper rifle, but did not establish the property at the time the license or any item that could be given with respect to that gun and a 5.56 mm rifle, three pistols and 38 special caliber 3.57 that most do not corporations are accustomed to police. ”

Given the alleged complaint of the municipality of Valle de Chalco for theft of weapons and destruction, caused by the elements of the SSC, the official denied that he had registered a theft, but agreed they could register destruction and argued “goes, we were chasing murderers, kidnappers and we are pursuing even more hiding in plaque and in police uniform gives courage, but not a single shot, “he added.

Regarding weapons issued instructions said to keep track of these weapons have municipalities, as all should be welcomed to the same type of weapons.

In addition to reviewing the municipalities of Valle de Chalco Chalco and to determine if there are any missing or stolen weapons.

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Mayor arrested for carrying a weapon in San Luis Potosi

Clemente Sanchez Meraz had a weapon used exclusively by the armed forces without permission.

Elements of the Mexican army arrested the mayor of Tampamolón Corona, Clement Sanchez Meraz, for carrying a weapon for the exclusive use of the armed forces without permission.

Mayor arrested for carrying a weapon in San Luis Potosi

Mayor arrested for carrying a weapon in San Luis Potosi

The Secretary General of Government, Candido Rojas Ochoa said the weapon, caliber nine millimeters, was secured in a position of control implemented by the military elements in the municipality of Escobedo Tanquian in the Huasteca region of the state.

He said the gun was found to conduct a review to a white Suburban truck without license plates, in which Mayor Sanchez traveled Meraz.

The mayor was made available to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to initiate inquiries.

The state official said that there is a clear protocol in the law to use weapons and this should be respected, and stressed that security posts installed in the state are working.

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Russian man lives to walk away!

Lives to walk away

Lives to walk away

In Russia a man born again. In a video you can see how the pedestrian attempting to cross the highway recklessly tries to avoid on-coming traffic on one avenue, running from side to side of the street.

When passing a vehicle, which his passenger recorded the video, the man did not notice that another car exceeded at full speed, trying to stop, but it was not enough, the right mirror of the car struck the pedestrian who fell in the middle of the road .

Miraculously, the man gets up and returns to the side of the highway

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Executed By CT in Apatzingán

Man lives and dies by his actions!

Man lives and dies by his actions!

A couple of day ago the bodies of three men were found next to a Coca Cola manufacturing plant in Apatzingán, Michoacan. The victims all had visible signs of being tortured, a knife through their chest and were left sitting on white plastic chairs.

The victims had their hands tied behind their backs, their eyes were blindfolded and all the victims appeared to have been shot in the forehead. Next to them was a narco-banner that had a logo commonly used by Los Caballeros Templarios.

“Man lives and dies according to his behavior and his actions, as it is reflected now in this case.”

Authorities were not able to identify the victims during the discovery, but they did recover at the scene a magazine for a 10mm firearm.

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