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MEXICO CITY, Anonymous stole and then donated $ 1.3 million to Charity!

Anonymous has become a Mafia driven organization, and should be treated the same as the Drug cartels, and any other criminal operations, perhaps they are  the new Cyber-Terrorist of the future!

Once a thief always a thief! And should be treated accordingly!

This is not the Phantom of the Opera!

This is not the Phantom of the Opera!


During the operation Robin Hood , the hacktivists stole the money from the firm Stratfor and donated it to social organizations

The group of hacktivists Anonymous distributed one million euros ($ 1,305,000 USD) between different charities, having committed his last “hit” over the weekend.

The hackers stole a secret list of clients in the private institute Stratfor U.S. security and other sensitive information such as emails and credit card details, by which carried out the abduction.

Stratfor’s clients include agencies of the United States Armed Forces and companies like American Express, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, among many others.

Anonymous announced that the list “is not private or secret anymore.”

The band of hacktivists had announced in late November, the conduct of the Operation Robin Hood consisting of different attacks on banks and financial institutions for the withdrawal of funds and accounts sent to charities.

“As a result of this incident, the operation of servers and emails from Stratfor have been suspended,” he said yesterday the company based in Texas.

From Anonymous noted that they had obtained information about four thousand credit card accounts, passwords and physical addresses from the list of private clients Stratfor.

The information was published on the site Pastebin, a favorite of communities hackers .

The group of hackers joins another attack on its vast assault on sites web of government agencies, security, government and private companies “in their crusade.”

Stratfor, which describes itself as a provider of strategic intelligence for business issues, economic, and geopolitical security, said he was “working closely with law enforcement agencies in their research and help with the identification of the individual (s) responsible “.

As explained in a statement Team-poison Anonymous and its operation is to return the money to those who are punished by the system.

The hacktivists explain they will donate 99 percent of the loot to charities to obtain in a campaign they call “rebate” of money.

“When the poor steal, they argue, is considered violence. When banks rob us, a business that is called “Anonymous assured those in a statement.

In the statement issued requiring that bank customers should not be victims of their action, because financial institutions are obliged to pay back credit cards which have been compromised.

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