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U.S. advisory; Kidnappings on the rise in Mexico

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Kidnappings on the rise in Mexico, U.S. warning to its citizens

The State Department warned its citizens in many cases, the police are complicit in kidnappings with organized crime

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 8. – The Government of the United States today renewed its travel warning to Mexico for the “serious problems” of violence and organized crime activities in the country, and has caused the number of U.S. citizens killed in its territory to rise. “Crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country, and can occur anywhere,” said the State Department in a statement, which replaces the warning issued on April 22, 2011.

The number of U.S. citizens killed in the country has more than tripled in four years, of the 35 recorded in 2007 to 120 recorded this year, according to U.S. figures. However, there is “no evidence,” that criminal organizations have sought to attack U.S. citizens “based on their nationality”, and tourist areas generally do not show the same levels of violence as the border areas which are in the drug trafficking routes, the statement said.

Despite the efforts of Mexican government to intensify the fight against criminal organizations 12,903 people were killed in the first nine months of 2011 in crimes related to drug violence, says the State Department.

The U.S. government places special emphasis on not to travel to the states of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Durango and Chihuahua. It also warns against travel to much of the territory of the states of Zacatecas, Sonora, Sinaloa, San Luis Potosi, Nayarit, Michoacan, Guerrero, Jalisco, Aguascalientes and Nuevo Leon, and should exercise caution in Colima , Morelos and Veracruz. U.S. shows “particularly concerned” about “the increasing number of abductions and disappearances throughout Mexico,” which affected “both local communities and the expatriates” and has sometimes involved Mexican police.

The U.S. strongly advises that you keep a low profile and avoid showing them any sign of wealth that can attract attention,” said the State Department. Kidnappings and robberies on the highway are “serious problems” in many parts of the area border, and several U.S. citizens have been killed in such accidents, he says. According to recent indications, criminals “attack particularly new, larger vehicles, especially the dark minivan,” and assaults occur more often at night and in isolated roads, said the statement.

Therefore, U.S. urges its citizens to travel between the cities of the country “only during the day” to avoid isolated roads and “use toll roads whenever possible” in addition to “cooperate in all control points “, both official and illegally arranged by drug cartels.

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A series of attacks left 16 dead in Veracruz yesterday.

The map of actions where it happened!

The map of actions where it happened!

The National Defense Secretariat reported that the first incident occurred at dawn, in the community of El Higo when an armed group killed three people who drove a vegetable truck and, in another part of the country, threw a grenade, killing another civilian.

Subsequently, the Federal Highway Tempoal-Panuco, armed attackers hijacked a bus and killed two passengers. Then, on the same route, they stopped a second bus and the shooters killed four people.

To check what happened, the driver of a third bus descended from his vehicle and was killed.

After the attack, soldiers of the Mexican army pursued the attackers and, after locating them, there arose a shooting that resulted in the deaths of five gunmen. No one was arrested.

In the aftermath, the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros called on its citizens use extreme caution when transiting or living in Veracruz.

Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi tightened security along the border with Veracruz.

Veracruz terrorize

At least 16 people died, including five suspected assassins, after several assaults and attacks by an armed group and an ensuing confrontation with authorities in Veracruz.

The Attorney General of the organization said in a statement that one of the armed group’s attack took place early yesterday morning in the town of El Higo, where officials reported four civilians killed in unspecified circumstances.

Later, the group of criminals attacked on the road against three Panuco Tempoal-passenger buses. In these events killed six commuters and a driver.

After the attack, authorities mounted an operation to trace the attackers and be located was raised after a confrontation that resulted in the death of five alleged gunmen.

The attackers were found five rifles, 54 magazines and eight cell phones, in addition to an armored van.

The state authority did not say whether the attackers belong to a drug cartel.

In the aftermath, the government of Veracruz said will strengthen surveillance of the roads in the area to protect passengers.

The Veracruz government spokeswoman, Gina Dominguez explained that he had knowledge of the attack on the bus is connected to the murders of four people in El Higo.

In an interview by Francisco Zea, to Multimedia Image Group , the state official said the ministerial proceedings are already underway.

He also said that people who witnessed the events should be called to make their statements and thus know the phone.

After the attacks, the state governor, Javier Duarte de Ochoa acknowledged that Veracruz is not exempt from complex moments facing the country, hence urged the integration of all Veracruz.

“We must stay together and united, moving forward,” he said in relation to the events of yesterday morning, according to what the government said the entity.

The governor said that shortly will be notified officially of the Veracruz.

He also noted: “There are issues that are not only unique to Veracruz and in that sense what we are doing is to confront and solve them,” he said.

The Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) condemned the acts and expressed condolences to the families of the victims who lost their lives in attacks in the town of Panuco, Veracruz.

The federal agency said in a statement that these actions people died as a result of assaults and attacks against the population by members of organized crime.

Reported that during the early hours of yesterday Mexican Army personnel moved to the Panuco-Tantoyuca road to serve a citizen complaint regarding that gunmen stormed that place passenger buses and attacked civilians.

In making awards in the area spotted a group of subjects, who attacked the troops, so the military troops repelled the attack. In the clash killed five attackers.

He said that this group of offenders during the first hours in El Higo took the lives of three people who were loading a truck with vegetables and elsewhere in the population threw a grenade, a fact which killed another civilian.

Subsequently, on the road to Tempoal, at the point called the “Y” stormed a bus and killed two passengers, later on the same road stopped a second bus on which shots were fired from firearms.

In this attack killed four people, and to verify what happened on a third bus driver alighted from his vehicle and was killed by those criminals.

From the facts noted the authorities, who were available to the bodies of the victims and secured by the troops.

EU launches violence alert

The U.S. Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, yesterday warned its citizens who visit, transit or reside in the northern part of Veracruz, to exercise caution before the facts of violence in the region, which killed 11 cities traveling aboard buses, by alleged members of organized crime.

The document states that one should be alert when traveling to the state of Veracruz, mainly in the north on the border with Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi.

“The Americans in this area should monitor local news to stay informed about situations that may affect their safety.

“The Consulate General also reminds U.S. citizens to avoid traveling long distance by road at night,” said diplomatic representatives.

He also explained that the “morning of December 22, several vehicles, including three regular passenger buses were attacked with firearms in northern Veracruz, resulting in several deaths. One of the bus was traveling on Highway 105 between the towns of Panuco and Tempoal “.

The consulate through the State Department advised U.S. citizens in Mexico and this state, to postpone nonessential travel to the state of Tamaulipas.

Consular representation reminded that U.S. citizens to obtain information from most recent backup, if you are traveling abroad should regularly monitor the websites of the Department of State in the section on the current Worldwide Caution, Travel Warnings and Alerts.

Change made to the director of the Police Academy!

The Public Security Secretariat (SSP) of the state reported that the first captain of infantry, Alejandro Lopez-Ferrer, assumed the leadership of the State Police Academy The Lencero.

He explained that this measure corresponds to the institutional redesign in this area, with which it seeks to professionalize the police in the state that will be prepared within the new policing model.

“With the firm conviction to remain as a police trainer prepared, courageous and a mystic of different service, the State Police Academy is supported by a senior faculty that ensures the professionalism of its elements with quality standards’ he said.

According to Lopez Ferrer’s resume, he served for 21 years in the Mexican army, with training in the Narcotics Unit at Fort Bragg, United States, specialized training for special forces instructors, basic course and advanced course counter-terrorism diving and parachuting.

He has served as an instructor in special forces units, teaching subjects such as tactics and techniques of intervention, diving, shooting reaction and advanced marksmanship, defensive and offensive driving, he said.

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U.S. warning its citizens about violence in Veracruz-extreme caution!


United States Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas

United States Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Asked to exercise caution as violent incidents on Thursday 16 deaths in the north of that entity

MEXICO CITY, December 22 .- The United States Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, warned their citizens who visit, transit or reside in the northern part of Veracruz, to guard against extreme acts of violence in the region , which was recorded on Thursday killed 11 civilians and five suspects.

The document states that one should be alert when traveling to the state of Veracruz, mainly in the north, on the border with Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi.

“Americans in this area should monitor local news and information to stay informed about situations that may affect their safety.

“The Consulate General also reminds U.S. citizens to avoid traveling long distance by road at night,” warns the U.S. consulate.

It explains that the “morning of December 22, several vehicles, including three regular passenger buses were attacked with firearms in northern Veracruz state, resulting in several deaths. One of these buses traveling on Highway 105 between the towns of Panuco and Tempoal “.

Finally, consular representation reminds U.S. citizens to obtain the latest security information, if you are traveling abroad should regularly monitor the websites of the Department of State in the section on the current Worldwide Caution, Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts

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CIUDAD VICTORIA, -SLP Tamaulipas and tightens security on the border with Veracruz


More soldiers on the streets

More soldiers on the streets

The authorities of Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi, supported by federal forces tightened security on its border with Veracruz after the death of 16 people in the north of this state.

To implement this measure, the Government of Tamaulipas was coordinated with the Ministry of National Defense, the Navy of Mexico, Federal Police, state police and ministry.

The metropolitan area, comprising the municipalities of Tampico, Madero and Altamira, have little more than 500 military elements in municipal preventive police functions as part of the agreement between federal, state and municipal governments, from the month of June.

In addition, since last December 6 tore “Operation Safe Christmas 2011”, involving elements of the Department of Defense, Semar, PFP and state corporations, which does not reveal the number, but Tamaulipas officials say they are sufficient to guarantee the tranquility of the population in southern Tamaulipas.

In that sense the source consulted said that the city of Altamira military has 157 municipal stationed as preventive agents, while in Tampico and Madero correspond to 180 in each locality, to which federal courts have joined forces and specific functions.

Meanwhile, in San Luis Potosi it was reported to prevent criminal acts in other states generated are transferred to the territory of San Luis, was ordered surveillance in the boundaries of the entity in Tamaulipas and Veracruz.

The secretary general of the State Government, Candido Rojas Ochoa said that there is a sobrevigilancia in the entity, which aims to prevent other states actions affecting local level.

He said that since there have been some crimes that have affected two entities, as happened already with the bank robbery in the town of San Luis Ebony and ended in a clash in Veracruz area between criminals and the military.

The official explained that in this situation, the order was necessary to have more security on the border with the states of Veracruz and Tamaulipas, with the sole purpose of fighting is not generated in San Luis.

Rojas Ochoa said that to avoid this problem, already have agreements with some of the nine states bordering the entity, such as Zacatecas, Guanajuato and Jalisco, among others.

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Police Chief- Almaguer Perez and his son were Killed Monday!


Police chief-Almaguer Perez and son killed

Police chief-Almaguer Perez and son killed

The police chief of Saltillo, the capital of the northern Mexican state of Coahuila, and his 11-year-old son were killed by gunmen while driving, prosecutors said Monday.

Emmanuel Almaguer Perez was killed Monday morning in the state capital’s eastern Magisterio neighborhood, the Coahuila state Attorney General’s Office said.  Almaguer Perez and his son were driving in their SUV when the gunmen opened fire on them, the AG’s office said. The bodies of the police chief and his son were found inside the vehicle at the intersection of Seccion 38 boulevard and Arturo Ruiz street.

Almaguer Perez and his son were shot with assault rifles, the AG’s office said. “Investigators from the Attorney General’s Office worked on Monday morning to remove the bodies, as well as to conduct the necessary field work corresponding to the investigation,” the AG’s office said.  The shooting occurred hours after three people were gunned down at a bar in Torreon, another city in Coahuila. 

The Gulf cartel and Los Zetas are the main drug trafficking organizations operating in Coahuila. Los Zetas, considered Mexico’s most violent drug cartel, mainly operates in Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and San Luis Potosi states. After several years on the payroll of the Gulf cartel, Los Zetas went into the drug business on their own account and now control several lucrative territories.  The two cartels have been fighting for control of smuggling routes from northern Mexico into the United States.

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Former -Juárez chief of police Julian Leyzaola- accused of Human Rights abuse!


Julian Leyzaloa former police chief

Julian Leyzaloa former police chief

A former police chief in the border city of Tijuana and several subordinates violated the human rights of suspects and broke the law by torturing people in custody, state human rights officials charged Thursday.

Baja California state‘s Human Rights Commission and human rights prosecutor made the accusation in a report on the allegations against former chief Julian Leyzaola and others.

The commission said Leyzaola has been summoned to appear before a state judge in the case. The rights body has the power to issue nonbinding recommendations and to refer cases to prosecutors.

Leyzaola, a retired army lieutenant colonel, become known nationally as a tough cop after cracking down on police corruption and drug gang violence in Tijuana. He resigned the Tijuana post in November 2010, but his success there spurred another violence-wracked border city, Ciudad Juarez, to hire him as police chief last March.

There have been earlier allegations against Leyzaola but he has not been formally charged.

Several police officers who were charged in early 2009 with helping drug traffickers said Leyzaola or other officers dropped them off at a military base where they were beaten, nearly asphyxiated or forced to endure electric shocks to their genitals. Leyzaola has denied those accusations.

In Ciudad Juarez, rights activists say that last March, officers from one of the city’s elite police units kidnapped four young men whose bodies were found later in a vacant lot. Leyzaola has pledged to investigate that case.

Many Mexican mayors and local police chiefs refuse to confront drug kingpins, saying it is the federal government’s job to fight organized crime. Leyzaola, 51, broke with that pattern during his tenure as Tijuana, forging an unusually close relationship with the military, sharing intelligence as they pursued the same targets. He slept at an army base in downtown Tijuana, sometimes after nights of cruising the city to “hunt” for criminals, as he put it.

The New York-based group Human Rights Watch released a report earlier this month that accused the Mexican government of torture, forced disappearances and extra-judicial killings in its war against organized crime.

The report outlines misconduct at all levels of authority, from prosecutors who give detainees prewritten confessions for signing to medical examiners who classify beatings and electric shock as causing minor injuries.

Only 15 soldiers have been convicted out of the 3,671 investigations conducted by military prosecutors into alleged human rights violations by soldiers against civilians from 2007 to June 2011, according to the report. Not a single soldier or state official has been convicted in any of more than 200 cases Human Rights Watch documented in the report.

Earlier Thursday, federal officials announced that soldiers captured a suspected leader for the Zetas drug cartel during a horse race that he organized in the northern state of Zacatecas.

A statement from the Defense Department and Attorney General’s Office said Alfredo Aleman Narvaez, who was detained Tuesday was known as “Comandante Aleman.”

Aleman Narvaez is accused of trafficking marijuana in Mexico and the United States from his base in San Luis Potosi State.

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Mexico City-Alfredo Narvaez German, nicknamed “The German Commander,” was arrested


Alfredo Narvaez German arrested

Alfredo Narvaez German arrested

MEXICO CITY, November 17 .- Soldiers of the Mexican army arrested  in Fresnillo, Zacatecas German- Alfredo Narvaez, nicknamed ‘The German commander’, who is a suspect of the criminal organization Los Zetas in San Luis Potosi.

Trevilla Ricardo Trejo, Director of Social Communication of the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) reported that the catch is a result of the monitoring work against drug trafficking organizations, which allowed airmobile prepare an operation to apprehend this subject.

This man is located in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, in a place where there was a horse race organized by him so that military personnel are concentrated road and at the same time elements of Special Forces helicopters arrived in the Mexican Air Force to participate in the capture of this subject.

Trevilla Trejo noted that this person is responsible for the alleged criminal activities of criminal organization ‘Los Zetas’ in San Luis Potosi, which was responsible for the collection of marijuana in that state for distribution in Mexico and the United States.

He said that according to comments from German Narvaez, also conducted these activities in the state of Zacatecas, where he maintained a direct confrontation with members of the so-called ‘Gulf Cartel‘.

It has information that German Narvaez was a man close to Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, ‘the 40’ and Ivan Velazquez Caballero, ‘The Taliban’, who considered his main collaborator in San Luis Potosi and provided support to maintain the struggle against ‘Gulf Cartel’ in the Huasteca region.

The Director of Social Communication of the military’s Tevin destalló Morales allegedly entrusted to ‘The German Commander’ the task of controlling and strengthening the presence of ‘Los Zetas’ in San Luis Potosi and prevent the weakening of its structure by this confrontation.


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