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21 bags located in Jalisco containing human remains

21 bags found containing human body parts

21 bags found containing human body parts

The discovery happened on Saturday afternoon, at the eight kilometer road marker to San Gabriel Sayula. Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains

MEXICO CITY, Sayula Township Authorities found at least 21 bags of human remains. The discovery happened this afternoon, gave the eight kilometer road Sayula-San Gabriel, Jalisco

At first it was thought that the remains corresponded to several people, but after investigating the contents of the 21 bags it was concluded that they belonged to a single individual.

The Forensic Medical Service personnel took charge and opened the bags and confirmed that it was the body parts of a single male person.

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Knights Templar Criminal Cartel 10 arrested

Detainees were involved in various killings, kidnappings and extortion, according to the state Department of Public Safety.

10 arrested in Guanajuato

10 arrested in Guanajuato

In a joint operation between the Attorney General of Guanajuato and the Public Security Ministry, were arrested 10 suspected members of the criminal group Knights Templar.

Secretary of State for Public Security, Alvar Cabeza de Vaca, said the detainees were involved in several killings, kidnappings and extortion in the cities of León, Silao, Guanajuato, Irapuato and Salamanca.

During the joint exercise they stopped the gang leader, identified as Ricardo Espinoza Gonzalez Bogar and / or Oscar Fernandez Campos and / or Suástegui Mauricio Correa, nicknamed “El Nino” and / or “Baby”, 25 years old.

During an interview, the official said that four months after entering the current acting state public administration, it has been dismantling 12 organized crime groups.

During the exercise carried out on Saturday five assault rifles AR-15, two 5.56 rifles and five handguns nine millimeter caliber were seized, also used vehicles to carry out their crimes and for drug sales and four safe houses.

Most of the detainees are from Morelia, Michoacan, identified as Jose Alfredo Guzman Villaseñor, nicknamed “Shorty”, 23, Santiago Hernandez Resendiz, “Jaime”, of 25, Salvador Andrade Méndez, “the Viejon”, 44, and Jose Luis Chavez Silva, “the Chelis” of 21. The leader Jesus Rodriguez also called “the Insane”, 23, Alejandro Nicolas Padilla Palomares, “the Pelon “, 30, Jose Francisco Silva,” Frank “, 28, Oscar Padilla Gómez,” the Jeton “, 30, and Bernardino Ayala, 37.

According to state prosecutors, these people are responsible for a series of extortions in the form of payment of dues or square, to the detriment of merchants and entrepreneurs from various fields, especially in the city of León.

In addition the activities related to the sale and distribution of drugs, participation is investigated several of them in the commission of multiple murders in Leon, Silao and Guanajuato.

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Armed Commandos terrorize town killing 11 people

Homicides be related to the struggle for territory facing Juarez and Sinaloa cartels in Chihuahua

Eleven people killed by armed commandos in struggle for drug turf

Eleven people killed by armed commandos in struggle for drug turf

Chihuahua, Chih. A heavily armed commando band riding aboard several trucks, took the town of Guadalupe Calvo, in the Sierra Tarahumara, and terrorized the town shooting to death 11 men of the community.

The homicides are related to the struggle for territory facing Juarez and Sinaloa cartels in this mountainous area conducive for growing marijuana, opium and synthetic drugs in clandestine laboratories.

Testimonials inhabitants of this town, located eight hours south of the state capital of Chihuahua, communicated via telephone and internet to report the facts, since by its remoteness is impossible to do otherwise promptly.

One of them, a resident of Parral and owner of a medium of electronic information, revealed that “eight people were found dead in Guadalupe y Calvo after an armed population will enter and victimara”.

He added that until Friday night, the balance was six people dead, “however, this Saturday morning, two people were executed” by the same armed group.

He said the incident was reported to the communication system of the South Area Office about 20:00 pm on Friday.

“There it was stated that a group of heavily armed men arrived in private vans Guadalupe y Calvo, streets closed to traffic and executed several people. At the edge of the night it was determined that the six were victimized. “

He added that, “in Guadalupe y Calvo climate of insecurity manifests with intensity.”

The State Attorney’s Office issued an informative part which states that the number of men executed amounted to 11. The last five were executed in the early hours of Saturday and six on Friday.

First two bodies were reported dead male on the main road of the town of Santa Rosalia, identified as the brothers Samuel and Arnoldo Flores Esparza, 30 and 26 years old.

The report said three other men, Lazaro Mata Pereda, Montañez Estanislao Ramos and Rolando Ramos Silva, were shot on board a van.

Friday saw the first settling of scores that began with a triple execution. In the neighborhood of the Minita were found the bodies of Esteban Mireles, 39 and Ezekiel Bautista, 22, along with another unidentified man, approximately 17 years old.

In the neighborhood of Santo Niño, bodies were located Nery Felipe Molina, 35, and Arturo Molina 40. In the neighborhood of Coronado is located the body of Alejandro Santos Robledo, 20 years old, which he burned the house, which his family managed to escape after the command spared them.

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Ten people are killed in different incidents in Guerrero

Despite police surveillance and Security Operations Warrior, at least 10 people were killed overnight and during Saturday in various violent incidents in the port of Acapulco.

Ten people are killed in different incidents in Guerrero
Ten people are killed in different incidents in Guerrero

First about 4:30 am in the crosses, which is at the entrance to the city coming from Mexico City, Federal Police chased a yellow cab which left one person dead, all though the authorities attempted to stop the taxi he never stopped, which led to a chase that ended when the driver was hit by bullets and he was detained.

At the scene the prosecutor was presented with initial information and ordered the transfer of the deceased to SEMEFO.

Nearby, in the colony crosses the Police were called at 7 am to the street of Allende where a man and woman’s dead bodies were located when the police arrived. The bodies of the man and a woman were between 25 and 30 years of age, apparently killed by gunshots.

Almost at the same time, on a roadside in federal Acapulco-Chilpancingo a compact car white Nissan Tsuru was found with the bodies of four men who apparently were hanged with barbed wire.

Another man, was being transported in a van and apparently tried to escape, so his captors opened fire on him at the scene and the officers found four shell casings of 45 caliber and 9 mm in the cruiser on Cayaco road at about 9 am.

Later, about two o’clock, the head of a man was found in Vicente Guerrero Boulevard, a busy avenue at the entrance of the city, the head corresponds to a person of dark complexion, short hair, straight, beside the body was found a backpack, whose contents are unknown.

Finally around 5 pm, at the top of Acapulco in the southern colony Revolution was found under stones, the body of a man half-buried, the body was found toward the hill, about a mile from where the end houses, the place came forensic experts who initiated rescue efforts, according to experts the body had a few hours of being buried on site.

The bodies of all these people were taken to SEMEFO of Acapulco and the places where people were killed attended by prosecutors to testify to the facts and order the transfer of bodies.

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A gross case of cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

A gross case of cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

MIAMI, USA – Miami police are investigating whether the shocking case of the man who ate part of the face before being shot dead by police on a busy highway ramp was acting under the influence of a new type of LSD known as “bath salts”.

Cannabalism brought on by LSD "bath salts"

Cannibalism brought on by LSD “bath salts”

This substance causes an increase in body temperature and those who consume it become very aggressive, said Dr. Paul Adams, from the Hospital Jackson Memorial in Miami, reported the ABC television network.

The victim, who remains hospitalized in critical condition at that hospital, lost almost 75% of his face, according to authorities. The assailant, identified as Rudy Eugene unofficially, 31, was completely naked when the incident occurred, he ate the ears, nose, part of the forehead and tried to devour even the eyes of the victim.

The event, which occurred last Saturday on the side of the ramp of the Mc Arthur viaduct in the city center which connects Miami Beach, has rocked the city.

The union president of the Miami police, Armando Aguilar said there seems to be similarity between this case and other recent in which “Bath salts “are involved. “People taking off their clothes, people suddenly have superhuman strength, become violent and are burning inside,” said Aguilar.

He revealed that in one case, a subject was walking naked and was hit by a taxi driver. The man jumped onto the car roof and it took 15 officers to subdue him. The man ignored last Saturday by a person who claimed to witness the act of cannibalism, when passing by on his bike instead urged him to release the victim. “

The guy was like tearing the other with his mouth. he said, ‘Get out of there. “The guy kept eating the other, tearing the skin,” said Larry Vega at WPLG channel. Vega called police and when an officer arrived and tried to stop the subject, he just growled and continued devouring the other man lying on the floor, also naked.

The policeman had to use his service revolver and shot him the first time, but the individual continued devouring the victim’s face and did not die from receiving multiple gunshots to the body. I “Never thought I’d see someone eating someone else. That was really scary,” said Vega. The terrible event was recorded by security cameras from The Miami Herald, whose headquarters are near the place where the event occurred. Authorities also are investigating whether both men were homeless.

The newspaper El Nuevo Herald said today that police source identified the victim as Ronal Poppo, 65.

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Ten people Executed in the port of Acapulco over the weekend

For more than a year the group The Sweeper an Independent Acapulco Cartel has been in a battle for control of the square


Ten people Executed in the port of Acapulco

Ten people Executed in the port of Acapulco

CHILPANCINGO– At least ten people were killed in various violent acts in the last few hours in the resort city of Acapulco, Guerrero. Sources state that the Attorney reported that last night and until noon today we found the bodies of 9 men and women in different parts of Acapulco. 

The body of the woman was found earlier today around 2:00 AM local time on a road near this city. Authorities say she was approximately 20 years old, but her identity is unknown.

Two more dismembered bodies were found this morning also by the Municipal Police of Acapulco.  The report noted that they were found in Colonia La Maquina de Acapulco and the two heads and limbs of the dead were lying on the ground . 

On Saturday morning in the same colony two men were shot and killed near a basketball court. The other five bodies were found with gunshot wounds in different parts of the resort the city. 

For more than a year the group called The Sweeper and Independent Acapulco Cartel (CIDA) are in a battle for control of drug sales in the square. Both groups belonged to drug lord Edgar Valdez Villarreal, was arrested by Mexican authorities in 2010. 

The governor Angel Aguirre Rivero maintains that a major operation with police forces and federal police in all areas normally attends national and international tourism, but in the periphery of the population is constantly demanding more security.

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Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Criminal groups make multiple attacks in Morelos, at least five dead

Reported four simultaneous attacks in the municipalities of Jiutepec, Temixco and Cuernavaca are reported more than 15 injured

The criminal group called “Warriors United” launched at least four simultaneous attacks, which left five people dead and more than 15 wounds, which were recorded in the first minutes of Saturday in the municipalities of Jiutepec, Temixco and Cuernavaca.

Violence has been ongoing for 15 days having started the “Operation Safe Morelos”, which according to the governor, Marco Antonio Adame Castillo, whose fundamental purpose is to prevent extreme acts of violence made by the drug cartels in the area.

According to police sources, the events occurred after Friday morning when a man’s head was placed on a car, and a narco Message with the initials “X5” was left and challenged leaders of the GU and North Tierra Caliente of Guerrero.

The campaign started by these criminal organizations, aims to disrupt the drug trade and control of the north of Guerrero and Morelos State, as part of the dynamics of violence, police sources expressed.

The attacks took place in two bars, and at a petrol station in a popular neighborhood where placards were left in those places, containing a narco message claiming responsibility for the attack.

The first attack was in Colonia El Porvenir, Jiutepec, where a young man about 24 years old was shot by several individuals, in the place did not leave a message attributed to the fact.

The second attack took place at the bar “El Chuy” located in the town of Ocotepec, in the city of Cuernavaca, where several individuals entered the site and killed two people and injured 15, left a narco message at this site challenging “The Reds”.

Minutes later attacked a bar located on Avenida Vicente Guerrero, which is called “The Bar of a Friend”, where they left seriously injured one person and fled immediately on this site also claimed responsibility for the attack with a message.

Finally, this armed group came to a gas station at the entrance of the colony Temixco Ruben Jaramillo, deprived of their liberty where a worker from the gas station and left his body shot on the federal highway Cuernavaca-Acapulco.

In this last attack left at least three messages which threaten members of the criminal organization “The Reds” and “La Familia Michoacana.”

After the violent acts the gunmen went to the General Hospital in Cuernavaca, where they tried to finish off the wounded, but only fired on the outside of the hospital, which guarded the area.

On Saturday another person was executed in the town of Xochitepec, Alpuyeca community, of which his identity is unknown.

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