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Miss Sinaloa tested positive for use of firearms!

Former Female Sinaloa 2012 tested positive radizonato tests she underwent as authorities reported

Miss Sinaloa

Sinaloa Authorities confirmed that Maria Susana Flores Gamez Miss Sinaloa 2012, was killed in clashes between soldiers and gunmen, gave positive tests radizonato sodium.

The delegation of the Attorney General’s office in Sinaloa underwent tests that prove that Flores Gamez used firearms.

Early results on Flores Gamez, who last March won the crown of Miss Tourism East Mexico participated in a beauty pageant in China,  she went with an armed group that was traveling in a Humvees in the community of Palmar Los Leal in Mocorito, Sinaloa, and she was used as a human shield.

State Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez, external competition declined to federal investigations into these incidents, which killed four people, including the minor and a soldier.

According to the expert, the body of the Sinaloa Model 2009 was found a few meters from a truck and an automatic rifle and several feet of two Army units that had several bullet holes in heavy gauge chassis and windows.

Higuera Gomez said on Monday that the advances that have in the two preliminary open on three violent events yield evidence that the model, 22, was part of the criminal group.

“Unquestionably, the record we have is who was in the group of offenders who clashed with the Army,” said Higuera Gomez.

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Monterrey- 10 mutilated bodies were found today

Reports say that the vehicle with the mutilated bodies were found in the parking lot of a shopping center in Ciudad Mante

10 mutilated bodies were found today

10 mutilated bodies were found today

Monterrey. – A total of 10 mutilated bodies were found today inside an abandoned truck in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Ciudad Mante, Tamaulipas, state officials said.

 A source at the State Attorney General explained that at 09:00 hours it was reported the discovery of the bodies in the parking lot of a supermarket chain located in the center of this municipality.

The source said that employees working for the municipality discovered the abandoned truck.

The prosecution explained that it is 10 mutilated bodies of men and four women with a message to the Gulf Cartel.

This is the second time in less than a month that dismembered bodies are left in the center of this entity, as the June 7 were left facing the City Hall, inside a van, 14 bodies with a message to the contrary cartel Los Zetas.

Meanwhile, yesterday in Ciudad Victoria, capital of Tamaulipas, there were bombings in various parts of the city, which left eight civilians wounded.

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more information-Michoacán children died of “asphyxia by strangulation ‘

Michoacán children died of “asphyxia by strangulation

Michoacán children died of "asphyxia by strangulation '

Michoacán children died of “asphyxia by strangulation ‘

As reported by the State Attorney General is at least three lines of research followed in the abduction and murder of minors Morelos Tenure

Children of Morelia Morelos Tenure “died of asphyxia caused by strangulation and present no violence of any other kind,” the attorney said Monday the state of Michoacan, Placido Torres Pineda.

The holder of the dependence on Monday announced also that there are at least three lines of research followed in the abduction and murder of children Yamilet Heredia Calderon and Jose Luis Rosales Arroyo 4 and 5 years old. In the order not to hinder the investigations the former judge declined to talk more in depth of the assumptions and noted that “investigations are advanced and will soon have results.”

But the attorney general said the medical examiner who heard the case determined that “the child may have been killed within hours of the kidnapping and the girl said, maybe she was killed a day or two later.” For his part, the governor of the state, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, had to go out to clarify the rumors that have been unleashed in the city caused by the collective psychosis that caused the event, and said the tragic episode of the children was not due to an alleged case of organ trafficking nor a wave of abductions of children in the state.

“There is no evidence of such a thing in Michoacan, nor there is a band of stolen or missing children, “he said and asserted that the case of children clearly Tenure Morelos were homicides. The president called on the society “to stick together and go to the police authorities in case of risk to his person or property.”

Meanwhile, the family of Jose Luis Rosales retail, announced that next Wednesday will again take to the streets to demand the clarification total infanticide that shocked this community of Morelia. The child’s paternal grandfather, John Hall, said that so far both families of the children received only sketchy police information which indicates the conditions under which children were found and the cause of death.

Despite the call of the families of the victims and settlers Tenure Morelos political parties and organizations for purposes not involved in this case “out of respect and sensitivity”, Section XVIII of SNTE, announced it will add to the mobilization of family and neighbors Tenure Morelos, “in solidarity.”

Meanwhile, in the Possession Morelos which includes about five marginalized neighborhoods north of the city following the unfortunate event have called for more civil protection and the permanent presence of police surveillance.

In the month of May The Ministry of Public Security in the State (SSP) has recorded that in the Possession Morelos there were three burglaries, one attempted robbery, theft of a vehicle, the report of a person who powered a shot of fire and 12 reports of scandals in the street by intoxicated subjects, although this is not considered a crime in accordance with their own dependence.

The report also offered and awarded by the SSP determines that “the data may vary with formal complaints are presented to the prosecutor.

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Arrest warrant issued against former Attorney General of Guerrero

Logo of the Attorney General's Office.
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Arrest warrant issued against former Attorney General of Guerrero

In addition he is charged, as one of the former public servants involved, offenses against the administration of justice

MEXICO CITY, Feb. 26. – The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) in Guerrero District 1 issued 10 arrest warrants for various federal crimes against other people, including former state attorney general, Alberto Lopez Rosas, For killing two students from the Normal School Ayotzinapa.

Without mentioning him by name, the Attorney General explained that the arrest warrants were against a civilian, a deputy, a CEO, three prosecutors, one assistant prosecutors and other public servant.

As mentioned on Friday, a group of federal police officers stood near the home of former Attorney General of Guerrero, Alberto Lopez Rosas, in Acapulco, which canceled a press conference that was scheduled at 10:30 of the morning.

In an interview by telephone it was reported that he was informed that there is an order of Arrest for her by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), to make a statement regarding the facts of killing two students from the Normal School Ayotzinapa last December 12, 2011. This despite the fact that he had already given a statement was for 10 hours.

In a statement, the agency said that the former head of the Attorney General of the State of Guerrero is cited for concealment to divert or obstruct justice in the investigation of a crime.

In addition she is charged, as a former-public servant who was involved, in offenses against the administration of justice, favoring an accused to escape the action of justice.

As for the civil charge, the PGR said that she is named for the crimes of false reports given to an authority and simulation tests.

Investigations by what happened on 12 December which killed two students from the Normal School Ayotzinapa are contained in 48 volumes and include ministerial and expert performance in areas such as forensic medicine, forensic field and fires and explosions, among others.

In addition there have been 215 witnesses who provided evidence and investigations by the Federal Police and 280 Ministerial statements about this case.

Thus, the federal prosecutor credited the commission of federal crimes and local state attorney sent the file so that it commits the crimes of murder and attempted murder.

Also for the crimes of concealment, false statements to an authority, against the administration of justice, illegal deprivation of liberty, and items stolen vehicle, injury, damage to property and abuse of authority against the person or persons arising responsible.

While the PGR continues to investigate, among other crimes under federal jurisdiction, the cartridge holding and carrying a firearm exclusive use of the armed forces, abuse of authority and torture, also against the person or persons responsible “without distinction of order of government to which they belong. “

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Cabo San Lucas; confrontation between gunmen and authorities

A confusing situation continues to unfold in Cabo San Lucas after the Plaza Sendero retail mall in this resort city was the scene of a confrontation between gunmen and authorities during the afternoon hours of Saturday.

This Saturday evening the Milenio news agency reported that 12 gunmen armed with assault weapons had barricaded themselves in the Soriana big box store located in the mall.

The gunmen were being pursued by municipal police at the time and had entered the mall to avoid capture.

According to Milenio there were approximately 600 shoppers inside the store at the time and that up to 200 remained hostage after 6 of the gunmen had been captured.

In a later report Sedena, Mexico‘s Defense Ministry, denied that any hostages were being held and that no injuries or deaths had occurred at the Plaza Sendero.

Sedena reported that at 3:00pm a detachment of troops had surrounded the mall and that a search was underway for the gunmen, with an undetermined number found and arrested.

The State Attorney General‘s office reported no hostages taken and 3 gunmen arrested.

The incident at Plaza Sendero in this usually quiet tourist resort city followed a gunbattle in the colonia Brisas del Pacifico that stretched from 11:00pm Friday to early Saturday morning.  Automatic gunfire and grenade blasts shook the city when state police and the military raided a home in the search for the killers of police commander Martín Márquez Ruíz, who was murdered earlier in the week.

One Marine and a gunman were killed, 3 state ministerial police were wounded and 2 gunmen were captured during the raid in Brisas del Pacifico.

It was not known if the clashes in Brisas del Pacifico and the Plaza Sendero mall were related.


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