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Man Murders three in Miami

Murdered women in Miami

Murdered women in Miami

A Miami man murdered his former girlfriend and her mother and then during his escape caused a violent car accident, which killed a third woman, after which he committed suicide.

 According to police reports, it all started in a domestic violence incident.  The man apparently shot dead Viviana Gallego, 51, and her daughter Anabel Benitez, 28.

After the accident the gunman, who was surrounded by police, committed suicide

After ending the life of the two women, the gunman took flight at full speed aboard a jeep chased by police.

Finally, after several kilometers of being chased, the alleged murderer’s vehicle violently crashed into another car where a third woman, who was thrown from the vehicle and died almost instantly, stated in the online edition of El Nuevo Herald The police helicopter was able to record images that you see how the terrain of the alleged perpetrator swiftly flowing along a highway, and just crashing at an intersection at the vehicle of the third died.

After the accident the gunman, was surrounded by police, committed suicide, according too local media reports.

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Morelia Mexico- Female suicide bomber explodes at the gates of the Ministerial Police

Female suicide bomber explodes at the gates of the Ministerial Police

An exploding grenade killed the subject who triggered it, her three accomplices were injured and a police officer was also injured said the ministerial officer

MORELIA, A man was arrested for his alleged involvement in the murder of another man, committed suicide by blowing up a grenade at the doors of the state police in Tacambaro, Michoacan.

According to police sources, elements of the Michoacán Attorney’s Office arrested four subjects, for allegedly participated in a crime that occurred on September 22.

In the community of La Parota, also belonging to the municipality of Tacambaro.

The detainees were transported from La Parota, to the premises of the Centre for Civil Protection, which would be made available to the public prosecutor, but no officer realized that the suspect had an explosive in his clothes.

According to the same source, when exploding grenade that killed the subject triggered, his three accomplices were injured and a police officer was also injured with ministerial shrapnel.

The crime scene was cordoned off by state and municipal police, and the wounded are taken to the Civil Hospital Tacámbaro and fear for the lives of at least two of them are in critical state, who were very close to suicide, in the bed of a truck officer Michoacan state police.

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forced to marry her rapist, under 16 years old Minor commits suicide

The family of a child under 16 years reported to the authorities that the sex offender remains at large Amina

RABAT, March 14. – The family of Moroccan minor who committed suicide last Saturday near Larache in northern Morocco, having been forced to marry her rapist denounced his assailant is released.

“He was arrested but released now until the close of investigations,” he lamented in a statement, Hamida, sister of the victim, adding that Amina (16) was subjected to systematic abuse by the husband and his laws as “revenge” for having denounced the man for rape.

Commits suicide when forced to Marry her Rapist

Commits suicide when forced to Marry her Rapist

Amina was buried Tuesday afternoon and her own husband, Mustafa, lurking in the place of the funeral armed with a knife, Hamida reported.

The facts date back more than a year ago, when Amina’s family filed a complaint of sexual assault against Mustafa, but after an intervention known of the two families, the attacker avoided jail after admitting the offense and agreed to marry his victim.

“Mustafa took her home, threatened with a knife and took her to the nearby forest,” said the sister to describe the rape of Amina when she was 14 or 15 years.

“If married (Amina) was to protect and prevent people talking ill of her. (At her husband) not fed, mistreated and were the ones who had to buy clothes and food. His mother threatened routinely, are a family of criminals, “said Hamida.

Amina ended his life last Saturday after having consumed a rat poison in the house of his in-laws, desperate for the rejection and mistreatment suffered from husband and family, and the rejection of his father to meet her at home, explained the local newspaper “Al Massae” in yesterday’s edition.

Asmae Baghdadi, feminist activist and member of the Moroccan Association for Human Rights (MAHR) in the city, said that several women’s associations and human rights activists will gather Moroccan tomorrow at noon in one sitting in front of the Court of Larache, for denounce and condemn this tragedy early marriage and gender violence.

The Moroccan penal code exempts the rapist of a minor penalty when the victim agrees to marry as long as not made a complaint against him by the family of the child.

The event has gone largely unnoticed in the Moroccan press. Although the suicide of Amina was first revealed by a newspaper written, no other media has echoed the matter, except for some web portals.

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Houston-suicide after stabbing 4 four year old girl!


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Houston – A South Houston man committed suicide after a standoff with police, authorities said. The man, suspected of stabbing a 4 years old girl, caused a chase that lasted 30 minutes before he hid in his home home, located in the 7900 block of Airport Road, near Brookvalley.

At noon, SWAT officers entered the building, said spokeswoman Houston Police Department, Jodi Silva. They found a corpse of a man who allegedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Apparently the man and the mother of the deceased discussed this in a house located southeast of the city around nine o’clock said Silva.

Apparently the child was with them during the fight and was stabbed with a knife in the neck. Police did not say what the girl’s relationship was with the man or why the brawl started. The girl was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital with injuries, but is expected to survive.


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Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan over the weekend!


Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Multiple Teenage suicides In Michoacan

Morelia, Michoacan .- In the course of Monday, January 9, three children decided to take their own life in Michoacan, two of them choosing to hang himself and the third by swallowing pills and cure corn herbicides.

To tell the parents of the two first cases, who were unaware of the causes for young people to choose suicide, however in the case of Maria Isabel Rocha Lopez, 14 years old, the parents said that lately the child had had several discussions with the parents, so it was possible that it was the cause of his decision.

Juan Carlos Sanchez Garcia, 14, who lived on Fourth Street Apple, the Tenure Francisco Serrato, in the municipality of Zitacuaro, took his own life without any apparent reason,

Said his parents to the investigating authorities, the boy was found with a yellow rope tied around his neck while hanging from a wooden beam roof of her home, her parents said the representative of society who for days had been seriously, but when asked why he had not answered.

Yepez Maria del Rosario Gonzalez, also 14 years decided to take his life by hanging himself with a rope tied to a beam at their ranch house on September 1, in the municipality of Parácuaro, at which time took her desperate family to receive medical care, but doctors were only confirmed his death.

 Maria Isabel Rocha Lopez, age 14, died at Civil Hospital Doctor Miguel Silva, of this city, as a result of poisoning by ingesting pills to cure corn herbicides.

 According to her parents, she took the chemical while at his home in the town of Caracuaro, in the municipality of the same name, where she was taken to hospital where finally perished.

Interviewed by the representative of society, parents Mary Elizabeth said they had recently had several discussions with her ​​rebellious behavior, and she came to her house late at night, without telling them where she had gone, so they think that might influence the child is suicide.

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suicide by piranha! Bolivian youth!

What a way to die!

What a way to die!

A teenager who jumped out of his canoe in a piranha-infested river in Bolivia, died from from bites by the flesh-eating fish, a British tabloid reported Friday.

The 18-year-old teenager, identified as Oscar Barbosa, is believed to have committed “suicide by piranha,”

The young fisherman bled to death after leaping into the water from his canoe. He suffered dozens of bites to his throat and face on Bolivia’s Yata River, local police chief Daniel Cayaya told The Sun. The chief said he believed Barbosa — from Rosario del Yata in the north east of the country — meant to kill himself.

Cayaya said the teenager knew the river well and would have been aware that it is swarming with red piranhas at this time of year. He added that Barbosa may have been drunk.

The 14-inch piranha fish have razor sharp teeth and hunt in packs to strip their prey of flesh. They are known to devour large snakes and even jaguars in minutes.

Fatal attacks on humans are rare. But swimmers at a river beach in Brazil were attacked by hundreds of piranhas in September,

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