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Clash leaves 5 dead in Nuevo Laredo, including one military soldier

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CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas. January 28 .- Personnel of the Ministry of National Defense repelled an attack in the town of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas that left four attackers dead, a soldier and injured five more troops in addition to the confiscation of firearms and vehicles .

The Ministry of National Defense through the Commander of Military Region IV reported that in the operation “NORTHEAST”, this past January 27, military personnel on the ground Survey Boulevard Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez, at the height of the gazebo Venustiano Carranza, the Tamaulipas border city mentioned where they were attacked with light weapons fire.

He pointed out at the press release by the Department of Defense that military troops were attacked by an unknown number of people who moved in six vehicles, so in defense they repelled the attack and at the scene four attackers were killed.

Following these events they were successful in securing five rifles, 50 magazines for different weapons, 525 rounds of different calibers and a vehicle.

During the attack, unfortunately a soldier died and five more were wounded, and transferred to a medical facility for care and provided with all the support and facilities necessary for a speedy recovery.

The bodies of the deceased were made available to the relevant authorities.

In the report issued by the military personnel at the scene to inform the General, Chiefs, Officers and Troops of the Mexican Army and Air Force, in addition to expressions of sympathy of our Supreme Commander, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, President of the Republic, aimed at cash to relatives killed in the line of duty.

In addition to provide the family appropriate supports and benefits in which they are entitled.

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