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GUADALAJARA, five drug traffickers arrested -New Generation Jalisco Cartel

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco – The five drug traffickers arrested identified as Members of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG) by soldiers of the Navy, in the southeastern region of Jalisco.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) reported that the four men and one woman were delivered to the First District Court in Criminal Matters and indicted for their alleged responsibility in the commission of the offenses of organized crime, trafficking and sale of drugs, and violation of the Federal Firearms and Explosives act of carrying firearms used exclusively by the armed forces.

Those arrested were identified as Rangel Agustin Jimenez, alias “El Gordo” 35 years of age; Erika

five New Generation Gang members arrested
five New Generation Gang members arrested

Medrano who do name Alcantar Michelle Rangel Miriam Jimenez, 19, Mario Rangel Nazario, nicknamed “The Titufian” of 25 years. Besides Daniel Garcia Jimenez, alias “El Bocho” 24 years of age, and José Alfredo Soto Torres, nicknamed “The Chela “, 23, all from Tecalitlán.

They were surprised by Marines at a checkpoint that had been set up on the road leading to the municipality of Tecalitlán Pihuamo In a car they were in, the marines located an AK-47; two pistols, one .45 caliber and a 9 mm, three magazines of various calibres, and a kilo of crystal Meth.

At that time were turned over to the representative of a federal prosecutor who initiated the investigation AP/PGR/JAL/GUZMÀN/21/2012. The four men and woman prisoners were interned at the Puente Grande prison complex, where they will wait their sentence.

In addition, the public prosecutor of the Federation left open the preliminary investigation to further investigate the defendants for their employment with the CJNG. THE INFORMER / OMAR RUVALCABA

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