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GILBERT, Arizona, neo-Nazi group called Minutemen border vigilantes kill four

Reports indicate that among the four victims are Ready Jason’s girlfriend and the daughter and granddaughter of the woman

GILBERT, Arizona, neo-Nazi group called Minutemen border vigilantes kill four
GILBERT, Arizona, neo-Nazi group called Minutemen border vigilantes kill four

A former member of the “marines” who had ties to a neo-Nazi group called Minutemen border vigilantes, shot and killed four people and then committed suicide in a house in a Phoenix suburb, police said Thursday.

The police spokesman Gilbert, Sergeant Bill Balafas, said Thursday that authorities believe Jason Todd Ready, 39, was the gunman who opened fire Wednesday at a home in Gilbert.

News reports indicate that the four victims are Ready’s girlfriend and the daughter and granddaughter of the woman.

Ready was known in Arizona for organizing a patrol in the desert with the intention of finding drug traffickers and immigrants seeking to enter the United States without legal authorization. Known as “JT” Ready headed an organization known as the American border guards who wore military uniforms and flak jackets and assault rifles he was carrying during patrol in search of unauthorized immigrants in the desert south of Phoenix.

Police have indicated that the assailant was among the dead but has not been identified. Authorities said the deceased was found between Lily Lynn Mederos, 15 months; Amber Snow Mederos, 23, Lisa Lynn Mederos, 47, and Jim Franklin Hiott, 24.

Balafas said that all evidence indicates that the shooting is related to a domestic dispute, but gave no details. The agents have recovered two pistols and a shotgun in the place.

The shooting occurred in a subdivision of stucco homes with red tile roofs.

Balafas said the bodies of two men met outside the apartment and two women inside. A girl between 1 and 2 years was found inside the house, with signs of life when the police rushed to the scene but died shortly afterwards in hospital.

About three hours after the attack, a man came to the area cordoned off and told officers while pointing it at the crime scene, “I have a daughter who lives in that house.”

The officers withdrew from the area cordoned off. Seconds later he heard a cry of anguish. Then the man cried as he left the place accompanied by policemen.

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Woman held captive Seven Years by her partner and had four children

held captive by her partner and had four children
held captive by her partner and had four children

Seven years held captive by her partner and had four children

Was subjected to physical and psychological abuse, plus it was separated from her offspring, her family contacted her via Facebook

BUENOS AIRES, Feb. 25. – A woman was held captive in Argentina for seven years by her partner, who bore him four children, who subjected her to physical and psychological pain, today confirmed the victim’s family.

The woman, identified as Sophia Encisa, 24, was released Thursday in a police operation conducted in the locality of Guernica, in which her partner was arrested Oscar Roberto Enriquez, 33. “He’s very upset, sad, and shocked.

She wanted to go and not the left. Once she tried to escape and he stabbed her in the buttocks. He beat her unconscious, “said Rocio, the sister of Sofia, Radio 10, Buenos Aires.

Enriquez is charged with alleged illegal deprivation of freedom and holding a woman captive since April 2005. The investigation was initiated by a complaint from the sister Sophia, who had recently made contact Rocio through Facebook.

“Sofia did not go out, and when she did, she was accompanied by her captor. So I could not help. One witness recounted that when they saw her occasionally, she could express in short sentences the situation she was in and asked for help with signs, “said the judicial instructor Germain Di Pascual , in remarks published today by the newspaper La Nacion .

Sequestration rule  Di Pascual said the woman was “never missing” because her family always knew she was with Enriquez and explained that, therefore, “the figure is not kidnapping but illegal deprivation of liberty be doubly aggravated by situations of violence or threats, “a crime that is punishable by two to six years in prison. He said that Sofia had “freedom of movement within the house, but was not allowed to go outside or have contact with others” and “was enclosed under threat of death to her and her children, and was the victim of physical violence and threatened with guns several times.

Dew the victim’s sister, said today that Sofia “lived under constant threat and was psychologically abused” and did not reside with their children, aged 1 and 6 years, because Enriquez had them in another house. “Once I went to the house and (Enriquez) said to me she does not want to see her family. I did not know that my sister was like that. He made me think that she did not want to see the family” said Dew. Even today she is still shaken by her ordeal.

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ICE agent killed in Federal Building!

ICE Agent killed in Federal Building
ICE Agent killed in Federal Building

An agent with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, shot two colleagues Thursday evening, killing one, at a federal building in Southern California, local news outlets report.

Police officers responded to the federal building in downtown Long Beach around 5:50 p.m. local time, the local CBS affiliate reported, after a report of shots fired on the seventh floor.

One of the victims possibly was shot in the stomach, though the extent of injuries have yet to be confirmed.

The nature of the shooting couldn’t be immediately confirmed, but KABC and the CBS affiliate both said an ICE agent is suspected. KABC-TV reports that the shooter is in custody, while KTLA reports the shooter is dead.

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MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon- Mass Murder in the Bar Eternity!


11 persons killed at "Bar Eternity"

11 persons killed at "Bar Eternity"

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon, January 27 .- A total of 204 people were arrested inside the Bar Eternity by state authorities in relation to the murders of eight men and three women who would have been there just before their death.

In an operation that took place during the Thursday night, ministerial officers arrived at the above Bar Eternity, located at the intersection of Reforma and Amado Nervo.

The police deployment was recorded from 23:30 hours and lasted for two hours. They detained employees and customers who were transferred aboard buses to the facilities of the State Agency for Investigations.

According to a security spokesman for the state, Jorge Domene; detainees were questioned to see if they had information that will help clarify the killings of these people.

Initially 150 people were arrested but, the spokesman confirmed that they had arrested 204, of which 60 are employees of the place.

An eyewitness said, the ministry came with their rifles and cordoned off the area and entered the building.” They took everyone who was listening to the live music,” said the witness, who preferred anonymity.

The bodies of 11 persons executed had a stamp on his wrist with the name of the bar so the authorities established the relationship and performed the operation at the Bar.

Information about the crimes, first unveiled the eight men who happened at the intersection of Aramberri and Martin Zavala. The bodies showed the so-called “coup de grace.”

They were lying on the sidewalk near a house, and witnesses provided different versions of what had taken place at the site in several taxi units to be subsequently finalized.

And the deceased were identified as: brothers, Juan Jose and Ruben Eduardo Trejo Garcia, 22 and 26 years old, Juan Manuel Martinez Galaviz, 29; Diego Guadalupe Ruiz, 26, Luis Enrique Chavez Arce, 25, Saul Ezekiel Facundo Cruz, 23, Brayan Martin Garza Santos, 18, and Jose de Jesus Bermudez Brown, also 18.

Later, there was the discovery of the body of a woman adjacent to the Paseo Santa Lucia. Locals found the body of the victim in a vacant lot, located in Plato Sanchez and Riva Palacio.

Immediately, the areas’ attorney, Adrian de la Garza stated that crimes tended to be related and that he was investigating the matter.

On the night of Thursday, also was announced the execution of two more women in the colony Fomerrey 106, who also would have attended the same business

These victims also already established his identity, the Paseo Santa Lucia is Bertha Veronica Lopez Palomo and the other two: Jessica Cortez Veronica Cabral and Ilse Valverde Jasmine Flowers

For his part, the mayor of Monterrey, Felipe Larrazabal said before the wave of violence that exists in the city he is conducting joint operations in some of the businesses that comprise this area.

Specified to be coordinated between the three levels of government to implement them and will aim to exercise extreme vigilance.

“There are operations that were agreed today we are going to conduct some business in the first frame of Monterrey,” the regional mayor.

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Attackers; murder police officer, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot 17 times!


Attackers; murder police officer, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot 17 times!
Attackers; murder police officer, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot 17 times!

Mexicali, Baja California (PH) Abel Galván Gallardo, Deputy head of the Organized Crime (SCDO) spoke yesterday about the progress of investigations into the murder of police, Daniel Samaniego Jesus Felix, shot at noon on Thursday on Boulevard Benito Juarez .

The Official said, The forensic evidence, established the finding of 17 shell casings at the crime scene and in the car allegedly used by the killers. They are 7.62×39 caliber shells, which are used in high power rifles, Ak47, known popularly as “goat horn”. Also in the vehicle were tactical gloves and a navy gun type, caliber .40, which was in the passenger seat of the Ram pickup white double cab used by the murderers.

“This car has a been reported stolen in the United States,” said the Deputy of the SCDO. Galván Gallardo reported that the investigations are at the stage of analysis and collection of more evidence forensics. He added that already they have testimonials from people and guests of the restaurant where the assault occurred in a parking lot shooting, as well as the security videos of the nearby establishments that have established the way in which events occurred.

“We are well aware of the timing and the route taken by the police officer, since he left the command post until he arrived at the restaurant, “he said. To analyze the causes for the crime the Organized Crime Attorney, the Attorney General of the State said that officers charged with investigating his family and work. He did not specify whether the agent had received death threats by organized crime.

But Garcia Galvan revealed that upon receiving the report on the deceased, staff noticed he had several charges, for the crimes of abuse of authority, fight injuries and injuries aggravated by reason of domestic violence. “He also had an arrest warrant for abuse of authority, but it was a case already arranged and the order had been canceled,” said the deputy.

He indicated that Galván Gallardo had phones and mobile communication devices which will be analyzed on the lists of incoming and outgoing calls. For now, the 0624 unit that was attacked the officer and the Ram pickup California license plates, are in the courts of the PGJE in defense as carried out the research

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Child pornography charges filed against former police officer in Imperial County


former police officer in child pornography ring

former police officer in child pornography ring

Mexicali, Baja California

A former police officer, Imperial County, named Hector Jesus Zamora, 42 years old, was arrested for possession of explicit child pornography, found on his personal computer equipment during a search conducted in his house located in Temecula.

Zamora was arrested in November this 2011 facing charges of possession of child pornography, but was temporarily released after posting bail of $ 5,000. However, on Thursday, the defendant was presented with his lawyer before Superior Court Judge Becky Dugan, Riverside County, where he was to appear at a second hearing on January 31, 2012.

According to the District Attorney’s Office, investigators from the Sexual Assault forces (SAFE for its acronym in English), Zamora was found with two dozen explicit photographs where children appeared posing. The photographs found in Zamora’s computer appear to have been taken 10 years ago when I lived in Holtville, east of El Centro, California, where he worked as a police officer. Currently, the former police officer lives in Temecula since 2005. The children have not yet been identified, but could be any part of Riverside or San Diego.

Anyone with information can call the SAFE, 866-723-3595.

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U.S. warning its citizens about violence in Veracruz-extreme caution!


United States Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas

United States Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas

Asked to exercise caution as violent incidents on Thursday 16 deaths in the north of that entity

MEXICO CITY, December 22 .- The United States Consulate in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, warned their citizens who visit, transit or reside in the northern part of Veracruz, to guard against extreme acts of violence in the region , which was recorded on Thursday killed 11 civilians and five suspects.

The document states that one should be alert when traveling to the state of Veracruz, mainly in the north, on the border with Tamaulipas and San Luis Potosi.

“Americans in this area should monitor local news and information to stay informed about situations that may affect their safety.

“The Consulate General also reminds U.S. citizens to avoid traveling long distance by road at night,” warns the U.S. consulate.

It explains that the “morning of December 22, several vehicles, including three regular passenger buses were attacked with firearms in northern Veracruz state, resulting in several deaths. One of these buses traveling on Highway 105 between the towns of Panuco and Tempoal “.

Finally, consular representation reminds U.S. citizens to obtain the latest security information, if you are traveling abroad should regularly monitor the websites of the Department of State in the section on the current Worldwide Caution, Travel Warnings and Travel Alerts

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