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Seven bodies found dismembered in Torreon

The remains were found in plastic bags inside an abandoned farm in the colony Bishopric

The dismembered bodies of seven men were found today in the city of Torreón, Coahuila, authorities said.

The commander of the investigative division of the state police reported that at 02:00 local time (08:00 GMT) the remains were found inside an abandoned farm.

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Welcome Mr President!

Early reports indicate that after an anonymous report, investigators discovered the bodies in the colony Bishopric.

“There were seven male trunks and different body parts like hands, arms, legs and feet and heads, six black plastic bags,” the source said.

The bodies were taken to the forensic facilities of the corporation to carry out the surveys of law, the authority said.

Two other bodies were located in different areas of the city streets; two men dead, ages about 22 and 30, allegedly killed by firearms, according to the command.

The city of Torreon has been controlled in recent years by the organized crime group Los Zetas, but the dispute over the territory by the Sinaloa cartel has unleashed multiple clashes between the two bands.

The creation of a national program for the prevention of crime in order to combat the wave of insecurity with comprehensive measures, was placed first in a series of immediate actions announced yesterday the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, in his first address to the nation shortly after taking over as head of state.

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Assaulted and stripped of their police car … at Coahuila

The police in Coahuila can not prevent theives from robbing them at gun point; so how can they protect the general public?

Two state officials could do nothing to prevent their vehicle and weapons from being taken said officer in charge

TOWER, April 8. – Two police officers from the Office of Coahuila, assigned to the Research Division in the city of Torreon, were assaulted and robbed of their patrol car they were traveling in. The soldiers could do nothing to prevent the theft, although they were armed.

The violent high-jacking occurred on the highway from San Pedro, between the subdivision trails and the Holy Land Model (TSM), around 9:00 am on Saturday.


NISSAN TIIDA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The troops were inside a Nissan Tiida car, owned by the state agency.

Then two armed men arrived in a vehicle which came down amagaron towards the police elements, who performed guard duty in civilian clothes factory and were stripped of their car and two handguns.

The red code was activated, initiating a search operation on the highway from San Pedro, culminating in that municipality and the Francis I. Madero with no positive results.

The State Attorney’s Office did not issue any information, but the assault was confirmed by members of the Municipal Public Security Bureau of Torreon.

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A group of armed men shot into and burned a bar in the city of Torreon, Coahuila


Firemen at work in Torreon!

Firemen at work in Torreon!

Commandos set fire and shoot up a bar in Torreon, eight injured

The injured were taken to burn first and second grades at different hospitals. They know the motive for the attack

TORREÓN, A group of armed men shot into and burned a bar in the city of Torreon, Coahuila, leaving a total of eight people injured.

The incident led to the activation code red, so immediately elements of different police forces and the relief corps came to the site to meet the emergency.

According to the Attorney General, the incident took place at 14:30 am this Friday when the gunmen entered the building.

The affected joint is the Route 33 bar, located on Avenida Revolucion number 3333, opposite the Sports City.

According to witnesses, armed men entered the entertainment center and fired shots into the air to intimidate workers and customers, and in seconds set fire to the site, which began to burn.

According to state authorities, inside the bar four people were injured, while outside the bar they also found four wounded and one vehicle on fire.

The wounded were treated by paramedics Fire, who were transferred to burn first and second graders to the various nosocomial of the city.

Finally, firemen controlled the blaze, which left significant damage to the property.

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Mexican army arrests boss of the Zetas in Coahuila, northern Mexico


Location within Mexico
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One more Zetas Barbarian caught! They are falling like dominos!

The Mexican army arrested Francisco Javier Marquez de la Rosa, designated as a major drug dealer group Los Zetas in the Laguna region of Coahuila, northern Mexico, reported the Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA).

The commander of Military Region XI said in a statement that troops participating in “Operation Safe Laguna” was arrested yesterday in the city of Torreon to a member of Los Zetas in the fight against drug trafficking and crime.

Reliance said the arrest was made during tours of surveillance of military personnel in one of the neighborhoods in the city of Torreon.

He said the alleged drug trafficker was seized with a handgun, a charger, 421 cartridges of various calibers, 6,000 doses of powder cocaine, 2,850 doses of crack cocaine, eight packages of marijuana totaling 75 pounds and more than 400 000 pesos ($ 28,000).

The Department of Defense said, “Marquez de la Rosa, identified as the main supplier of drugs for” Los Zetas “, who took over the organization after the Nov. 19 were arrested Veronica Lara Lidia Flores, (a)” The Wicha. “

“With the arrest of this member of the criminal organization” Los Zetas “, it deals a blow to the logistics structure and distribution of drugs in the Laguna District,” said the institution.

The suspect, weapons, drugs, cash, diverse and vehicles were handed over to the authorities, he said


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