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Chinese Communist Party caught in an Orgy of sorts!

The Huffington Post today published on its website a photograph of an orgy in which appear several members of the Chinese Communist Party and has started to run like wildfire over the Internet, after Chinese citizens on Thursday the disseminated through the social network Weibo, the equivalent microblogging platform Twitter used by most citizens.


The new way Chinese Communist Party members at play

The article originally published in the adds that in the pictures (there are over 100) reportedly taken in 2007, are three men with two other women participating in an orgy in a hotel and posing next to the bed. The photographs were taken from the computer of one of the members when it was repaired.

In the photos appear at least three members of the Chinese Communist Party. One is the party secretary in the region of Lujiang, Minsheng Wang. The other two are a secretary of the League Young University in Hefei, Wang Yu, and his wife. The latter two have been fired from his job and expelled from the Communist Party.

The Chinese authorities have tried everything so that the scandal does not get worse. Initially announced that it was a montage of Photoshop, but later denied this and said the images were old photographs that did not appear in any official of the Communist apparatus.

This argument fell apart when one of those involved in the orgy, Wang Yu, admitted into the scene and showed his repentance by images, adding that he and his wife were the only party members who participated in the orgy.

The Chinese government propaganda then continued through their media. The Global Times (half funded by the Government of China) also denied that the other members were members of the party and said that he had made a mistake because of the similarity between one of the photographed and the party secretary Wang Minsheng, which is harm intended to be researching various cases of corruption.

The images, however, stopped operating on the network, where Chinese citizens seized the opportunity to express their discontent with the incessant bad example and the corruption that plagues the Asian country.

Censorship came then through the abolition of forums that discussed the scandal, along with a warning from the Government to the Chinese news pages not to discuss the incident, reports The New Yorker.

Threesomes and orgies are banned in the communist country, and members of these can be pursued by the authorities according to the Chinese criminal code. This rule caused a stir when in 2010 the authorities arrested 22 people for participating in sex parties in which exchanges were made partners.

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15 bodies found dismembered in Ciudad Mante, South Tamaulipas

15 bodies found dismembered in Ciudad Mante, South Tamaulipas

15 bodies found dismembered in Ciudad Mante, South Tamaulipas

According to unofficial versions they speak of a unit but do not specifically define where the bodies are; 

CIUDAD VICTORIA, June 7. – At least 15 dismembered bodies were abandoned in front of the mayor of Ciudad Mante, South Tamaulipas.

A few moments ago the unfortunate discovery was unveiled and the social networks immediately began to give details on Facebook and Twitter.

According to unofficial versions of the story they speak of a unit which is not specifically detailed where theses bodies are located, they also speak of alleged blankets in which messages are left by a criminal group.

According to the accounts of social networks a man who was parked and the drove the vehicle was heading towards Hidalgo Walking Street one of the most important of the town.

At the scene police attended to military functions of municipal prevention cordoned off the area and its surroundings as well as strengthened surveillance patrols on the site.

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Tultitlan- Alleged dealer of the Family arrested by the SSC

Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC

“The Teak” was identified as responsible for the sale and distribution of drugs in the town of Tultitlan, SCC seized an assault rifle and a submachine gun

Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC
Alleged dealer of the Family; arrested by the SSC


Salvador Neme Sastré, head of the Department of Public Safety (SSC) of the State of Mexico, announced in his account Twitter @ NemeSSC information on the arrest of Juan Luis “N” “N”, aka “Teak” 21 years of age and alleged drug dealer of the criminal organizationLa Familia Michoacana . “

“There is a 21-year old detainee nicknamed” Teak “who claims to work for # LaFamilia and distributes drugs in the region,” said Neme Sastré.

In a statement, the agency reported that the subject was logged in a home located in the Barrio Nativitas Tultitlán municipality where SCC seized an assault rifle and a AR-15 submachine gun 9 mm, two magazines and 66 cartridges of both types gauge, plus 39 envelopes containing marijuana.

The suspect was identified as a member of the criminal organization to monitor who conducted the sale and distribution of drugs in the region.

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Lightning kills six adults in a family in the Mixe of Oaxaca

Two children were injured in the same house, after a heavy rain with hail hit the area

Lightning kills six adults in a family in the Mixe of Oaxaca

OAXACA, April 1. – Six members of a family died struck by lightning on Saturday night in the brush, in the municipality of Santiago Atitlán, in the Mixe, said the director of the State Institute of Civil Protection ( IEPC), Manuel Maza Sanchez.

The official said that a rescue group moved into that community, but it was impossible to enter the site due to the amount of hail that fell in the area, so it is unknown what the status of damage or victims.

According to official reports, the child survived Francisco Jimenez Martinez, three years old, and his sister Idalia, six, although both have first-degree burns, so they were taken to hospital Tamazulapam, Mixes.

The lightning strike caused the deaths of Agrippina Martinez Gomez, Juana Jimenez Diaz, Virginia Jimenez Martinez, Olivia Martinez Jimenez, Innocent and Hector Jimenez Jimenez Gonzalez Gonzalez, apparently members of one family, who were in a home.

This afternoon, the governor Gabino Cue confirmed the death of six people and sends his condolences, in addition to reporting their movement to that area in the region of the Sierra Norte, this through his account on Twitter.

Remember that the September 28, 2010, heavy rains in the Mixe caused a landslide in the center of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec, which left 12 people dead.

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Serial rapist/killer Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta- The Flirty recaptured

Serial rapist/killer Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta The Flirty recaptured They ask for jail time for Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta The Flirty

After the recapture of offenders, the Mexican governor, Eruviel Avila said he expects the suspected serial murderer is sentenced to life in prison

MEXICO CITY, March 4. – The Governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Villegas Avila, requested life in prison for Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta, The Cozy, who was recaptured yesterday.

“I hope that local and federal courts will allow us to be the first to punish a criminal with a life sentence in the State of Mexico is the least we can ask for this criminal,” said Avila.

In a video message just under two minutes, standing on his Twitter account, Avila Villegas said multihomicida arrest, accused of killing seven women in the State of Mexico and one in Mexico City, shows that the entity ” no impunity and go after the criminals, whoever they are. “

The governor said he offered to families of victims to go with all the force of law “and we’re showing.”

Avila said that the matter does not end with the recapture of femenicida, but are on the trail of the police allowed them to flee, “through negligence or corruption or whatever it was, we do also pay for this responsibility and this lack, “he said.

Finally, the Mexican governor congratulated the Attorney General of the State of Mexico, Alfredo Castillo, and his staff, “given his experience and intelligence enabled them to relearn the femicide“.

Possible for life imprisonment?

In announcing the details of the recapture of former minibus driver, the owner of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM), Alfredo Castillo, said that local law reforms recently approved, allow the authority judicial imposition of life in prison for the crime of femicide.

“In this administration passed a law reform under which the Attorney General may request the judicial imposition of prison life by the femicides,” said the official.

Castillo explained, in a press conference that the rearrest of The Cosy was conducted in a residential colony of Malinche, in Magdalena Contreras, DF.

The home is owned by a relative of the alleged femicide, who was cornered by a police operation implemented on site.

Librado Legorreta was delivered, he argued that he was injured and required medical attention.

Later he confessed that he escaped PGJEM facilities in Tlalnepantla, by jumping out a window of the office where he was sheltered.

He was injured when he fell, but managed to reach the homes of his relatives and had the support of several people who he told that he was fleeing a kidnapping.

Castillo said the alleged femicide, at the time of his capture, was shaved and had injuries to his right foot and lumbar spine, all he said, was the injuries were caused by the fall in his escape.

The Cosy was taken to hospital Doctor Nicholas St. John, in Toluca.

Librado Legorreta will undergo medical evaluation to determine if you are able to be admitted to the Prison or be available to the judge in the same hospital.


The Attorney General of the DF (PGJDF) arrested the alleged leaders of the criminal organization Hand-eyed, Marco Antonio Hernandez Garcia, Commander, and John Arthur Casas Rodriguez, The Holiday.

A criminal court judge granted the injunction for 30 days against both individuals and for the four individuals that were arrested.

Early yesterday morning elements Panel Response and Intervention (GERI) of the Police Research, the Center moved to the rootedness of the delegation PGJDF Azcapotzalco located north of Mexico City.

Five days of flight

Cesar Armando Librado Legorreta was arrested for the first time on 23 February by police ministerial Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM), although the State of Mexico authorities announced their detention until 27 February.

That same day, The Cosy , allegedly responsible for raping eight women, seven in the State of Mexico and one in the Federal District and of killing seven of his victims, yet he managed to escape with handcuffs and shackles on the feet.

The Cozy worked as a driver of a minibus with identification number 066, of Route 2 in the State of Mexico, which covered the course in Golden Valley Metro Chapultepec.

According to the modus operandi revealed by the Attorney Mexico State, the microbusero selected his victims when they came to his unit and addressed when left alone.

Through deceit, the serial murderer earned their trust and cheating to deflect the path of the minibus and sexually abusing them.


Criminal history:

– In June 2010, committed his first rape. His victim survived the attack.

– One year after violating and murdering two women, one in Tlalnepantla and one in Cuauhtemoc.

– The November 26, attacks Delia White, whose body is left in Cuautitlan Izcalli.

– The body of Fidelia Ayala was found Dec. 25, in Lake Guadalupe.

– On December 31, a young woman was discovered 18 dead in Mexico-Queretaro highway: it was his sixth victim.

– On January 18, he met Patricia Briano, his last victim.

– On February 23, Edomex ministerial agents are stopped.

– On February 27, disclosed his capture and escape the same day.

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MONTERREY; Drugs sold through social networks

Social network
Image via Wikipedia

The young man offered them through social networks like Facebook and Messenger, was arrested by authorities in the municipality of Guadalupe

February 18. – A young man who sold drugs through social networks like Facebook and Messenger was arrested by authorities in the municipality of Guadalupe.

An anonymous complaint was what led to the arrest of this person, who had his home at 145 Avenue of Plutarco Elias Calles, in the division Azteca.

As reported, members of the Department of Public Safety identified the young man, who was arrested along with six others.

The defendant was Alan Garcia Torres, 22 years old, who was six months working on the distribution of the drug. The boy’s mother called: Yolanda Garcia Torres, 45, was also captured.

The detainees were seized with: a bag with a kilo of marijuana, two pills, opium gum, several phones and 830 thousand pesos in cash.

The alleged accomplices of the drug dealer are: Roberto Villanueva Torres, age 23, Jorge Gonzalez Ledezma. Of 30, Aaron Osiel Alpuche Contreras, 23, Noah Diaz de Leon Rodolfo Pedraza, 25 and Daniel Trevino Jose Zavala, 27 were also made available to appropriate authorities

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Brazil requests censor comments on Twitter

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

The U.S. government filed a civil action against the social network Twitter, so that the tweeters do not advise the location and hours of traffic controls

SAO PAULO, Feb. 7. – The Advocate General of the State of Brazil (AGU) filed a civil action against the Twitter social network in order to block the user accounts that warn of the location and hours of traffic controls in central state of Goias.

The agency filed the action before the Regional Court in late January against the account holders and against the popular social network on the grounds that the houses which undermine road safety, Efe said a source at the AGU.

The institution believes that the “behavior of Twitter and others involved directly attacks the life, safety and property of people in general,” a UN statement.

AGU’s action, which includes a request from the Office of the Union in Goiás, demands that Twitter “immediately stop” the accounts that warn of the existence of radar and “final lock” any other to provide information on dates, times and places where roadblocks are placed traffic.

The state’s attorneys argue that the controls are not only important to prevent accidents, but also to prevent crimes like car theft, illegal possession of arms and drug trafficking and call for the imposition of a fine of 500 thousand reais (about 290 000 697 U.S. dollars) in case of default.

Also, saying that through notices distributed by the account holders are being violated provisions of the Criminal Code and the highway code in Brazil.

The action filed, which is still sub judice, the letter was based on several technical studies from different institutions including the traffic police and the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM).

According to the list of the 50 municipalities with the largest absolute numbers of accidents developed by CNM, Goiania, capital of Goiás, took seventh place with an average of 329 deaths per year between 2005 and 2007, a figure that places it above most populated cities such as Salvador, Recife and Porto Alegre.


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