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North Korea rocket launch scheduled this month!

North Korea plan a new rocket launch in December 2012

North Korea plan a new rocket launch in December 2012

North Korea rocket launch scheduled this month! North Korea not afraid of Obama!

Eight months after a failed attempt, Pyongyang is preparing for a new trial, is set for between 10 and 22 December

North Korea announced on Saturday it will attempt to launch a long-range rocket in mid-December, a measure challenging eight months after failing in April another experiment to develop its nuclear and missile industries, despite convictions for violating the provisions of the UN.

The launch, set between 10 and 22 December, is likely to worsen relations with Washington and Seoul just as President Barack Obama prepares to begin a second term and South Korea conducts its presidential elections on 19 December.

It will be the second launch attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who came to power after the death of his father Kim Jong Il almost a year ago.

A spokesman for the North Korean Committee for Space Technology said that scientists have “analyzed the mistakes” in the failed launch in April and have improved the accuracy of the rocket and the satellite Unha Kwangmyongsong, according to the official news agency of Korea North.

The agency said the launch was a request by the late leader Kim Jong Il, who died on December 17, 2011.

The death anniversary is sure to be observed with pomp and pageantry by the North Koreans.

The space agency said the rocket carried a satellite earth observation, and insisted that the country maintains its right to develop a peaceful space program.

Washington believes the program launches in North Korean ballistic a cover of their long-range missiles aimed at the United States, and those tests are prohibited by the United Nations.

North Korea has missiles of short and medium range, but the missile launch long haul in 1998, 2006, 2009 and in April of this year was a failure.

The North Koreans apparently have not yet managed to attach a nuclear warhead to a rocket but apparently have enough plutonium to build at least half a dozen bombs, according to experts from the United States, and in 2010 announced a program to enrich uranium that could provide a second source of material for military purposes.

The negotiations of the six countries to dismantle the nuclear program of North Korea in exchange for aid and assistance in early 2009 failed.

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phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’

In 2012 killed 132 in NL and there are 500 girls and young women lost, says NGO adviser

phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’

Mexico. – Bodies tortured, mutilated and sexual violence were thrown into the streets, canals, railroads, road ditches, drains (…) The balance of Felipe Calderón: 4000 murders of 112 women and 976 missing 3000 only in the last two years: “The phenomenon of ‘the dead women of Juarez’ spread across the country,” says Yuriria Rodriguez Estrada, general counsel of the National Citizen Femicide Observatory and Catholics for a Free Choice.

The cases were accumulated: Arely premiums Sarahí Montelongo Jeniffer Rodriguez Flores and Flores, both 16, decided to go to a party in Saltillo, Coahuila, one Sunday last month. Three days later their bodies were found with signs of torture and sexual disfigured face, lying in a drain in the municipality of Garcia, Nuevo Leon.

In Texas, this year 132 women were killed, and more than 500 girls and young women aged 10 to 20 years are missing. We won two injunctions: in Nuevo Leon state and Mexico, says lawyer femicide specialist before offering a talk at Monterrey in the context of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established by the United Nations (UN).

Many of the 132 victims of Nuevo Leon have been exhibited in public and 40 percent were not identified, which shows another problem of trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation. For several weeks, the number of crimes in the state increased. The body of a 25 year old woman was located in the middle of an irrigation canal, 20 kilometers north of Montemorelos, another was taken to the edge of a railway line, where he was shot dead in the head and chest, another thrown into the streets of the colonial Coyoacan, a young woman was shot in the shoulder of the Northeast Bypass with feet bound and his head covered with tape, and a more finalized shock and shot on a street in Guadalupe with a message … all with signs of torture.

They are being murdered increasingly high levels of violence and greater display of their bodies. All this has to do with a social pattern: shoot a woman tortured and murdered in the street means that something did. That is the message we are giving the state Yuriria says Rodriguez.

He explains that “the majority of bodies found in public places across the country, have not been identified, may be from co-opted women migrants by organized crime and used for sexual exploitation, as hawks or some group of cooks crime, but they have nothing to do, even if the state involved and the claim that 70 percent belonged to organized crime. Lie. ”

The increase in violence during the presidency of femicide Calderon is linked to the refusal of some states of the Republic to declare gender alert, urgent action mechanism in the absence of prevention to end violence against women, which was rejected by several governors without legal arguments and only under the misconception that it is a punishment or a political coup.

This refusal of the states of Mexico, Nuevo Leon and Guanajuato has caused a significant increase in violence against them: in Texas, for example, grew 698 percent femicide in two years, according to the Arthemisas for Equity, who reported deficiency of the authorities to investigate the killings.

According to statistics from the National Citizen Observatory of Femicide, the Attorney General of Texas, by Adrian de la Garza, said that of 132 murders of women, 52 percent were a result of organized crime, but only appropriated to homicides in 30 percent of cases.

“The authorities tell us that over 70 percent of  these crimes are women who have been killed by organized crime, therefore, claim that they are not investigating drug traffickers. That’s the message they send to society: as belonging to the drug, do not solve the murders, “says Rodriguez Yuriria.

Discriminatory patterns of authority have led to the significant increase in women’s murders and disappearances. They are a kind of breeding ground of which the killings against them and continue sending this message: the women can kill anywhere, for us, they deserved it because they were drug dealers and no charge. Keep killing women.

Impunity has allowed women’s access to justice. In the case of the murder of Rubi Marisol Frayre, daughter of Marisela Escobedo, Sergio Rafael Barraza committed by Bocanegra, who was killed a few days ago by the Army, the reaction of the governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, was to shelve the matter: “I kill him, and not investigated. Instead, research should continue to achieve real reparations not only moral, but with guarantees of non-repetition of such crimes, “he says.

Gender Alerts

The existing mechanism in Mexico to prevent violence against women, gender alert called, is unique in the world, came after the phenomenon of so-called dead women of Juarez, to prevent spread across the country, based on the coordination of state and federal authorities and financial resources allocated to it.

“We are identifying a context of systematic violence in different states of the country, where several factors converge: crossing internal and external migrants, high levels of violence against women sector, not only in domestic but also in the community; rates femicide and especially in states where there is lack of control of the armed forces and police, “said Rodriguez Yuriria.

The highest rates of violence against women were reported in Chihuahua, Veracruz, State of Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Morelos, Chiapas and Guerrero: The alerts mean more attention from state and federal resources to eradicate aggression actions against this sector of the population.

In the case of the State of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto former governor refused to gender alert “no investigations or judgments, even a thousand cases, in 592 did not know the victim-offender relationship. If he had gotten a declaration of alert would have been generated gender-sensitive protocols and actions to evaluate the work of prosecutors. And there did not follow the same systematic pattern of violence against women and zero access to justice. Carpetazos were hundred “.

For the National Citizen Femicide Observatory, formed by 50 organizations in 20 states, Felipe Calderon has a debt to women and must pay it before leaving. Yuriria Rodriguez has no doubt: “One of the things you should do before going Calderón’s post reform Regulation of the General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence, to ensure the immediate implementation of the declaration of alert eradicate femicide and safeguard the lives and safety of women. ”


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Mexico fails to address growing violence against women: Amnesty International

Amnesty International, the Mexican government has failed in its obligation to protect women.

The report explains that the number of rapes is” alarming”

The information submitted by the international agency detailing the increase in threats and assaults against women human rights activists

Women abused in Mexico on the increase according to AI

Women abused in Mexico on the increase according to AI

The government institutions in Mexico have failed in their obligation to protect women from increased violence and discrimination against them, as well as legally prosecuting of those responsible, said Amnesty International (AI). In a report released Wednesday, the advocacy group Human Rights said that despite the recent creation of laws and institutions to bring down gender violence in Mexico, violence against women is rising. ”

 In Recent years have witnessed not only an increase in murders of women, but a continuous and habitual lack of effective investigations and justice,” said Rupert Knox, AI researcher for Mexico. After his describing the situation as” alarming” The expert noted that” much of the problem lies in the non-implementation of laws passed” for women, as well as the weakness of government institutions working in this field.

The report was submitted to the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in the UN, which on July 17 next evaluate the progress of Mexico to the Convention on the subject.

This UN body will publish its findings and recommendations at the end of its session on 27 July. The report states that” the gender-based violence remains a widespread and femicide official figures have grown rapidly in the last three years.”

He further explained that in the state of Chihuahua there was a large increase in the numbers of murdered women, because in 2010 one of every 11 deaths were women, whereas in 2008 it was one in 14.

For rape, AI recalled that in 2009 it reported 14,829 allegations of such abuse throughout Mexico, while only achieving two thousand 795 convictions in court. The report explained that the number of rapes is” alarming”, given that most women do not report these crimes. It further found that most cases are not effectively investigated and measures taken to protect survivors are insufficient.

AI said that the case of San Salvador Atenco”” is emblematic, because despite that 26 women were sexually assaulted by police after being arrested in demonstrations in 2006, have been denied access to both state and federal justice.

The information submitted by AI also detailed the increase in threats and assaults against women human rights activists working for are made justice to their murdered relatives. He also criticized inadequate responses of the Mexican state on women’s rights, gender discrimination, violence against migrants and lack of enforcement of judgments of the Court of Human Rights.

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USA, China, Syria and Egypt oppose the regulation of ammunition!

USA, China, Syria and Egypt oppose the regulation of ammunition!

Lack of global arms treaty is incomprehensible omission : Mexico

On average, one person dies every minute in the world as a result of a light weapon, says UN

The lack of a legally binding treaty regulating the arms trade is “an incomprehensible omission of the international community”, said the representative of Mexico to the International Treaty on Arms Trade UN Roberto Dondisch.

Mexican negotiator at the United Nations (UN) highlighted in the agency’s headquarters in New York that also need an agreement that “to achieve legal certainty to the States.”

In a speech broadcast here Friday at the sidelines of a meeting addressed by the Treaty emphasized that “the humanitarian” should guide the negotiations, whose final goal would be to prevent “unnecessary loss of lives.”

On average, one person dies every minute in the world as a result of a light weapon, plus they are abused and injured thousands on a daily basis.

In late 2010, an estimated 27.5 million internally displaced people living in conflict between armed factions, according to the UN.

Despite the damage, there are currently no legally binding international rules governing global trade in conventional arms and loopholes are common in regional agreements on the subject.

“It’s hard to understand that in a world that regulates trade in all goods, including basic consumption to date are not available a regulatory framework for products designed and produced for the sole purpose of causing harm “said Dondisch.

He felt that although access and use of weapons by states is a necessity, it is absolutely intolerable access to weapons by non-state groups, especially transnational organized crime.

The Mexican diplomat warned however that international regulation of little use if not treated the diversion of weapons to the illicit market, whose activity Mexico suffers in the flesh.

He also felt that the treaty should cover all types of conventional weapons, as well as their parts and ammunition, and must create a mechanism to prevent arms being sold to states that commit serious human rights violations.

According to the Campaign for Arms Control-organism which includes the major international human rights groups, trade in conventional arms has an annual value of 60 billion dollars and not only feeds the violence in the world, but also promotes corruption and undermines social development.

This group has stressed that most governments want a strong treaty, but countries like USA, China, Syria and Egypt oppose the regulation of ammunition, and Middle Eastern nations reject the component of respect for human rights.

The appointment to address the International Treaty on Arms Trade UN began last Monday and will run until July 27.

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MEXICO CITY – Organized crime moves $ 2.1 trillion per year

The UN says that crime manages funds compared to major world economies

MEXICO CITY - Organized crime moves $ 2.1 trillion per year

MEXICO CITY - Organized crime moves $ 2.1 trillion per year

Organized crime moves 2.1 trillion$ per year, equivalent to 3.6% of gross domestic product (GDP), and the problem may continue to increase, said  a senior UN official (UN) yesterday.

“That makes the criminal business one of the largest economies in the world, one of the top 20 economies,” said the director of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Yuri Fedotov, who described the organizations criminals as a threat to security and economic development.

The official explained that some 40 billion dollars are lost annually to corruption in developing countries and obtained a 32 billion each year for human trafficking.

Narco get 3.6% of global wealth

United Nations recognizes that the problem is growing to developing countries

Organised crime moves per year $ 2.1 trillion, equivalent to 3.6 percent of world GDP, and the problem may continue to increase, said yesterday the head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) Yuri Fedotov.

“That makes the criminal business in one of the largest economies in the world, one of the top 20 economies,” he said.

The figure was first calculated by the World Bank and UNODC based on 2009 data.

Fedotov said that still there is no other data with which to make comparisons.

During the opening of a meeting of the International Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ), Fedotov said that the situation may be worsening, but “to substantiate this impression we need more information,” he said.

The UN representative said that at least 40 billion dollars are lost annually to corruption in developing countries and obtained a 32 billion each year for human trafficking.

“According to some estimates, some 2.4 million people suffer from the problem of human trafficking,” said the director of international organization as part of his speech.

Violence disrupts social development

There are other high-impact illicit generate enormous amounts of wealth, and also affect the countries’ social growth.

Organized crime, trafficking, violence and corruption are big “impediments” to the Millennium Development Goals, targets set by the international community to improve health and reduce poverty.

“Criminal groups have shown an impressive ability to adapt to circumvent the law and seek new business opportunities,” said Brian Nichols, the Office of Narcotics and Law Enforcement at the meeting that began yesterday in Vienna.

“Today, most criminal organizations are not like the hierarchical family groups of organized crime in the past. Now consist of flexible and informal networks, often converge when it is convenient and participate in a wide range of criminal activities, “he said.

US, site traffic in latin America

In March 2009, the Bureau of International Narcotics Department of State, U.S., said about 150,000 people participates in illegal activities by moving capital to 25 billion dollars.

At least 90 percent of the cocaine reaching the United States passes through Mexico from South America, according to the American request.

In recent years, America has been sentenced to two thousand 300 persons and entities associated with Latin American drug money laundering, “he said in October 2011 Daniel L. Glaser, Assistant Treasury Secretary for Terrorism, during a meeting organized by the Committee of Foreign Affairs of the House of Representatives.

US commitment to security resources to Chihuahua

The U.S. government gave the state of Chihuahua equipment and supplies to combat crime and organized crime within the bilateral cooperation program Merida, worth more than $ 543 000.

The Consul General of that country, Thomas Rogan, said the delivery of this equipment is a sign of cooperation that Mexico and the U.S. have in relation to security of both nations, and a recognition of the Chihuahua state government for his fight organized crime.

“We are working with Mexico to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. One goal this year is to bring the Merida Initiative resources to state and local governments faced every day with organized crime, “said Consul Rogan.

He explained that given two microscopes to identify ballistic elements used in drug-related homicides. Also they distributed machinery to take and compare fingerprints of detainees.

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Human smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars a year

Still exposed to a series of violations of their human rights, compromising their integrity and life, said the UN

Human  smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars each year
Human smuggling of migrants generates seven billion dollars each year

MEXICO CITY, April 16. – The smuggling of migrants is an industry that generates about seven billion dollars a year, said the Mexico representative of the Office of the United Nations Organization (UN) Office on Drugs and Crime, Antonio L. Mazzitelli.

As part of the inauguration of the International Conference on the Smuggling of Migrants, “Challenges and progress in implementing the Protocol against the Smuggling of Migrants by Land, Sea and Air“, expressed his concern about the increased illegal flows persons.

“What is most frightening is the lack of legal and institutional structure, and will void the policy, especially the lack of resources to increase the instruments” in order to advance in this area, he said.

So he said, the migrants are exposed to a series of violations of their rights, compromising their integrity and life.

Although the number of ratifications of the protocol has been increased, it is 127 to date, the political will to sign the instrument and incorporate it into the international legal order is still insufficient, he said.

The Mexican representative to the UN Office said, that the main obstacles, throttling the implementation of the protocol is insufficient is its prevention policy to migrant smuggling, as the lack of databases and research on the phenomena.

Furthermore, the absence in many cases is legislation on the subject, the weak responses of the implementation of justice and, finally, the protective measures for migrants who are victims of this business.

He indicated that by its geographical position, Mexico is not only a country of migration, but is always a transit country for thousands of Latino immigrants who want to have a new opportunity in America.

“Sharing a border makes the territory of Mexico is always the place where the desire of these migrants are treated by the services offered by criminal groups ever more cruel, ruthless and inhuman,” he explained.

But he warned that the country is impossible without cooperation support of other nations to the thousands of migrants who pass through its territory, and would be unfair to blame Mexico for only the violations of human rights of migrants when they themselves are delivered to criminal organizations, he added.

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UN- Human Trafficking a 32 billion dollar a year business

Human trafficking generates 32 billion dollars a year: UN

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime agrees that there are 2.4 million victims of this crime

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

UNITED NATIONS, Human trafficking generates annual revenue of 32 billion dollars worldwide, placing it just below the profits achieved by the illicit trade in drugs and weapons, Nations warned today United.

In an event organized in the General Assembly on human trafficking, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime settled that at the moment 2.4 million people are victims of this crime.

He said that every year, “thousands of people” fall into the hands of traffickers, either to exploit them to their own country or within their own borders, and that women comprise the majority of victims of this scourge.

In his message during the event, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, stated that countries need to eradicate the factors that encourage trafficking in persons, such as extreme poverty, which forces families to sell their own children to traffickers.

“The human traffickers have no place in the world that we strive to build, make sure we have no way to operate,” said Ban.

Meanwhile, Yuri Fedotov, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said that the bottom of the UN against human trafficking has barely $ 470,000 in donations, less than half of its goal of collect a million dollars.

Meanwhile, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Tuesday in Geneva that the number of child victims of trafficking were assisted by this organization increased 27 percent in three years.

The IOM reported that the number of child victims of trafficking that has helped thousand increased from 565 cases in 2008 to two thousand 040 in 2011, and the number of adult victims of this scourge attended by IOM grew 13 percent in the past three years.

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