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Women used as drug mules enter Arizona from Mexico

NOGALES, Arizona,  For the third time in a week, U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested women who were walking south entering Arizona with heroin hidden under thier bra.

Drus strapped to a womans abdomen and Bra

Drus strapped to a womans abdomen and Bra

Officials of Customs and Border Protection said Friday that a Mexican woman age 18 was arrested on Wednesday in the city of Nogales, in the most recent case of this type.

They added that the woman had nearly 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds) of heroin – with an estimated value of $ 47,000 – with tape attached to her abdomen.

Officials said a California woman, 37, was arrested days earlier with almost three kilos of heroin hidden under her bra.

On February 21, another Mexican 18 was also arrested with a pound (1 pound) of drugs taped to the abdomen.

Authorities would not comment on this method, apparently growing, of smuggling drugs.

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Cannon delivers marijuana in cans over the border in Yuma Arizona

Mexican drug traffickers are modernizing; cannon used to launch drugs to U.S.

Cannons loaded with 38kg cans deliver marijuana to USA

Cannons loaded with 38kg cans deliver marijuana to USA

The U.S. Border Patrol said Tuesday that Mexican smugglers created a novel system to smuggle drugs into the U.S.

YUMA, Ariz., The U.S. Border Patrol said Tuesday that Mexican smugglers created a novel system to smuggle drugs into the United States: a cannon.

Authorities said Friday his officers found 33 cans with marijuana in a field near the site where the Colorado River crosses the U.S. border and Mexico. Officials believe the cans were fired about 150 meters (500 feet) from Mexico using a pneumatic gun.

After checking the area, officers found a tank of carbon dioxide. Mexican authorities were notified and reviewed their side of the border.

The 38 kilos (85 pounds) of marijuana in the cans have a black market value estimated at $ 42,000.

Authorities said agents in the Yuma sector adapt their resources as smugglers use new ways to smuggle their illicit merchandise.

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Balloons loaded with Survelliance Cameras to monitor Rio Grand Border

The balloons, laden with cameras first technology will be used by the Border Patrol to monitor the Rio Grande

Flying at 765 meters (2,500 ft) covered by scrub ranches near the border with Mexico, a balloon loaded with high-tech cameras used by the Border Patrol can easily see a group of reporters and the brand, color and model of their vehicles to a few kilometers (miles) away.

The balloons, laden with cameras first technology will be used by the Border Patrol to monitor the Rio Grande


In Iraq and Afghanistan, where the technology has already proven to be effective for attackers to locate, monitor such airships around the bases. U.S. officials believe they can be just as effective to track drug smugglers and migrants trying to cross the border without permission by a steep stretch of the Rio Grande where there is no boundary fence.

The Border Patrol is testing two airships filled with helium to them by the Department of Defense. Congressional staff joined representatives from the departments of Homeland Security and Defense on Wednesday near the border town of Rome, about 400 kilometers (260 miles) south of San Antonio, to witness what the balloon can do.

The two airships, one of nearly 17 meters (55 feet) and the other 22 meters (72 feet) – that are tested on the border were manufactured in North Carolina by TCOM, a company based in Maryland.

Inside, the balloon is equipped with air conditioning and three banks of video monitors scan the area, approaches to make vehicles that are miles (kilometers) away, and quickly switch to infrared located a car that moves through a parking lot.

Blimps cameras have ability to see in Mexico, but the Border Patrol spokesman Henry Mendiola said that’s not the intention.

The larger model can stay in the air for at least 14 days. Although the balloons cannot cover anywhere near the range of a helicopter or unmanned military aircraft, are much cheaper to operate.

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200 kilos of marijuana and an assault rifle were seized Casa Grande

Whole lot of Marijuana

Whole lot of Marijuana

NOGALES, ARIZONA .- 200 kilos of marijuana and an assault rifle were seized by officers of the Border Patrol in the area of Casa Grande.

The seizure occurred when officers were patrolling a desert area where they received information about a shipment left the area, so they went to the right place. Upon reaching the area discovered at least eight packets dropped, which contained the drug , cargo could be worth more than $ 201,000 in the black market in the United States, according to estimates made ​​by the same federal authorities.

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Detected by US spy satellites’ in space above Mexico!

Communications networks located in Mexico belonging to Zetas
Communications networks located in Mexico belonging to Zetas

They use sophisticated communications equipment even on U.S. soil, says a report by the Homeland Security Group Today

Several of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Mexico have established their own networks of high-tech communications, with systems to military grade encryption, for information on the movements of Americans in the border police; group’s report says a Homeland Security Today.

That group, which is defined as “the principal source of independent news and analysis on security issues in the U.S., indicates that intelligence officials are worried their country not only by the use of communications equipment lookouts highlighted by criminal gangs to guide smugglers.

Also, he says, because these “observers” could be used for direct attacks against Border Patrol and other police forces in the border region with Mexico.

Homeland Security’s slogan according to one informant is, “these communication skills should not be taken lightly.”

Border Patrol claims that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and other authorities operating on both sides of the border have become increasingly concerned by such covert communications systems and capabilities.

States that have long been stationed lookouts those even on the U.S. side of the border, or isolated in high places in the main corridors of smuggling drugs and people, where they can monitor the activities of the Border Patrol and how they are applied federal, state and local governments.

Operation signal theft

According to U.S. federal authorities, many of these observers have been isolated and trapped in joint law enforcement operations by land and air, and then examine their communications equipment was found that this is even of military origin.

“As the Mexican government has become more effective in their catches cartel Los Zetas and the Gulf have become more cunning. A month ago I saw the reference to the extension of the network radio zeta in Central America. Although nothing has come out publicly, it seems fairly certain that the network has also spread northward into the U.S., “said a former senior official of the Border Patrol.

The former official said that “where I live on the border between California and Oregon national forests are surrounded by, and heard the radio traffic between them (criminal groups), and I heard that the communications networks indicate that one of them is south of the border with the United States, talking with workers here. “

According to officials familiar with the matter, given the clear threat to U.S. security posed by sophisticated communications systems, intelligence agencies have been involved in assisting border security forces to identify where those computers are located.

Some of these activities are said to include the CIA and National Security Agency to decipher communications of these criminal groups and the triangulation of the sites of transmission of such equipment.

According to Homeland Security, there is “no secret” that both the CIA and military Special Operations Forces of the United States work in Mexico at the invitation of their Mexican counterparts.

It also states that other covert operations by U.S. intelligence operations in Mexico to stop drug trafficking and organized crime have also been launched during the last year or year and a half.

The Mexican army last year dismantled about 170 antennas and repeater transmissions, power supply 166, a wide variety of computers and about 500 thousand radios sophisticated in Veracruz, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas.

None of this is a surprise to veteran police officers in the border region, which according to Homeland Security Today believe that at least some of the attacks and gunfire to Border Patrol agents and other organizations along the side of the border United States have been directed by “observers” from their high points of espionage.

Some source said that agents of air, sea and intelligence monitoring the border have found with increasing frequency and encrypted communications “warning about” the movement of the Border Patrol and other corporations, “are very close” to a smuggling operation or appear to try to identify a transmission.

“After all, this sophisticated level of communication of cartels (inside the U.S.) is a national security threat very serious and growing,” they said.

Monitored movements

When the Navy seized the Zetas communication equipment in Veracruz it was explained. When the caravans of soldiers and federal police move through the bush of northern Mexico, Los Zetas knew they were coming.

Taxi drivers or street vendors issued the alert; a portable radio equipped with high technology and paid to work as a guard known as “Hawk.”

The radio signal travels deep into the countryside, hours walk from the nearest road.

There, dark green branches hide a radio tower painted the same color.

An underground hidden cable transmits power from a solar panel and a signal amplifier forwards the message through a network of powerful antennas and other repeaters that extend hundreds of miles through Mexico, a hidden system of telecommunications as allows the cartel to coordinate the delivery of drugs, conduct kidnappings, extortion and other crimes with the immediacy and accuracy of a modern military or police agency.

The Mexican Army and Navy have begun to challenge the system, seizing hundreds of pieces of communications equipment that offer a vision of a sophisticated infrastructure and powerful.

EU police officers on duty and retirees say the team, ranging from professional towers handheld radios, is part of a single network that until recently was extended from the U.S. border south along the Gulf Coast Mexico to Guatemala.

The network operators allowing the Zetas have encrypted conversations without relying on the official network of cell phones, which the authorities can act with relative ease and in many cases lacks the depth of coverage in the Mexican countryside.


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MEXICO CITY, An outflow of top young professionals to the United States

Mexico's young professionals going to USA
Mexico’s young professionals going to USA

MEXICO CITY, An outflow of top young professionals to the United States

Most of the 767 deaths recorded in 2011 were young people with secondary and higher education, while trying to cross the border.

The 2011 was one of the years with the largest number of Mexicans killed trying to cross the U.S. border, reaching the figure of 767 deaths, most of them young and educated women of secondary and higher education.

He noted in a report by the legal vice coordination, the PRI in the Chamber of Deputies and the Ministry of Immigrant Affairs of CNOP, which coordinates Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, where he adds that the lack of employment opportunities and violence in Mexico is bordering young professionals across the border without documents not get visas.

In this sense, the PRI federal deputy Arturo Zamora Jimenez stated that the zero generation of sources of jobs has more than 2.5 million Mexicans, most young professionals, is leading to increased migration of this sector in search opportunities in the United States.

“Now you lead the exodus of educated young people and higher education and also women with high education, who have not found in these 10 years of PAN government responses in labor and there are works in underemployment, street vendors or in the ranks of crime, “he said.

Also the legal deputy coordinator of the PRI in San Lazaro, who described 2011 as a “black year” for Mexican and Central American migrants, the increase of violence not only on the northern border, but almost everywhere in the country, which affects Central Americans also.

The report adds that the 767 killed in US-Mexico border, 85 percent were young men and women aged 15 to 29 years.

Ie 652 of the deaths by drowning, deshidratración, insolation, harassment and even some shot by the Border Patrol, are young people in these age ranges.

“Of the total deaths, 75 percent had some degree of preparation. 575 of the Mexicans who died had secondary school studies, senior high, even professional. “

Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, a specialist on immigration issues, said he also was the year 2011, more women died in the attempt to cross the border, with 62 percent of the total. That is 476 women killed in the US-Mexico border.

“Of the total 767 deaths, it is estimated that about 60 percent were deaths attributable to third parties, they can be by violence, theft, rape, abandoned in the desert by a smuggler, smugglers, among others. Even murders with organized crime involvement, “he adds.

“The United States-Mexico border has become the largest cemetery of migrants in the world, not just Mexicans, Central Americans, but now, with the graves that have continued to appear in various states of the country,” said the leader of the CNOP.

Arturo Zamora Jimenez, a member of the Commission of Government in San Lazaro, regretted that the federal government has in a process of dismantling the safety net for migrants in Mexico and consular network is used more for political and facing the 2012 election .

He said the federal Executive cut the 2012 budget allocated to the tasks of protecting the National Migration Institute (INM), ie the Beta Group, which is one of the only areas of this unit performing work of real protection for migrants.

Even in 2011 detected a decrease in security personnel at different points, it is the case of Nuevo Laredo, where Grupo Beta has about 150 miles to attend and in 2010 had over 50 items, in 2011, by the lack of agreements with the state and municipalities operated only 10 people.

By contrast, the high bureaucracy INM reported a budget increase in 2011 and in 2012, this despite the recent cases of corruption by state delegates, by abuse against Central American migrants.

Zamora Jiménez, Jalisco lawmaker, said the federal government’s inconsistency is that despite the new Immigration Act that the Executive itself proposed to Congress, not labeled or resources planned for 2012, so that the law will be ” dead letter. “

“As in many problems facing the country, President Felipe Calderón demands the adoption of laws, and when resources are not applied they are used as an election issue.”

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Its official, reduce the number of National Guard on the Border!

Border protection; not much of a wall!

Border protection; not much of a wall!

 Barack Obama on the other hand, strengthen the surveillance, reconnaissance and air transport in the area.

The Obama administration yesterday made official its decision to reduce the number of soldiers of the National Guard on the border with Mexico and, in turn, strengthen the surveillance, reconnaissance and air transport in the area.

The departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Defense (DoD) announced that they will maintain their alliance on the southern border with the addition, from January, civilian personnel and ships of recognition and support of air mobility Border Patrol, since March.

“With additional civil servants, including a record number of patrol officers, and deployed, the mission of the Department of State will begin its transition as part of a new strategic approach,” said the two secretariats in a joint statement.

Part of this new “strategic approach” will include the deployment of aircraft and helicopters “equipped with the latest surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.”

Also, the Pentagon will provide “air mobility support” border agents, which allow “rapid response”.

“The deployment of these new DoD assets, along with DHS staff in the field, will allow the DoD to reduce the number of National Guard troops on the southwest border, while strengthening border security,” they said.

Currently 200 items thousand National Guard are stationed at the border and helped arrest more than 25 000 people since 2010. Not specify the new total effective.

According to legislative estimates, the 25,514 apprehensions have cost 160 million dollars, or $ 6,271 per detainee.

The reduction in the quota of the National Guard on the border was advanced last week to lawmakers in the House of Representatives, sparking criticism from the Texas governor and presidential candidate, Rick Perry.

Homeland Security said the new phase of the mission of the National Guard include the most advanced air assets for surveillance and reconnaissance, air transport also to improve the responsiveness of the Border Patrol.

Only in fiscal 2011, the Border Patrol arrested 340,252 people, an indicator of the decreased flow of undocumented immigrants to the United States and a reduction of 53% over 2008.

Since 2004, the number of Border Patrol agents doubled to 21,444.

Congress passed over the weekend a budget of$775 million for fencing, infrastructure and border detection technology, as well as keeping alive a program that allows police to act as immigration agents.

It authorized a budget of 700 million dollars to 11,000 Customs and Border agents for Protection.


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