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Eight persons slaughtered in Caycara Orinoco, Venezuela

The Orinoco River, here in Amazonas State, Ven...

The Orinoco River, here in Amazonas State, Venezuela. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say it’s the worst slaughter that is registered in the town of Caycara Orinoco, two of the victims were minors CARACAS, Eight men, including two children aged 16 and 17, were killed with shots to the head after being forced to kneel while celebrating a party at a home in southeastern Venezuela, reported the Office.

The incident took place “in the early morning hours of Saturday during the celebration of a festival in the town of Caycara Orinoco” when “several men carrying firearms appeared and shot multiple times into a group of people celebrating” the Prosecutor said in a statement. He added that he has appointed prosecutors along with police investigate and to establish the causes of the attack, and to identify those killed, in addition to the two teenagers, two aged 18, two 19, one 28 and another 35.

There have been 16,072 homicides committed in Venezuela since 2012 According to the digital version of the local newspaper Correo del Caroni, the “thugs” arrived on a motorcycle and stealthily entered the house where the party was held, apparently for graduation from secondary education of the two children killed. Before forcing them to kneel, “beaten and then executed him mercilessly.’s The worst slaughter that has ever lived in Caycara; want justice, mourn our streets,” said a woman who witnessed the fact that “for fear asked to leave their identity anonymous, “wrote the newspaper. On the causes of crime said neighbors shuffled various scenarios, including “a reckoning” between members of criminal gangs. “Not all those who were killed misconduct, but by one paid everyone,” said another witness daily the fact, which occurred the same day the Venezuelan Minister of Interior, General Miguel Rodriguez said the offense is been reduced in the country.

Crime has fallen by an average of 30% since beginning of year launched the “Plan Secure Homeland” against crime, the minister said in an interview sabatina television. According to the plan for reducing crime and in the first 29 weeks in which the plan was put into action the reduction in homicides was 58%, he added, noting that includes patrolling streets of major cities with more than 12,000 soldiers in operations supporting some 23 000 The latest official figures realized that in 2012 there were 16,072 homicides in Venezuela, 14% more than in 2011, equivalent to a rate of 54 homicides per 100 000 inhabitants, rising to 73 per 100 thousand inhabitants, according NGO Venezuelan Violence Observatory (SVO).

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Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara

Daisy’s body Yenire Ferrer Arenas, who lived in Zapopan, was found in a canal,

GUADALAJARA, – A Venezuelan model was found dead in Guadalajara, Jalisco, nearly a week after her disappearance, sources said Wednesday the State Attorney.

According to the Attorney General of the state of Jalisco, the body of Daisy Arenas Yenire Ferrer was found Tuesday in a canal east of Guadalajara, capital of Jalisco, following an anonymous tip.

The body of the young model, between 25 and 30, had gunshot wounds to the head and apparently showed no signs of violence.

The model was identified by residence in Mexico where they found the body.

According to the first data collected by the authorities, the model disappeared the night of Dec. 12 and until the discovery of her body no one had asked for her rescue.

Some of the friends of the girl confirmed that the Attorney Ferrer Arenas was from Venezuela and worked as a model in Jalisco, although the agency asked the Foreign Ministry more information about their immigration status.

The model was living in a colony of Chapalita, in Zapopan, a municipality that is part of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.

Until this morning her body had not been claimed by relatives

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Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, last major Colombian drug trafficker captured in a phone booth

President Juan Manuel Santos announced the capture of Daniel Barrera in Venezuela, was wanted in several countries

Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, last major Colombian drug trafficker captured in a phone booth

BOGOTA, Daniel “El Loco” Barrera, the last of the big drug lords in Colombia, was captured in Venezuela, said the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

In a speech on radio and television, Santos confirmed that the arrest took place in San Cristobal, in an operation that had the support of security agencies of Venezuela, United States and United Kingdom.

“I want to thank the Venezuelan government, President (Hugo) Chavez and his team this great collaboration,” Santos said, noting the role played by the neighboring country to capture the drug lord, the most powerful in the last 10 years in the country , according to intelligence agencies.

Santos, who appeared in the company of the Minister of Defense of Colombia, Juan Carlos Pinzón, emphasized that Barrera had ties to paramilitary groups, guerrillas and other gangs involved in drug trafficking.

“It takes more than 20 years dedicated to doing evil to Colombia and the world. Had perverse alliances with paramilitaries, the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), with drug trafficking.”

He added the governor, “was the head of alias ‘Cuchillo’ (Oliverio Guerrero, died almost two years ago in the east of the country) and was Miguel Arroyave who replaced as head of the crime chain that operated in eastern country, “explained Santos.

“It is perhaps the most important capture of a Drug kingpin in recent times,” the president insisted.

In reiterating the thanks to Chavez, Santos said the Venezuelan leader had “and his team” a “great collaboration”.

He noted also that in the operation, which was not specified when it was made, helped “the British intelligence service, MI6, and also worked very effectively in the intelligence agencies of the United States, including the CIA.”

He noted also that the operation was coordinated from Washington by Colombian Police Director General Jose Roberto Leon Riano. He said the drug dealer said had “extensive criminal record” and that with the Venezuelan authorities confessed his identity and that “even sent us some pictures” and that at this time the Colombian authorities are checking to “confirm his fingerprints”.

The Colombian government offered a reward of $ 2.5 million for information leading to his capture

From Washington, where he is visiting, General Riaño told Caracol Noticias television news that Barrera “was captured in a phone booth.”


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CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico

Authorities in Venezuela today intercepted 20 tons of chemicals, liquid cocaine allegedly in a boat in Zulia state (northwest) bound for Mexico, the Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami. ”

CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico
CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico


We just intercepted a boat that was carrying four containers with a gross weight of 20 tons of chemicals, “the minister said in a speech broadcast on state television. The Assami explained that after a “first review and guidance tests “detected the presence of liquid cocaine in the four containers were destined for Mexico, specifically to the coastal city of Veracruz (center).

“We are currently developing, analyzing the percentage of purity that is in each of containers and the amount of liquid cocaine was intended to bring to Mexico, “he added. “is one of the largest seizure operations we have done in the history of Venezuela, a blow to drug trafficking,” he said.

The minister said in the operation developed by the National Guard (GNB-military police), three people were arrested, one Colombian national, and stressed that they are making “other raids.”

The GNB and other police during 2011 seized a total of 42.33 tons of various narcotics, of which 26.3 were cocaine, The Aissami revealed in March.

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Police announces reward for capturing “Diego Stubble”

Colombian national police logo.
Colombian national police logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By: Reuters

Colombian police going to pay two informants,” said Leon Riano.

The deputy director of the Colombian police, General Leon Riano , said Sunday he will pay a reward to two informants who helped with the location and arrest of the drug trafficker Diego Perez Henao , alias “Diego Stubble”, who was captured on Sunday in Venezuela.

Colombian police to pay reward to two informants,” said Leon Riano and Perez Henao explained that there is a reward from the United States government $ 5 million and the Colombian government for 1,200 million pesos ($ 655,000).

The senior officer of the Colombian Police also revealed to reporters that “Diego Stubble” was arrested “fatter and aged” through the sharing of information from the Colombian police and the NAO ( National Anti ) of Venezuela.

Leon Riaño gave details of the operation to capture the drug dealer next to the Armed Forces Commander, General Alejandro Navas.

The police commander also said that Perez Henao “performing work of a rice farm foreman “in Barinas and was arrested with ten men who escorted him and pretended to be workers in the building.

He added that the criminal gang Los Rastrojos “would be now under the leadership of Luis Enrique Calle Serna , one of ‘ The Comba ‘”(fighters, whose brother Javier negotiated his surrender to U.S. authorities).

However, the officer said, “no matter who is left of leader, because he left the police will come with full capacity whether in Colombia or in foreign territory .”

In recent months, “a total of 36 leaders of the first level of drug traffickers, gangs and terrorist organizations have been arrested in foreign territories, product operations between the Colombian police and intelligence sharing and police and governments of those countries. “

Gen. Leon Riaño offered his “appreciation and thanks to the Venezuelan authorities for intelligence information welcomed to locate and capture these criminals in that territory.”

Shortly before Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, considered as a “great catch” the detention of “Diego Stubble” and congratulated the police in Colombia and Venezuela.

Santos wrote on his Twitter account  “Captured in Venezuela and fully identified by alias Diego Police Stubble with full cooperation of the neighboring country. Great capture.”

He added in another message that “this bandit ‘ Stubble Diego ‘had reward of 5 million. Congratulations to our police and ONA (Office of National Drug Control) of Venezuela. Blow to the Bacrim “criminal gangs).


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Venezuelan police kills Chilean consul’s daughter Berendique Karen

As recognized officially, police fired into the vehicle Berendique Karen, who would meet with friends, young people ignored the voices of high officials

Venezuelan police kills Chilean consul's daughter

FATAL CONFUSION The Honorary Consul of Chile in Maracaibo, Fernando Berendique, inidicó her daughter, who was in a car with friends, ignored the high voice of the agents to believe they could be criminals. (AP)

Berendique Karen, daughter of Honorary Consul of Chile in Maracaibo , died Saturday after being mortally wounded by officers in a police attack, they fired into the vehicle she was traveling in with her brother, as officially admitted.

The Consul Fernando Berendique, who lived for 30 years in Venezuela, told local media that his daughter, 19, “was killed when police officers went to a reunion with his school friends.”

It also stated that his sons and another young man who accompanied them ignored the high voice of the agents to believe they could become victims of criminals. The agents had set up a checkpoint in an area north of Maracaibo, about 650 kilometers west of Caracas . The agents did not have any visible identification and carrying automatic weapons, said the consul.

In Maracaibo and in the other major Venezuelan cities are frequent armed robberies. “They came suddenly and four blocks from my house were intercepted, were armed. Gave voice high, the boys were nervous because it was dark. The least we can hope for is that the police turned on the lights (of patrols ), did not and fired, and continued to do so, “said the consul.

“The first impact (bullet) was on the windshield, when my son desperately retreated … to see that Karen was unconscious and wounded, he stopped. They were identified and officials said they fired because they stopped the car,” he said.

The Corps for Scientific Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) condemned the incident and said he had evidence of police malpractice. The boy died after being shot three times, reports said. “We condemn this type of police malpractice is an unfortunate, isolated the true mission (police),” he told reporters Commissioner Jose Humberto Ramirez , director of the CICPC.

“The disciplinary commissions proceedings for exemplary measures” and surrendered the weapons carried by the 12 officers who were put in the order of the Attorney General . The Attorney General said in a statement that two prosecutors, experts in human rights, were commissioned to conduct the research.

According to official figures, in 2011 there were 48 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants, making the country, nearly 28 million people, one of the most violent in the region. On 11 November, the Chilean Consulate in Caracas, Juan Carlos Fernandez, was the victim of an assault and kept him detained for anything from two hours. He was abandoned on a public street, shot and wounded, and beaten.

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Mexicos’ Diplomat kidnapped in Venezuela then freed!

Mexican diplomat and wife kidnapped overnight in Venezula
Mexican diplomat and wife kidnapped overnight in Venezula

Mexico’s envoy to Caracas was seized overnight then freed in the latest high-profile kidnapping in Venezuela, where violent crime is routinely listed as citizens’ top worry. In the style of “express” kidnappings that are rife in Venezuela, four armed men seized ambassador Carlos Pujalte and his wife in their car after a reception in the upscale Country Club zone of Caracas, diplomats and officials said.

The kidnappers then released the couple in a slum before dawn on Monday.

“We’re so happy he is safe, I’ve been up following the case all night,” said a senior European diplomat, whose own security has been increased in recent months.

Kidnappings, armed robberies and murders are common in the South American OPEC member nation that has enormous oil wealth alongside widespread poverty.

The Venezuelan attorney general’s office said a full investigation was underway.

Mexican embassy spokesman Fernando Godinez said his boss was recovering well after his release.

“His health is okay. He and his wife are giving statements [to the police] right now,” Godinez told a local radio station. “We regret this situation deeply.”

Senior diplomats from Chile and Belarus were also seized in similar incidents last year, according to diplomatic sources.

The Chilean consul, Juan Carlos Fernandez, was injured by a bullet, and beaten during his November kidnapping.

Robbery was the assumed motive of those incidents.

High crime statistics

“We don’t know yet what happened last night, if they robbed the Mexican ambassador or asked for a ransom or what,” said a foreign security expert at one of the embassies in Caracas, who was tracking the case closely. “It’s a worrying trend though.”

Late last year, Major League Baseball player Wilson Ramos, a catcher for the Washington Nationals, also was kidnapped for two days during a visit home, before being released during a raid by security forces on a mountain hideout.

Crime is arguably the top issue for voters in the run-up to an October presidential election.

Police are often involved, and murder rates make Caracas one of the most dangerous cities in the world, ranking with some war-zones.

Though rich and poor alike complain constantly about crime in Venezuela, the issue has traditionally not weighed heavily on President Hugo Chavez‘s approval ratings.

The latest poll released on Monday by the local Hinterlaces company gave him a 64 per cent approval rating, with 50 per cent of those surveyed saying they would vote for him in October.

“Chavez supporters have a strong emotional attachment to him and this has led some of them to fail to assess the situation objectively despite the statistics and the growing evidence of the government’s responsibility [for the crime problem],” said Venezuelan analyst Diego Moya-Ocampos of the IHS Global Insight think tank. Interior Minister Tareck El Aissami says Venezuela’s official annual murder rate is around 48 per 100,000 residents, but non-governmental organizations put the figure higher.

The Venezuelan Violence Observatory, for example, said murders had doubled in the last decade to reach a record of more than 19,000 – or about 60 per 100,000 people – in 2011.

“But in Venezuela we have not had a war. How can this be explained?” the NGO asked in its latest publication, saying political polarisation underpinned the problem.

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