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Los Zetas lose another leader in Cardel!

Jesus Ramirez Daniel Vargas, the alleged leader of Los Zetas in the city of Cardel died after a confrontation with law enforcement

Los Zetas in confrontation with the military

Los Zetas in confrontation with the military

VERACRUZ, In a clash between the operating elements and Veracruz sure Jesus died suspects Daniel Ramirez Vargas, the alleged leader of the Zetas criminal group in the city of Cardel, belonging to the municipality of La Antigua.

According to a state government release, the incident occurred shortly after noon during a ground survey on the road Cardel-Tamarindo, where “security forces were attacked by criminals, who fled on the roads”.

“He immediately launched a ground and air operation and achieved witthe location of Vargas Ramirez, who confronted the police and was killed,” he said.

He said that after the confrontation seized several weapons and three vehicles, which were made available to the competent authority.

While elements of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE) rushed to the scene to conduct an investigation, of the victim and other proceedings as prescribed by law, and so documented.

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Navy captures the Yellow in Puebla, alleged leaders of the Square Zeta

AKA, The Yellow captured

AKA, The Yellow captured

Navy captures the Yellow in Puebla, alleged leaders of the Square Zeta

The Semar reported that Esteban is Vaselis Cardenas, nicknamed “Lion,” who would be head of Plaza de “Los Zetas” at the regional level in South

Naval personnel detained in Saltillo, Coahuila to a subject who allegedly would replace Mauricio Cardenas Guizar, The Yellow, as head of Plaza de Los Zetas regional level in southeastern Mexico.

In a statement, the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) reported that it is Vaselis Esteban Cardenas, nicknamed Leo, who would relieve the Amarillo, captured July 26 in the state of Puebla.

The assurance of Leon occurred yesterday in the vicinity of Venustiano Carranza Boulevard, where the soldiers found two people; one with a backpack ajar was reached in which to appreciate a long gun.

For this reason, naval personnel proceeded to inspect the suspects, who were identified as Didier Ever Candelario Cardenas Ramirez and Esteban Vaselis.

These subjects were seized 52 thousand 700 pesos, two rifles, a handgun, three fragmentation grenades, eight magazines, 239 cartridges, 200 on suspected marijuana and two communication devices.

In other action taken in the state of Veracruz, derived from information obtained by naval intelligence and data provided by Vaselis Cardenas was arrested Luis Antonio Basañes Proo, alleged financial operator of Los Zetas.

At the time of his capture he said $ 40 thousand, 10 thousand dollars, two rifles, a thousand 100 cartridges, communications equipment, a vehicle theft report and a notebook with notes relating to their alleged criminal activities.

The three people arrested, weapons, drugs and cash were taken to Mexico City to be made available to the Federal Public Ministry of the Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (OFDI).

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Semar Arrested Flores Pineda, aka The Cronos, Square Chief of Jalisco cartel in Veracruz

The Semar said that a chase began that ended with the arrest of Flores Pineda, aka The Cronos, The Rayito o Maniac

Chief of Square of Jalisco Cartel captured

Chief of Square of Jalisco Cartel captured

The suspects were holding a long gun, a short one, a hand grenade, plus 148,350 pesos in cash and various packages of drugs (Special).

Staff of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico (Semar) said in Veracruz six alleged members of the New Generation Jalisco cartel, including Isaiah Flores Pineda, alleged leader of a place in the port and Boca del Rio, as well as other alleged criminal who kidnapped maintained.

Pineda Flores’s arrest was in connection with the operation coordinated Veracruz Sure, after a citizen complaint that reported the presence of a vehicle with armed people in the streets and Revillagigedo Pino Suarez, in the center of the city of Veracruz.

Naval personnel came to the place where spotted a vehicle with the features provided, noting the presence of Marine Corps personnel, the occupants tried to flee.

The Semar said that began a chase which ended in a boarding car, outside a motel in the area north of the port, where they were insured Flores Pineda, aka The Cronos , The Rayito or The Maniac and Claudia Medina Tamariz.

These people were holding a long gun, a short one, a hand grenade, plus 148 000 350 pesos in cash and various doses of various drugs.

During the securing naval personnel observed a person with a rifle was introduced to the property which is located next to the pension, so that given the flagrancy of a possible federal crime was made a review of the home.

That said five men were identified as Cesar Tejeda Moreno, Pablo Arrieta Andrade, aka “Guero” or “Jaiva” Temiz Zapot Pedro, “the Perri” Grajales Javier Benítez, “El Morro Chemo” and William Malpica, “The Mochis”.

One of them was allegedly kidnapped by a criminal organization belonging to the cartel antagonistic New Generation Jalisco, explained in a statement the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico, which said that that person was presented to the Attorney General to delineate their responsibilities.

In total 10 vehicles were seized five rifles and two short, 36 grenades, 300 rounds of ammunition of various calibers and 10 magazines for firearms.

Also located were seven packages containing approximately 1.5 kilograms of cocaine and more than 120 doses of the suspected alkaloid, 80 bundles of marijuana weighing approximately 14 kg and more than 50 doses of unnerving, and various communications equipment.

The suspects, weapons, cash, vehicles and effects were presented to the Federal prosecutor in the city of Veracruz, in the preliminary case.

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Sold in USA – Mexican Fuel trafficking feeds narco funding

Pemex Fuel stolen and sold in the United States; Fuel trafficking feeds narco funding

The transfer of diesel and gasoline provides profits to the cartels more than 500 million pesos a month: PGR

Mexican Fuel routes into USA

Mexican Fuel routes into USA

The theft of fuel and has become a major source of funding for drug cartels such as Los Zetas and the Knights Templar.

Investigations by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) show that organized crime groups and law firms create ghost companies to sell diesel fuel and gasoline to U.S. employers, in Central and South America, with revenues reaching over 500 million pesos a month.

According to the investigation PGR / SIEDO / UEIDCS / 539/2011, Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga The Z16 or The Lucky , a member of Los Zetas arrested in December 2011, admitted that the oil is obtained from underground pipeline footage Mexican Petroleum (Pemex) or through the theft of pipes.

The detainee told federal authorities that the transfer of diesel and gasoline is by sea or land to the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica to Colombia.

The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) places Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Sinaloa as entities where more fuel theft occurs.

Narcos milked Pemex and then come into Central America

PGR identified 21 ghost companies of Los Zetas and the Templars.

Trafficking in stolen oil has become a major source of financing of criminal organizations who not only their own businesses to appear legality in their operations, but they sell the product stolen from U.S. businessmen and Central America reveal investigations of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR).

Trafficking in stolen fuel, through the siphoning of diesel or gasoline through the pipelines of Petroleos Mexicanos, or theft of pipes, is one of the main sources of funding criminal organizations Los Zetas and the Knights Templars , who have created shell companies, and some established for presumed income may exceed 500 million pesos a month.

The fuel purchase is carried out by sea and land routes, as detailed in the investigation PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/539/2011.

That provides that a member of Los Zetas, Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga, the Z16 or the Lucky, after his arrest in December 2011, specified the forms of operation of the organization to commit the crime.

The ongoing theft of fuel is not only for resources, but to fill their vehicles.

According to preliminary investigations into the abduction of fuel and its commercialization, the PGR has identified at least 21 companies “ghost” who traded with the hydrocarbon.

Modus operandi

Regarding the theft of pipes or trucks with diesel or gasoline, the federal agency has received the complaint of 623 vehicles.

Through its investigations, the Attorney General is satisfied that the stolen fuel was smuggled by criminal organizations in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, even Colombia.

Among the evidence with which the federal agency has found the seizures and operations made by the Secretary of the Navy during the operation at sea.

Such is the case of securing a vessel on July 11 in waters near Isla del Carmen, Mexico when the Navy seized the vessel, with 291,000 liters of diesel, traveling to Honduras.

Then, the federal agency said that “were found 291 000 971 liters of diesel fuel, excess amount that did not appear seated in the Journal of Navigation, stating receiving oil from other offshore vessels.”

In addition, in January this year made available Semar PGR 20 people including 11 Hondurans on a boat called Caribbean Clipper diesel moved without the lawful possession could prove fuel.

In total, the Navy of Mexico in January this year, said offshore of 648,000 liters of diesel, so they were sent to the Third District court 20 people arrested in Tabasco.

Regarding the organization Knights Templar, the PGR investigate complaints of entrepreneurs who are charged as extortion share the continued delivery of diesel and gasoline.

Only in 2011, the Secretary of Defense found 287 thousand clandestine outlets, located in Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Sinaloa states with higher incidence in this crime.

The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) has initiated more than two thousand preliminary investigations and recorded 325 people arrested in five years for the crime of theft of oil in the pipelines of Petroleos Mexicanos.

Pemex said it determined that from these inquiries it was identified that more than five thousand “milking points” were located throughout the country. In many cases, the subtraction is carried out with rudimentary accessory.

Meanwhile, Pemex said the theft of fuel from underground outlets up to November 2011 had increased by 52 percent more than last year, showing a financial loss of around six billion pesos.

The Attorney General’s Office said in response that the accurate information from 2007 to 2011, began two thousand 193 preliminary investigations, a growth of more than one thousand percent in 2007 to register for that year only 161 inquiries in contrast to 2011 to be 1163 preliminary investigations began.

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CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico

Authorities in Venezuela today intercepted 20 tons of chemicals, liquid cocaine allegedly in a boat in Zulia state (northwest) bound for Mexico, the Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami. ”

CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico
CARACAS , liquid cocaine intercepted headed for Mexico


We just intercepted a boat that was carrying four containers with a gross weight of 20 tons of chemicals, “the minister said in a speech broadcast on state television. The Assami explained that after a “first review and guidance tests “detected the presence of liquid cocaine in the four containers were destined for Mexico, specifically to the coastal city of Veracruz (center).

“We are currently developing, analyzing the percentage of purity that is in each of containers and the amount of liquid cocaine was intended to bring to Mexico, “he added. “is one of the largest seizure operations we have done in the history of Venezuela, a blow to drug trafficking,” he said.

The minister said in the operation developed by the National Guard (GNB-military police), three people were arrested, one Colombian national, and stressed that they are making “other raids.”

The GNB and other police during 2011 seized a total of 42.33 tons of various narcotics, of which 26.3 were cocaine, The Aissami revealed in March.

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American accused of smuggling bullets from United States to Mexico

The case against Jabin Bogan began when he was arrested at the US-Mexico border while transporting 268 thousand bullets

American accused of smuggling bullets from United States to Mexico

American accused of smuggling bullets from United States to Mexico

The Mexican customs agent who had first contact with a Texas truck driver arrested him on the border between Mexico and the United States when found to be carrying 268,000 bullets. The driver attempted to make a U-turn which is for-bidden when ordered to enter the review area.

The attorneys general in Mexico accused Jabin Bogan, 27, of trying to smuggle into Mexico ammunition commonly used by drug cartels.

Bogan said that he was lost in El Paso on April 17 and ended up at the bridge crossing into Mexico with a load of bullets whose destination was for a wholesaler  of ammunition in Arizona.

The Mexican customs agent Zubia America Saenz, told a judge on May 29 that Bogan rovided documentation for the truck and load on request.

Bogan was arrested immediately and has been jailed since then in a maximum security prison in Veracruz.

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Mexico City-seven bodies Found in a truck in Sinaloa

According to reports from authorities the victims came from Tareapa

seven bodies Found  in a truck in Sinaloa

seven bodies Found in a truck in Sinaloa

MEXICO CITY, The bodies of seven men were found inside a van in Cortijos of Guatenipa community in the municipality Badiraguato, Sinaloa, police reported.

According to reports from authorities preventive victims originated in the town of Tareapa, located in the same municipality.

Official sources indicated that the attackers reportedly intercepted the unit in which men were traveling on a dirt road on their way to their community.

At the scene arrived elements of Municipal and State police and public prosecutors to proceed with removing the bodies and identify them.

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