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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman moves on the Juarez cartel says NDIC

English: Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord and li...

English: Joaquín Guzmán Loera drug lord of the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico.

Federal District-led organization of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman moved on the Juarez cartel in controlling the drug trafficking corridor in Ciudad JuarezEl Paso, so starting in 2011 he increased the movement of cocaine, black tar heroin and methamphetamine, and west Texas there is a greater availability of these drugs, reveals an intelligence report from the Department of Justice of the United States. The report, prepared by the National Drug Intelligence (NDIC) is an analysis of the market in the region, it notes that the Sinaloa cartel “increased its influence over lucrative smuggling routes in Mexico and West Texas region,” a disputed area since 2007.

The organization headed by Vicente Carrillo Fuentes, “The Viceroy”. The square is strategic for drug traffickers because it has four of the seven official border crossings leading into West Texas: the bridges of the Americas, Paso del Norte, Stanton Street Bridge, crossing the International Bridge Ysleta (all part of the gate at El Paso).

The report, which diagnosed the stage until late 2011, notes that “in the past year, several indicators suggest that the Sinaloa cartel can win this battle, and has a greater influence on drug smuggling through the Valley of Juárez, where it now dominates the drug smuggling operations carried out through small towns along the Rio Grande, once controlled by the Juarez cartel.”

The drug trade is growing according to Police reports citing that the report indicates that the Sinaloa cartel dominates the drug transport across the Valley of Juárez, even in cities like Guadalupe and Future, “and members of the Juarez cartels rivals have left these areas as a result, and violence has not decreased.”

It points out that even in Ciudad Juarez of the Carrillo Fuentes organization has lost ground against the onslaught of cells “El Chapo”: “The Sinaloa cartel is proactive in looking for any opportunity to take control of the Juarez cartel in the city, while it operates in defense of its territory, trying to offset losses caused by the rival group.” Although it has not yet lost control due to its connections with the group-gang Barrio Azteca ranked among the most violent. The Juarez cartel is also “weakened” as a result of the arrests and deaths of its members and partners, he says.

The impact of the growing influence of “Shorty” in the region has resulted in an increase in drug trafficking. While in the period 2006-2010 there was a decrease in the availability of narcotics, from 2011 it began to increase again.

In the report it explains that there is an increased amount of methamphetamine in West Texas, he even distributed in schools, “which emanates from the Sinaloa cartel’s ability to produce large amounts of these drugs in Mexico, and its growing influence on the Plaza El Paso-Juarez.” It is also recognized that “the availability of cocaine has increased in the region.”

The Clearinghouse estimated that the high level of violence in Ciudad Juarez will not diminish in the near future, “but it may increase if the Sinaloa cartel is able to further reduce the ability of drug trafficking operations of the Juarez cartel, which to a certain extent that reduced forces of the criminal group is involved in other criminal activities for profit, such as extortion and kidnapping.”

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Old news- New twist- U.S. Prosecutor claims!


Fire is speaking!

Fire is speaking!

Leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel wanted to buy powerful U.S. military weapons to “blow up” government buildings in Mexico after the arrest of a top alleged kingpin, U.S. prosecutors claimed in court documents.

U.S. prosecutors filed the document Nov. 10 in connection with the pending trial in Chicago of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, who was arrested by Mexican officials in 2009 and extradited to the United States in 2010. Officials allege in the documents that Zambada-Niebla is a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman-Loera .

The Sinaloa drug cartel has been at war with the Juárez drug cartel to take over the drug trade in the El Paso area. Its battle against the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes drug cartel killed an estimated 9,100 people in Juárez between Jan. 1, 2008 and Oct. 31.

The court documents also identify German Olivares as Guzman’s coordinator for the Juárez smuggling corridor. Zambada-Niebla’s lawyers — some based in Tucson, New York and other areas — claim a “public authority” defense, alleging that U.S. authorities allowed Zambada-Niebla to traffic tons of cocaine and heroin into the United States in exchange for information about rival drug cartels.

His defense lawyers also sought to prevent government prosecutors from using the Classified Information Protection Act to exclude certain records and witness information that may threaten U.S. national security.

According to a conversation recorded by Margarito Flores, a cooperating witness, “Guzman-Loera and Ismael Zambada-Garcia (Zambada-Niebla’s father) discussed the recent arrest of Zambada-Garcia’s brother, Jesus Zambada-Garcia É by Mexican authorities.”

“This government is letting the gringos (American law enforcement) do whatever they want,” Zambada-Garcia said according to Flores. 

Then, Guzman said, “They are (expletive) us everywhere. What are we going to do?”

Guzman, whom Interpol has listed as one of the world’s most-wanted fugitives, added, “Let it be a government building, it doesn’t matter whose. An embassy or a consulate, a media outlet or television station (attack a Mexican or U.S. government or media building in Mexico City).”

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Culiacan Violence, 11 people gunned down!

diagram of volleyball rotation in court

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Eleven people were killed Friday night in two separate shootings in the city of Culiacan.

The first incident occurred in the colonia Diaz Ordaz at approximately 8:00pm.

According to witnesses several people were gathered at a volleyball court at the intersection of 20 de Noviembre and Hilario Medina when suddenly gunmen descended from several vehicles and started shooting at the players and onlookers. The gunmen fled the scene immediately after executing the victims.

Seven men died at the scene and one other victim died while receiving emergency care at a local hospital. Eight other victims were also shot but survived their injuries.

In the second incident three people, one female and two males, were shot and killed inside a home in the colonia Burocrata at approximately 9:00pm

It is believed that the executions may be linked to the execution of a Grupo Antrax sicario, Francisco “Pancho” Arce, last Monday evening during a soccer match in the Deportivo Jimmy Ruiz complex in Culiacan.

Arce was said to be responsible for the recent killing of a nephew of Amado and Vicente Carrillo Fuentes in Sinaloa.

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In Veracruz,the New Generation gang sends a Message to the Zetas!

Zetas madallion

Zetas madallion

A navy official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Friday that police found 11 bodies around town Thursday, even as this Gulf of Mexico port city ramped up security for the prosecutors meeting by deploying hundreds of soldiers, sailors and police on the streets.

It was unclear who left the most recent group of bodies. Officials believe the New Generation gang was behind the dumping of 35 bodies Tuesday on a busy street just a half-mile (kilometer) from the convention hall as a grim message to the Zetas drug cartel, which dominates the region.

Authorities had established a security perimeter around the metropolitan area, with soldiers in trucks stopping people in town they considered suspicious. The prosecutors’ meeting was held on Thursday and Friday.

Residents in Veracruz said this week’s horrors had only deepened the fear scaring visitors away from the tourist destination and keeping some residents at home at night.

In August, panicked parents rushed to fetch their children from Veracruz schools after a couple posted Twitter messages warning of nonexistent drug cartel attacks on banks and schools. Each time, it’s worse, and I don’t know if it’s going to get better,” said a 19-year-old student, who like other people interviewed in Veracruz refused to let their names be used for fear of reprisals.

Another man said he felt crime in town had worsened over the past four months “Terrifying, terrifying,” he said, reacting to Tuesday’s find. “It’s among themselves that they’re fighting,” the man said of drug gangs. “I don’t know if they’re the Zetas or the Y’s or the X’s.”

The New Generation gang is believed to be linked to Mexico’s most-wanted drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who heads the Sinaloa cartel, according to a U.S. law enforcement official, who spoke earlier in the week on condition of anonymity for security reasons.

Mexican federal Attorney General Marisela Morales said, drug dealing was a factor in the mass killing in Veracruz. The port is the biggest city in Veracruz State, which is a main transit route for cocaine and migrants coming from the Guatemalan border.

According to Veracruz state prosecutors, the majority of the 35 victims identified had police records that included kidnappings, extortion, murder and drug dealing. Authorities have not released their identities, but have said one victim was a local police officer who had gone missing.

The 35 bound, seminude and tortured bodies were dumped beneath an overpass during rush hour Tuesday as gunmen waved weapons at horrified motorists.

“It’s no surprise to anybody that the criminal gangs are fighting to control turf and dominate drug dealers,” Morales said.

A Veracruz restaurant owner, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Mexico’s security situation isn’t improving because most state governments aren’t coordinating with President Felipe Calderon and federal authorities in the crackdown on drug cartels. He said his restaurant has seen business drop by 35 percent in just the past month in large part because of the violence. “There is no leadership,” the restaurant owner said. “It’s the president alone.”

Although a navy official reported the finding of 11 more bodies, Veracruz Gov. Javier Duarte denied Friday that any other corpses had turned up. “There is nothing confirmed and they are only rumors,” Duarte told reporters.

Late Thursday, state police officers beat up three photojournalists who were outside a morgue and demanded they erase all the photos they had taken.

Despite the violence, some tourists went ahead with travel plans to Veracruz. On Thursday, dozens were strolling along the city’s oceanfront, and buses brought other visitors to the seaside strip. “You can’t ignore the reality, but you can’t stop what you have to do,” said Gerardo Galvez, a Mexico City resident visiting the city with his wife. “We can’t lock ourselves up. You have to continue with life.”

More than 35,000 people have been killed in drug war-related violence around Mexico since Calderon launched his offensive in late 2006, according to government figures. Some groups say more than 40,000 have died.

In the Pacific coast state of Sinaloa, gunmen killed a nephew of the Juarez drug cartel‘s purported leader, Vicente Carrillo Fuentes.

Vicente Castillo Carrillo, 18, was driving on a dirt road Thursday night in the town of Navolato when assailants opened fire, killing him on the spot, Sinaloa state Attorney General Marco Higuera said.

Also in western Mexico, soldiers dismantled a big lab in the state of Jalisco where crystal meth was made, the Defense Department said in a statement Friday.

The lab at a ranch in the town of Zapotlanejo was inside a four-story building that could hold at least 30 workers and it housed several warehouses. Soldiers seized 400 pounds (180 kilograms) of crystal meth and 145 tons (132 metric tons) of precursor chemicals, the military said.

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